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Welcome UNAIDS initiative to eliminate paediatric HIV in the Caribbean, great step forwards...
This initiative should be welcomed and it’s a great step forward...
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A great focused mission. Here's hoping for quick success
You're like the only one I know doing good with your money..hugs*
Sir Richard do you remember me? I am a Japanese anchorwoman who had the pleasure of interviewing you many times and that before I became a jounalist I happened to be in the same Virgin Airplane for a fabulous party in the air! Caribbean break is exactly what I need who is so worn out of journalistic, critic , authour and commentator's work!! But unfortunately I have no gentleman to share such a dreamy holiday!
Yukie Kudo Know (Prof. or Ms!!)
Amazing, fingers and toes crossed for it to be a sucessful..
wow. nice too know soo you are very rich man? i know that money and good help come from you. US i know that you contry dont have eny gay and eny children with hiv that you are very good hellty continente.i work very hard to help you soo you love "carivian" i bealive it!! welcome!! nice help from very good man. Richard Branson gete nice coment from
Elimination is very hard to achieve. So congratulations must go to the scientists involved.
It's so good to hear that the paediatric will be safe. This is really a revolution. Congratulations!
Fresh water, malaria vaccine, teach about joy of safe sex, HIV medical care, benefit millions of people and can contribute to safer and a predictable community, providing surplus energy to the people, surplus is freedom in choice.
Region focusing aid provide fast results, inexpensive to expand enlarge geographically, done right knowledge is retained locally. Continuity and local knowhow.

village + village + village = Region
village + local + region = National

Success factor: Community, Ownership, (HQ situated in field) all important decisions is made by field HQ.
I worked in the Dominican Republic and Haiti (briefly)one winter and believe your initiative is very worthwhile. WTG Richard.
Such a beautiful Island, I pray we can help these children to be as beautiful as the Island they call home. I wish I had some funds any fund to help with research for a cure for this devastating disease. The saddest part to me, is why the innocent children? My thought and prayers go out to them. Mr. Branson if there is anything I could do to help that wouldn't require money, let me know. I can make phone calls, stuff envelopes and very possibly solicit some funds for this very worthwhile cause. Bless you for who you are and the compassion you have for those less fortunate.
when someone is lucky and blessed to find her mission and dreams and set her mind and heart towards it, certainly the result is success. Of course his attitude and personality is what drive this man to be successful.
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