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Here's more video answers to #askrichard questions on career choosing, dyslexia, holidays & regrets...
Here are a few more video answers to your questions...
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Hello Richard (or should I say "Sir" ? Not sure... I'm French after all :) )
Speaking of career choices, I would like to send you the script of my next feature comedy for you to see if you would be interested in a (very small) part in it that I think would suit you perfectly. Where should I send it for you to get it directly ? You can reply to me privately :)
Do u really want to go into middle earth ? 
Its so hot down there can you even get close to it?
I could listen to Richard talk for hours...
Branson I love everything about - you sorry to hero worship!
yea hes allright, hosted a debate about legalizeing drugs anyway, an vats pretty good
Hi Sir Richard, I was not able to meet with you at Biz2012 but would really appreciate it if you could spare 2Mins to view my website, Highlighted below. Currently I am seeking funds to take on staff and provide services to private companies wanting to try new and innovative ideas with relation to Corporate Responsibility. I have worked incredibly hard over the last couple of years to become established in Birmingham,despite working full time for the NHS. Any support or advice you can offer would be highly appreciated. I understand that this is a bit forward and you don’t actually know me but I believe that he who tries succeeds, I hope.
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