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Do you believe in #climatechange? A leading sceptic has changed his mind - here's why
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Yes sir + thanks for sharing....
Is it a question of belief?
"Humans are almost entirely the cause". Thank you, Richard, now let me go smear this across my public media platforms! :D
Yes, I do, and I think humans are playing a non-trivial role in it.
hmmm .... Greenland's ice sheet melting, the arctic ice at its thinnest in a century, the recent heat waves, nope don't believe at all :P
+Jean-Loup Rebours-Smith to admit that you believe in evolution is saying you don't think God created the world in 7 days. Evolution is real. Just review human history, it tells the true story.
@George Rauton, my sentiments exactly
Not the best choice of words, I think. Of course the climate changes over time, but are humans affecting it directly? That's the whole debate...although there shouldn't be one.
There's plenty of evidence throughout the geologic record to show changes in climate have occurred many times before.
We also understand how certain gases cause thermal radiation in an enclosed environment to remain in that closed environment.
It is common knowledge that humans have been producing these gases in very high volume due to technological advancement in the last few centuries.
Logic dictates that humans are, indeed, affecting the rate of the warming of the planet.
This isn't a 'belief' issue, its a common-sense issue.
Quick!  RUN to the store and purchase more CFLs!
"There is no planet B." -- that's the problem!

"Atomic Batteries to power. Turbines to speed!"
The climate changed after the dinosaurs too but we have yet to find any Dino cars near their bones, wonder what caused it then. NYC used to be covered by glaciers, do you think when it receded up through canada ancient us thought that maybe we shouldn't build that fire? 
Climate change is always happening, and has always happened. Whether the current natural climate change we are seeing is being exacerbated by our (human) activities is the question.

Personally, I think it is, the links and information suggest so. 
You don't believe or disbelieve in climate change any more than you believe or disbelieve that the sky is blue or the grass green. It just is.
Thank you +Richard Branson for sharing. Very interesting.

There is an impact "global warming" in the countries rich, or even poor countries and communities .  

I think we are in a particularly interesting period now where there seems to be a renewed interest in actually changing things, I think, because of the combined impact of the global recession a period of global economic slowdown and the climate risk realization. 

It is very interesting to see how that capacity for making and learning now, (the future is present and real) so I think that is a good example,  a formerly sceptical climate scientist says human activity is causing the Earth to warm, as a new study confirms earlier results on rising temperatures.

The example in today’s situation, maybe people want to look at, is how is the understanding of the climate, and where the risk actually impacting the global economic  and countries that are as disaster prone, as for example the countries in southeast Asia, because really that is the next major step.
In the United States and Europe, I think what you would see is more community awareness, certainly since that became a real key issue. So you know, it’s a little bit this dilemma between the short and slightly longer term issues.  I think it’s a bit of a challenge, but it’s also motivation, when you get the opportunity to see what can be achieved through the cooperation between countries, people, civil society, and we have the capacity to address many of the challenges today, really serious ones.

In spite of the many tragedies, there is a positive element in being involved in something that is so close to people’s lives... The global citizen sense. 

Greetings from Brazil.

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The important thing to remember irregardless of what side of the fence you are on in the "Human effect on Climate Change" debate the truth is we can only benefit from research in the areas that improve our impact on non-renewable resources. Environmental concerns and issues don't even need this argument to be relevant. As a race we should thrive towards those goals and become as independent and self sufficient as we can. Mother nature didn't spend the last couple billions of years building oil supplies for us to burn up in a couple centuries.
Earth will destroy us before we destroy her. I am certain of this. For some reason man keeps forgetting that every thing that goes up must come down, it impacts us on every level. Our biological environment has been manipulated through our food chain, in our air and in our water. Large oil companies in particular are the greatest culprit, however, in the big infinite - what do we truly matter? Well... I pray love will shine through and we can evolve to a higher intelligence. it is for us the consumer that drives the force of the economy. Getting back to basics would be a brilliant idea, but hard to say if it is truly too late or if it could even fly as a concept. Its not even about being "green" it is about be responsible to our eco system - from the frogs to the plants to our children - what we do matters on every level. Not sure many really understand what that means. Matter in both sense of the word, energetically and as an iintention. Another important point to note is that our globe is continually in motion, due north is shiftng - this is such a big topic - and I certainly do not want to leave it in the hands of a few scientists. What can we do to make a diference? Plenty! Plenty in our own small way and it can work! Earth is a spectacular piece of biology and it will continue to cycle and clean. 
It amazes me people can believe in god, and yet dont believe what they can feel , see, and chart, that is right in front of them smacking them in the face. 
Science proves co2 absorbs more heat then the natural gas mix that is our atmosphere. 
We make lots of extra co2 burning fossil fuels. 

Science proves blacktop absorbs more heat then natural foliage. 
Humans like to pave things.

