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Mort, our baby lemur, finally left its mothers tummy recently and climbed on to her back. Mum celebrating by eating her favourite, the Tamarind fruit.
Mort, our baby lemur, finally left its mothers tummy...
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Awww so cute
Lemurs are so awesome
Lemurs pee on people. Other than that, they're cute...
+Kiki Vazquez Monkeys pee on people too. :P Nah actually the claws are a bigger problem, but you get used to it.
+Marc Belley I didn't get pee'd on by lemurs because I was wearing sunscreen and they didn't like the way my skin tasted. My salty/sweaty friend, they liked how he tasted and he was pee'd on by at least 4 or 5. I held a baby monkey in Honduras, and it bit me. I was afraid of catching SIV, but it didn't break the skin. I'm retiring from holding monkeys and visiting lemurs. I'm just sticking to scuba diving :/
+Kiki Vazquez LOL! Pretty funny for your friend. Scuba diving is indeed a lot of fun... can't wait to go back one day.

Circled you, you sound awesome.
+Marc Belley I was just in Belize and toured the jungle. I didn't have enough time to dive, but the barrier reef there is supposed to surpass Australia's. I cannot wait to go back!
i like to move it, move it, haha.
i want one
+Kiki Vazquez very cool! I scuba dived in thailand last december ... omg it was beautiful

+Helder Louro humm that sucks :( the times i've seen monkeys get hunted the majority of the time it was for food
Oh NO!! He is going to be all about the FEEET!!
+Marc Belley I'm trying to tour/dive Australia and the French Polynesia this January, but can you believe people are afraid to leave home to visit places so far away?
+Kiki Vazquez Yep. I've encountered people like that... sucks to be them. If they enjoy the comfort of their home more than the adventure of discovery and seeing the world... I don't know what to say. We only live once... living afraid of experience must really not be fun.

Haven't been to Aus/FP yet... can't wait though. Touring through South America on bike with my gf next year, now that should be fun.Already been to Peru, and it was awesome... now it's time for the tip of Patagonia to Mexico.
+Marc Belley I love to travel, but safety is also key. Biking sounds amazing but the route would have to be carefully planned because much of South America can be dangerous to tourists. I love hiking and Peru is a hiker's dream!
+Kiki Vazquez it's not true about the safety risks, that's a common misconception. Of course there are dangerous areas, especially in Northern Mexico and some parts of Colombia/Ecuador/etc ... but generally in most places they will leave tourists alone.

OMG Hiking in Peru was unbelievable. The hike to Machu Picchu was a crazy experience. Went through the Lares Trail instead of the traditional path... and... omg.
+Marc Belley People are people and there is crime in every part of the world, but I understand your point. I have been looking at a safari out of Cape Town, South Africa. About 2.5 hours southwest of Cape Town there is shark, whale and seal watching. You can also do shark cage diving, although I find it cruel to bait the sharks. I fed one through an acrylic glass while diving in Curacao recently. When I looked at the pics/vids I could see it watching us to get the fish and how gentle this over sized creature was at grabbing the fish with it's many teeth, without knocking into the glass or taking your hand off. There was this moment of panic seeing all those teeth coming at you, but later I realized there was no malice intended by the shark.
Sometimes you have to learn it. natural
South Africa is supposed to be one of the most beautiful places to visit... oh, +Earth so much beauty to see, and only one life.

The shark feeding sounds really amazing! Must have been scary and beautiful all at once.
+Marc Belley If you ever want a cage-free shark diving experience, Stuart's Cove in the Bahamas (Nassau) is nice. Reef sharks don't eat people and are accustomed to divers. I want to go back soon :/
Phew! for a moment I thought you've just had a new
i wana Drop kick that
petowners start to look like there pets, this is surely true in this case ;-)
oke i admit, i want some lemura in my garden, they are funny
Parabens pelo nascimento do bebê Lemur. Ele é uma gracinha. É na realidade uma realização. Um encontro com a vida, que nada mais é do que a realização aguardada de uma nova ideia
Cute thing, but the name is a bit... (mort means dead/death in french, and in Romanian too apparently +Simona Valentina )
Mort, segundo o tradutor do google, significa salmão, meretriz, grande quantidade e prostituta. Será que o nosso amigo Branson poderia nos ajudar e dizer qual o verdadeiro significado.
Mas, tudo do nosso amigo Branson é um tanto diferente. Vejamos o que significa VIRGIN: virgem, donzela, virgo e ouro puro. Na verdade, creio, que ele seja partidário do significado OURO PURO, pois é uma verdadeira mina de ouro e sucesso.
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