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Looking into buying back +Virgin Records - a wonderful opportunity to recreate a dynamic independent label
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Do you regret selling it in the first place, I can remember buying from the marble arch store, what a place.
+Richard Branson Do it and make it into a label for this century. Intergrate it into social networks, show the other labels that there is a different way to do business. We all support you man, keep up the great work in everything you are doing. Legalize it.
Good idea, the Virgin rocket firing looks pretty good. +Space X rocket does look to have more horse power...
Keep more than one eye on the contract - do not loose any of the good one's under this label....B)
And i guess there's so many love from communities who need a different player. Millions of artists but only around 40 artist a year in rotation on our tv and radio :(
And sign fresh talent- you've got a good business sense even when it comes to music; so that shouldn't be too hard :) +Richard Branson 
Do it!!, show the country, show the world how its done.

The old Virgin megastore was the first of its kind and set the way for many shops and the same can be said for all Virgin products so bring back Virgin records like a phoenix from the ashes.

Put Virgin back on top and where it started from :)
Always ahead of the game...the new #retro  idea. Bring back the booths as well I say Richard :)
Buy it back Richard, sort this record industry out Sir :) 
What would it offer to make it a success over its current form?
Don't do it. The music industry is on a fast downward slope.
Ps, Remember the late, great Stuart Cable, from the Stereophonics, one of your first signings to V2, had started a new band together before he passed away. What a full circle to restart Virgin with us on the label... just saying x 
Great idea. Go digital. Beats selling records from the boot of your car! :) 
Have Christian CD of originals produced.  Seeking label for distribution.
Great! .........Re-sign Mike Oldfield for a re-start!

btw: have a great day tomorrow.
what gives?
there must be 
something wrong
here, you think?
As +Edward Coles says, if ever there was an industry ready for some disruptive practices it's the recording and movie industry. Teach them the way forward does not involve banks of lawyers, but user level interactions and no plastic disks or DRM shackling technology.
Go for it, what have you got to lose?
Are you up for the challenge Mr Branson? Shall we do it? Can you handle my wisdom and determination.

The balls in your court now...
BTW... We are buying one record at a time yes?
I have such strong memories of Virgin Megastore - the in-store performances, people queuing up for new releases, listening posts where you could hear new albums before buying. What an age. Would be great if +Virgin Records was up and running in some sort of sustainable way!
A forward thinker in the business that legitimately needs forward thinking. Will be exciting to see what happens.
My business professors would tell you not to do things for love, the airline industry is a great example of too much passion driving the business fundamentals into the ground. Oh. Wait. Follow your heart!
Do it Rich.... lov to b one of the first on a 'oldtime' Album..... Call Me !
Do it, but create a model that doesn't scare artists away. 
...never say never!buying it back!
Surely once you've lost it, you can never get it back   ;)
If it means you can give iTunes a run for its money I'll certainly be in the queue to buy from Virgin :)
I think there's an interesting opportunity to blend the music and the mobile sides.
I'm +1 the photo. With regard to a good indy label, I think respecting the artists is required - eliminate the old culture of screwing over young artists with crazy advances and deducts. Consult with artists who have been through the rough spots as they would have better insight - artists like Oscar winning Trent Reznor.
Do you think it might be a risk? What kind of experience do you have in this field? :)
Yeah! Please do it!

Regards from an all time fan and employee of Virgin Records Spain! now running the top content search engine website for gigs in Spain ! :)

"Looking into buying back +Virgin Records - a wonderful opportunity to recreate a dynamic independent label"  Careful, people have been done for stock market manipulation for saying things like that.  Who owns Virgin records atm and how will it effect there share price.  Not saying you would artificialy pump up there price, stall on negotiations and then after it falls go for the kill. 

But is it realy good business to announce a move prior to actualy doing the move/deal?  No it is not.  Also can have legal fallout as well on alot of area's.  Careful.
Let us know when you do and need distribution. 
You definitely should do that
It would be great to have a label that actually collaborated with the Internet companies like Google and Apple to allow share and distribute media digitally freely! It's time for the music industry to move forward!
Perhaps it would encourage other record labels up update their business models rather than trying to prosecute people.
Music is a great form of expression. It amazes me the way that every generation finds a way to use something in a creative way to make sound and music that the previous sometimes fail to appreciate (its subjective).

