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Very proud Dad as Sam's fantastic first TV doc airs tonight – #turtleboy. Watch it on Channel 4, 10pm.
Hi all, Sam here! Just wanted to share some exciting news with you, and what better place than on my paps blog!
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wish he well soon.... Dear God help us.
This poor kid. Not only does he have to deal with the shame of being different within his own community, but now in a documentary on a television station in another country. Each time you make a pun about people with disabilities a little of your humanity dies. I hope the documentary at least pays him well enough to compensate for the pain of strangers laughing at him.
No offense meant towards Mr. Branson, I was just really saddened by people's off-the-cuff humor about the child's condition.
Me to. I think its terrible how Chris Morgan can comment in this way. It takes all soughts.
I think that when you have a disfigurement like this, you have to quickly overcome your own ego +Winter Colby . Not everyone fears laughter. This documentary can potentially lead to awareness and a procedure to help him. But I guess if I had a face like a bull dogs I would be self conscious too (just kidding)!
I have a child with a visible disability, and it breaks my heart every time a stranger asks what's wrong with her. I can only imagine how this child's parents would feel about people snidely making jokes about his condition. A little empathy goes a long way.
Everyone needs help, some help is needed in a different manner than others.
I think with the internet nowadays we cannot hide from anything, so all we can do is help educate those around us so that people who are 'different' are not sniggered at or made fun at.
Everyone is beautiful in there own way and what is truly important is your health and well-being.
People who make fun of other peoples disability are truly heartless, God help their humanity.
It takes a man to admit when you get something wrong. Well done Chris I am sure you didn't mean any harm
Hi mr Richard Branson i admire bill gate and you for the work u are doing to help child not to die from malaria iam trying to help my country ethiopia in the green filed i live in canada i have none profit society iam not an active yet but,soon i will be so nice meeting you.
You know i have seen allot of "assholes" making "dumbass" comments about a child's disability and once again - I am reminded that Humanity needs a do over -
I may watch it with a bowl of turtle soup.
I watched the program,he did well!
Watched this last night, delighted to see the outcome for the young lad and so many people coming together to help someone in need.
Yeah, we were just saying last night about Callen Best getting a job in tv because his dad was famous! But Turtle Boy was really good, I have to say! Disfigurement is one of those things that tends to get shoved in the corner or regarded as a disability when it isn't! I always wonder what these kids will end up doing when they leave school, though. Hey, perhaps Sam can get him a job as a sound technician or something? Sorted...
Looks like Lymphatic Malformation, same as my boy has. He was lucky enough to be born in Iceland so he got help. But 200+ hours of surgery later he is living a semi normal life. I recomend Boston childrens hospital if this boy is getting help from sponsors. Hope he gets better.
Karl Why is your son still living a semi normal life?
I say semi normal since his condition does not allow him to keep up with boys his age. He lost his right hand and the left hand is not completely functional because the tumors malformed the bones in the hand and arm, the weight of the tumor on his right arm gave him Scoliosis so he had to get rods fused to his spine. The Scoliosis also limits the space his lungs have so he gets out of breath really fast and if he needs to go far he uses an electric powered shuttle.
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