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Noticed the anchor on Canadian TV would look better without his tie. Luckily, i had some scissors.... Have a great (tie-less) weekend everyone!
Have a great (tie-less) weekend everyone!
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Tie-less for the long weekend: Check!
Love it, people need to relax a lil more and enjoy life. Get rid of the tie and the top button while you're at it
Something only you could get away with doing! I agree, ties have an old, stuffy stigma attached to them. time to do away with the old!
Too hot to wear a tie over here we are having a heatwave, have a great weekend with your family.
during the winter the tie serves a very functional purpose
Richard, really struggling.. trying to raise funds for cancer vaccine treatment and sharing journey .. found out we had this on nhs and we don't as it needs funding.. please can you consider supporting me, find out more about what i am up to? be most grateful.. losing hope.. and my latest video is on my google wall just +'d it. Please help me? be most humbly grateful , namaste, lynne x
You could use the scissors to cut some bra straps as well.
Careful, Paul Kundu, some of these could knock out some poor unsuspecting sap if suddenly freed. ;)
Branson: the Man with the Plan!
Canada is way ahead with MS with CCSVI. UK is way behind . We have not even got a CCSVI foundation other countries have and have had help too . UK has nothing at all
Amazing what money can do. It's nice getting invitations to appear on TV, but I find it a little strange I never got one, to answer questions about "SaveNaturefree".
Hi Alexander,
I never get asked to do interviews. I do like the Vancouver style. I like
Richard's attitude of chill the hell out...
Thanks Larry, I like the pro active approach btw any which way to get some attention for a good cause, you replied, some attention at last.
Controversy, conspiracy, chill out, hell even complements and recommendations for good effort and constructive criticism are a welcome relief to the deafening silence from the media. Could SaveNaturefree really be that frightening to them?
Well Alexander,
I have experienced massive Identity Thefts over the past year that have
destroyed my good credit. In fact this morning I identified one of the
thieves and reported it to the Utica, MI Police. I was dismayed to find
that this vile actor is active duty military. He will be going to Fort
Leavenworth very soon! My gift to him and anyone who has harbored him in
his crimes. This piece of work is going down!
I would enjoy telling my true story on Canadian Television in the near
future. I also look at your foundation and would like to request some
financial help. I have been unable to the proper support from my country,
ie; Lifelock, Macomb County Bar Association, the invovled Banks,
especially, which I grave concern with! For example: Would you not expect
someone to question the purchase of four vehicles for one person. Yet no
Bank ever contacted me directly. I came to find 5 men & 5 women were
engaged in these henous crimes against my good name. The even created five
distinct employment scenarios to facilitate thier campaigns against me.
This would beg the question; Who is facilitating this organized crime unit?
Sounds like an inside job to me!
Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you...
Good start. Now let's move on to getting rid of ties to debt-bondage to private bank cartels operating central banking as Corporate Person corporation legal fictions issuing digital money not worth the paper it is not printed on, with synthetic derivatives of usury, based on fiat Authority, based on quasi legal fraud, and unquestioned Machiavellian Noble Lie Authority.
Hi Alexander,
I do have true story to tell about Identity Thefts. You know the saying
Truth is stranger than Fiction well it could be more poignant. I would
relish the opportunity to join in on the dialogue in Canada.
I also looked into your foundation as to a potential revenue source.
However my construction firm is suffering because of these orchestrated
attacks of my identity and credit.
The lack lustre response from law enforcement in the US leads me to believe
that one; they are overwhelmed and two, this matter may be an inside job!
Larry I am a busy man, the offer is limited and only for those who care about the environment.
I am not helping those who help wreck the environment.
My foundation "saveNaturefree" is growing into a tool for dismantling corruption in governments etc etc.
I not going to offer it again. last chance. and anyone else reading here.
adios. Alexander
Mr. Reid,
I want to thank you for time in responding to my query. We are like minded
in our concerns about the environment and the geopolitical corruption in
governments locally and abroad. The mainstay of my business is electrical
contracting with a mission focus on self sustaining renewable energies. I
have several projects that I would like to proceed on except that the
identity thieves have caused me some irreparable damage to financial
capacities. For example, THE FRIENDS OF ALGER is local commission engaged
in the restoration of the ALGER theater on Detroit's east side. Since 2006
I have soliciting volunteers and electrical/electronic equipment to bring
this theater back to it's old glory with a twist- a self sustainable energy
efficient backbone including digital projectors.
It is difficult to give you a more complete outline but I look forward to
our possible meeting in the future.
Larry Matusz
39433 Garony Drive
Clinton Twp, MI. 48038
248.890.2806 (W)j
I like my 150 ties.
One day I am going to have a half hour tea with that Richard Branson and make his synapses re-spin! And get his soul back to the place when he was 16!

Can't wait.

David Dawneway
I have 150 ties and love them.
I also have a space burial company, and want to invite Branson to do business with me. Does anyone have a conduit to him?
Jan Naftulin
Make History in the Future (tm)
opinions are like assholes, everyone has one.
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