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The key to success in three words? People. People. People #likeavirgin
I didn't go to business school. But I have picked up a few ideas along the way that I'm quite sure you can't learn there anyway...
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And what do you think about innovative, flexibility, keep learning, think different?
Absolutely, people are the most vital resource in any organisation- the second is recognizing their value! #likeavirgin  -inspirational!
Good product. Good product. Good product.
+Richard Branson Richard - when do you stop learning? I love to learn as many new things each day as my brain cells can manage. I just need a couple of hundred more life years to catch up with the knowledge that's floating around.
How can people say they are bored in thee days of 'information everywhere' ?
+Peg Fitzpatrick Unlimited huh? I wish my brain followed those rules. I'd never forget where I left my keys. ;-) (But seriously, I agree completely that there are always new things to learn, and learning them is often just as fun and rewarding - if not more so - as watching the latest "must see" movie or TV show.)
Words of this post (key to success = people) compelled me to read your book ("Like a Virgin"); which, otherwise, I would not have given a second thought.
Agreed! Bringing together a killer team right now in fact ; )
Well said Richard. Real life experiences and relationships are worth
more than what can be learned in a school.
I think you are a great businessman.
Thanks for the tip. I'll pick up a copy asap :-)
The product is what ever we try to sell or achieve!!!
My instinct as well, you go and get it Mr. Man!
As like as Abraham Lincon , to people for people by people. Pure democracy mind.
Great advice.  I'm picking up some soylent green today!
Absolutely true, people make the world go round everyday
True.... without people, there's no business
I agree people people people are the key to a prosperous company but in my experience lately it seems its profit profit profit that rules the mind set at the moment.
@ papa true... but  most companies that keep on with the profit profit profit... usually end up losing more. People could be seen in terms of human resources and customers.
@bolaji  shut up jst let people say wut they wanna say
However people are influenced by various factors.
@kaIief believe that this is a matured group where people learn. If u have a problem with my posts, why not just ignore them.
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Thank you +Richard Branson for being my inspiration daily! You are an awesome role model! ;-) Keep up with just being yourself, no matter what.
People, places and things
After going thru with your first book i.e. your biography.....I came to know about you and about your risk taking capabilities. Amazing!!!!
Now I am recommending that book to all my dear one's and I have started reading your next book 'Screw it, Let's do it'.
You are inspiration to other' me.
Best Regards-
And a great unique idea too! Like mail order records in the 70s sir Richard :)
+Richard Branson I brush my teeth with the whitening toothpaste three times a day.  How do you keep your teeth so white?
Should be interspersed with (rob the) . 
munju s
...and a foolish man fights with his tools
Absolutely true! Leaders provide vision and guidance, but PEOPLE accelerate action! The most important resource of any organization!
Learning from nature..........
the pyramids weren't built by nobody, they were built by slaves.  Just like people who slave at virgin or any other multi billion dollar corp that exhausts its employees
It is easy to say as long as you got money, money, money. ;)
Hum. Agree! I went to business school, but haven't yet grasp the concept. Maybe I'll get one day. 
he had a cameo in casino royale because they used one of his planes at the airport.
So true. People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care. Dom't know who said that.
Backstab ! Buttkiss ! Bullsh!t ! There's the key to success in 3 or 6 words ;) 
The right place at the right time..and a pinch of pure luck..the good years.
Where do you start from ?
I wanna be like you when I grow up! 
why you talking about your self all the sudden??? you did alright for your self...
Knowledge and wisdom gained through by a very dedicated tireless hard work is incomparable ,in any institution the book we read for knowledge is written by someone who himself gained that knowledge through a ceaseless hard work. All the institutions or schools gives us knowledge upto present level but to go next level we have to advance that knowledge by self study ,research and practical application of knowledge gain through our hard work .
In your position now you may say that but in our position you add a few words like luck, opportunity....etc.
I agree, but what are the specific qualities that allow people to be (or make you) successful?  Here are a few that I think top the list:
Integrity, respect and dedication...
Dont forget or minimize the element of TIMING!
It's called "real world" experience.  You cant teach that in school. 
People. People. People=Pro-Personal +Pro-Business =Success Objectives. Aww! perfectly stated and TateWorks' Model. Thanks for sharing Richard. If other business models just got that value the world would be pretty special place to be. :-)
Richard Branson i wanna know more about success.
A wise man once told me "life is a system of networking." You couldn't have said it any better.
What about animals like lemurs. They have brains as well!
Richard it's time we met I have a business plan for dyslexic children's needs .......the creative people on our planet
"my name is richard branson. i'm super baller. buy my book."
The University of life teaches us the most regardless
business school kinda put ideas in a box, without it, ideas can be freely discover other ideas better.
reading and responding to what you see in people's non verbal communication is one of the vital keys to successful leadership, motivation and management of people and this is what I teach when I train staff.
You're right......people people people, Waiting to be discovered.  How about adding LOGO phones to your collection of phones.  thin, the size of a credit card for continuing branding of your LOGO 
email: for more details.
NO! Greed, greed, greed - plus a little judicious fraud early in the career development (but make sure mum's ready to bail you out if you get caught!)
Love your thought on key to success. People are my business. I admire anyone who can do what you have done. You are definitely a legend. Never went to business school either but knew that if you make five dollars your adhead. Loosing five r not!!!lol
Hi mister, i belive that life is the other university that shapes our life.
dude if u blve in ur slef then do it.skis pays @ th end man
Wish corporate America believes in that...
An Krys
The hardest skill to have yet the most important to have.  People relations skills.
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