When harpsicords were first built (predecessors to the modern piano) people said that it wasn't music any more, then comes along William Amadeus Mozart and Johannes Sebastien Bach. When pianos were invented people said it wasn't music anymore, then comes along Franz Liszt, Sergei Rachmaninoff, Sir Elton John, Billy Joel and Ray Charles. When guitar amps were invented, lots of people claimed it wasn't music anymore but then comes along the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendrix. When synthesizers were invented, everybody claimed that it's not music, then along come Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream, Vangelis, Art of Noise, Ryuchi Sakamoto, Thomas Dolby and Depeche Mode. People start using turntables as an instrument and claim its not music, then comes along Grand Master Flash, Run DMC, Herbie Hancock (a skilled and respected jazz musician who periodically crosses over into pop) and the Beastie Boys. DJ's start getting recognition as artists and people say that its not music (conductors are musicians) yet they are producing audio in a creative manner so as to "conduct" the emotional energy of a night out for a lot of people or listeners over airwaves, now we've got Paul Oakenfold, Paul Van Dyk, Moby, Tiesto, Thee-O and Timbaland. Autotune comes along and people say that it isn't music. Autotune is another instrument and sometimes it helps people that have trouble singing or it helps people who are singing while they are dancing onstage, doing back flips and generally the equivalent of running a marathon all while singing. Its another instrument and people will find creative ways to use it in a way that the people who made it never envisioned. That's the spirit of music. To create the background and foreground to your best experiences
That would be awesome, how does an entrepreneur get you as a mentor :-)
do it
the music world need you
(oh + i'd love to help lol!!)
oh and make sure you get hold of the Beatles Stuff off EMI
and put it out on 180grm  wax mono + Stereo to Inspire all the Kids out there eh! lol!!
An online download store with competitive prices is a great idea! Add some +Virgin exclusives and it may be a great store!
+Carla Thomas "Freely" means without restriction not without cost. I think we are all willing to pay for the flexibility to listen how / when we want. Nothing sucks more when I find that something isn't available because the music industry adds complicated DRM or other media blockers.
Please!  Help fix American music again..  This crap they promote now is garbage.
C'mon. A few of my faves are from the States, and there's probably a whole lot more to be heard. Oops that reminds me I missed a band, gotta go...
Start a new label you can call it Virgin+ and make the changes you had in mind before you sold it.......
That'd be epic Sir! What a special addition it would be to your autobiography. Selling it to keep the airline afloat and then buying it back years later!
Used to love the store on Tottenham Ct Rd/Oxford Street but those days are gone. Whether it's streamed, downloaded, rented or purchased ... bring back music how its meant to be heard uncompressed.
We're moving backwards on fidelity, how long before you won't even be able to buy a car with a CD player.
Remember spending my pocket money on a Saturday in the Edinburgh store.
I remember when the first Virgin Megastore opened here in Melbourne.
My interest would be if it was still a viable option? Is Physical retail still a worthy investment, or would this be a transitional purchase to move into a on-line retail distribution network
Invest with your head not your heart.
Well given the music industry landscape, what with copyright issues still fresh in the air, part of me thinks it wouldn't be worth it.  However, given that things are so difficult for music distributors (especially start-ups), there is certainly the opportunity for someone with a great track record for executing things well and brand image to step and build a strong competitive advantage.  

It also doesn't hurt that Virgin Records is where it all started for your company, I would seriously consider it just for sentimental reasons if I were you.  

Also, I agree with others above me, the image is awesome! 
Except that you wouldn't be a Virgin virgin this time :)
Do it! I worked at an indie music marketing firm that worked your records at retail and Billboard charts...we did an in store display contest for Public Image, 1st prize the entire Virgin catalog...! When it arrived the boxes filled my entire much great music.
And although you don't know it, you are my mentor and it would be awesome if you ran the music empire that you built again!
Wow - i was so glad a few days ago i looked at the back of my Enigma MCMXC_aD cd cover and found Virgin's icon there and i again was so glad that Virgin is around and gave part life to one of my favorite cd's Go VIRGIN!!! & Virgin Records  - Virtually Genius!!! i say
Do it the high street record shop needs a revival..
Great Idea... My 3 releases were sold on Virgin...I felt like I had really made it as a musician...being sold there..Rock ON!!!
You always remember your first love.
You should and then create
a streaming service for your media/mobile customers like spotify
Go for it, and you should sign Lindsey Mackie as one of the your first artists as she would suit the varied roster that Virgin would (hopefully) reinstate.
Richard, what would be the business sense behind that? the emotional one i understand of course...
You are the only one that could and make it work.
Working for your Virgin Records team was a golden time in my career. Do it Richard!
+Richard Branson Please do, and hire on Kim Dot Com to do the internet side. (not a joke) You would get pretty much every indie artist on the planet to sign up, laying waste to the other labels. 

You are one of the few people that could get away with creating a record label that spans the planet and by passes the multi continental contractual obligations the other labels have to deal with. 
Do it, and fight the bland corporate music world, return art to this industry. If anyone can find a way to make non-formulaic music profitable, it will be you and your team.
I wish someone would get Tina Dico and Zero 7 back together again.
I have started Thrill Records, Recording, Music, Video, Promotions, CD's, Publishing, Group and Music. But the industry has changed.
Yes!  Do it!  Please!!!!!  Still remember your amazing superstore on the Strip in LA....the most phenomenal retail presentation of musical product ever.
Re-launching Virgin Radio would be cool, too. Stream it online, play your own acts.
I can think of many ways that Virgin could be fruitful once again, with the adoption of the changes in technology over the past few years.
Yes Please, How about VR going global  as a social enterprise that Includes not only audio artists but video artists as well. You beauty mate.
Please do. We we'd a music company that's not afraid to be as entire opus. I'm sick of the "formulaic" music that everyone from Sony to BMG keeps spewing out at us and then demand that we buy it.
This only works if you acknowlege the new model is no longer brick and mortar, cds, and rip off the artists by stealing high percentages of royalties.  The old music industry model is a zombie corpse that just hasn't be fully put down yet; that is why it appears formulaic and people have shifted to the apple model.Otherwise there is little reason why new artists shouldn't simply continue to submit their songs and albums to an Online Shop like CD Baby, iTunes or Google Play. 
Please do! pull in all the leading women that can sell their own distribution like @Mariah Carey 7+M twitter followers,@Rhianna @JanetJackson @LadyGaga and innovative producer writers like @Missy Elliott, and let women run the company! its never been done before and frankly Im tired of seeing great women being ripped off by a bunch of slick men.. im not buying the pirating story anymore! Mobile technology is where all the licensing will be in TV soon too!! do it Richard! Where can I apply?
Looking to break a new Contemporary Christian acoustic duo?  Will send a CD if you ask and are a music publisher.
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