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We're half-way there!
We're half-way there and i'm sure we can do it!
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nothing to see here :D sorry
y u no use the hangouts function? it is here to help :D
i don't use FB anymore because they wanted to use my likes in their advertising including my name "without my consent" so they are ->HISTORY.
Facebook is like google: simple but very Powerful TOOLS that need income to
work, but shame on their CEO's... sellin information to work, no need for
Halfway around a circle?
Halfway to Eternity?
Halfway to the demise of Apple?
Halfway to the Men's Room?
Halfway to a cure?

Dunnoh.... Mr B, can you share?
Not buying the diary deal.. He knew all along where this discution was going...
Indeed, half-way to where, or what?
Namaste :
Have You Saved a Life Today?
Most of us think you have to be a doctor or firefighter to be saving lives on a regular basis. We need to start thinking differently. You can be saving lives on a regular basis. It takes so little time it can be done during your lunch break.
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Which of the Bandits are you talking about Mr. Branson?
Good morning Sr. Richard. In México is now open to a new TV opportunity. Virgin is not interested? Regards.
He is still finding the robber...
could it be the new flame virus?
Is this some kind of marketing for the virgin brand?
Virgin has full of surprises; let's wait till they finish the halfway.
it would be nice to know the destination as half way is no where if you do not know where you are going
Half way- typical virgin. 
Sir Richard, when will you be making that oceanic journey ?
If he really making post in here himself why he is not replying to comments
But where is the begining and the end?  halfway between nothing :D:D but isn´t nothing everything? :D maybe there is an whitehole on the oposit of blackhole... lol :DD peace! :D
I know you can do it ,I will pray for you .
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