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Thanks for all your amazing ideas to Screw Business As Usual. Such enthusiasm to use business as a force for good...
Richard Branson to be joined be a number of top entrepreneurs...
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We are giving our best shot at improving the world at The short video describes our intentions. Releasing soon...
Well I hope everything will be also very successful, technology, telephone service was a job very well
I have an Idea and Product to make you Millions Sir Richard. It's making me Thousands right now....Looking for an Investor to expand further.
I'm an entrepreneur but no one likes my site, Lol. I sometimes claim it may be the largest site on the planet content wise. Wouldn't that be a strange fact, not sure if its true though.
o no! Did I really miss this. I definitely should keep a better eye at my social media. Good to see so many people picking up a challenge with a deeper meaning.
Dear Richard,

A few years back I was looking at opening a store. I realized that the best sales-model was also the best for the community. I wanted to turn my customers into salespeople by helping them get excited and enthusiastic about buying and using my products. If they were happy, it would draw in new customers, rather than just feeding off the existing traffic.

Most locations just feed, like a parasite. Their model is to turn walk-ins into customers, rather than turning customers into salespeople. I hope Virgin Enterprises can look more into creating communities.
sans emploi avec handicape ,mais respect pour tout ce que vous faites dans le monde cordialement
Monsieur Richard j'ai fais une prestation pour vous au Maroc pour le transport et le transit de tous le matériel et équipement quand vous avez décidez de faire le tour du monde en mongol fier , je vous demande quand vous allez tentez une deuxième fois ce défie.
You have Virgin mobile.. Now you should start Virgin MobMone or Pamone or Volte. This you should start as part of mobile banking services.
Señor Richard Branson
Buenas tardes,
Busco un socio capitalista para mi canal de televisión en el sur de chile, Rio bueno, Región de Los Ríos, Chile
Hello Sir Richard how about using Virgin Mobile/Assurance Wireless to get the Navajo Indians online, they could use the help and I bet the Bureau of Indian Affairs will help with the main towers.
It would help with the kids education they could sell their famous jewelry, and crafts announce pow wows and hook up to other tribes that are making great progress.I bet Bill Gates Foundation and Apple would help with computers.
I have built line of sight WI Fi Antennas with old satellite Dishes wired to a Windows PCI Wifi cardf to get the Navajo Reservations wired I bet we could farm out the plans to Leo Laportes Twit Army and get the distant away from the villages that way.The ones in the villages could use the Virgin Mobile WiFi dongle..How many people do you have to have sign up to make it a go?
The more of it think of it Virgin Mobile and The Navajo Nation is a match made in heaven.Eco Tourism The Grand Canyon,photography workshops,hotels,spaces Indian rights to gambling there need for jobs and education Virgin Mobile for Telecommunications. Its hop skip and jump to Vegas its aleap to Flagstaff, the North Platte of the Grand Canyon is unbelievably gorgeous and wide open. Hard to get to though but that can be fixed.Put in a cable car across the Canyon that would pack them in.If you ever see the land you will fall in love with it,I did. The Navajoes could keep good enviornmental controll over the land and Virgin Industries could make a handsome profit and do wonderful work to alleviate the Navajo poverty problems.
Would you be interested in an invention that could possibly save countless animals lives. I know it might be small stuff but I would give anything to get this out there and saving some lives. I just cant do it myself.
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