We make the planet warmer, faster, then it naturally would. 
Climate change is not the biggest challenge, reducing the worlds population to a sustainable level somewhere around a billion people, THAT is the challenge!
Alex V.
I believe in climate change however I think it's no big deal... we will be fine!
+Stuart Lussi Absolutely climate change is a continuous natural process and is spontaneously occurring through out in the geological history of the planet but man today is using all available resources with such a tremendous pace , which is now threatening the fine and delicate equilibrium of climate change and planet's capacity of healing herself and without immediate action the whole systematic equilibrium network a result of gradual balancing of all planets system through tens of millions of years is in the danger of collapsing and due to resultant green house effect earth turns from living planet to dead planet like Venus , the planet where green house effect is discovered.
Climate change is just a symptom of over population.
Alternative fuels with lesser carbon footprints is imperative.  It is the clean sector politics against the dirty sector politics.  While this tug-a-war continues, on the sidelines methods of reducing the cost of clean fuels needs to be as cheap as dirty fuels.
Climate Change?  Really our biggest challenge? I would venture to say that our biggest challenge is our inability to accept Jesus as or Lord and Savior.  Save Humans by stopping climate change or Save Humans by helping people realize what Jesus did for us?
The climate is always changing. It's what Mother Earth does.
He was bought. You know the concept.
If climate(not weather)is changing,what is the cause of the change?
I realize that we are not the only organisms affected by climate change, but our need to halt climate change is self serving. The Earth and it's propensity to generate new forms of life will out last our ability to sustain our selves. We are just along for the ride.
Mica, I disagree - the earth can withstand lots - greed plays the role here. Nature will take its course and remind us that it is in charge, not us, it is a lent space to us 
As the monkees sang "I'm a believer". Now Sir Dick, are you going to stop flying those big planes, which make you alot of money, across the Atlantic......thought not just saying.
compelling argument and a larger data study
I also agree that it is the most pressing event taking place in our world today....what is wrong wiht the governments...they have to many $$$ in their need for an economy....
We are one. Everything that we as mankind do, effects the Earth. We don't just live on this planet, we are a part of it. We came from dirt, and when we die we return to dirt.

I have no doubt that the way we live as humans will inevitably end, due to the return of God. But, I am not blinded by religion. Even if there isn't a God, we are still a part of the earth. And, I personally believe that we are effecting it in more ways than we challenge ourselves to comprehend.

I believe that hatred, avoidable war, greed, laziness, poor infrastructure, our emotions, and much more effect Mother Earth just as much as our dependency on fossil fuels.

There is too much division on this Earth when, in reality, every person effects the earth and someone else in it, everyday. We as people all want the same thing. We want a prosperous life that will enable us to provide for our families. It is possible. I'm not saying that the world could be at peace and there would never be another problem, but things could be a lot better (globally) than they are if we aim to change ourselves and be active in contributing to the well being of Earth and all of its inhabitants.

I could go on for days. Bottom line is that we have to help ourselves, as well others, take care of Earth. If not, we'll make things harder for ourselves. We will survive until judgement day, but it'll be an unnecessarily hard road. Its time for broader thinking. When we finally decide to open our minds, we will see a change in the way we operate as one human kind connected to the earth we live on. We are truly a unique species, and we must start thinking that way. Peace.
what would happen if we removed every tree on the planet?  we have the ability to do so.  there's your "dent".  no trees = very little oxygen
Do your part by finding an online computer game and never leaving the house again.
point being that we do have the ability to put a dent in the natural process of nature
Mother nature always wins.  We can only control our effect on the environment.
I under stand your point but in fact it it stupidity that is our biggest challenge, climate change is just a side effect
I would almost say Pride is our biggest challenge. Maybe a mixture of the two really. People get so proud and stuck in one point that they cannot acknowledge that maybe something s are not how you originally thought or maybe they are worse than they thought, even when presented with the data.
Why do people not even bother to ready the full comments, not even a full sentence. Only a few words and just assume the rest. 
Some agree with the way I see things and some don't.  I DO, however, PREFER to write my own thoughts.  Does Omarali not see what he did, Chris?  odd, that, isnt it?  
Stop flying peeps around in aeroplanes then. Mildly retarded.
Well, climate change is a repeating proccess which happens few times already and will happen in future for sure. These climate changes in past had played significant role in way how human kind developed into current state. In these proccesses is 10-20k years almost nothing so hard to say if its chalenge for us or future generstions. Humans destroying balance between internal proccesses which our mother earth running for milions and milions of years in less than 2-3 generations, thats bad and there is no way back for us, but earth has healing mechanisms in place to remove its disease (humans). So realy no good future. Only hope is that people will unite and face these major challenges together not everybody by its own way. There is so much to say on this topic dont wont to bother u here with my views to this neverending problem :) will be really interesting to be in Richards possition and have enough resources and influence to at least try to change way how current society understand these threats. With better understanding comes also fear and thats the only way to get masses to cooperate...
Human civilisation has flourished during the warmer periods and our climate has changed cyclically for many millennia, long before humans were even a consideration on this planet. Only humans are arrogant enough to think that it should "lock" into one particular setting to suit our purposes.

This recent reemergence of Global Warming hype is purely for the purposes of setting up a new bubble, set around Carbon Trading in order to make transfer yet more wealth from the masses to the few. Google The Great American Bubble Machine by Matt Taibi if you do not believe me.
Doesn't Richard Branson own an airline?  Airplanes pump out so much pollutants... why doesn't he shut his airline down to help solve this "issue"? 
+Jason Greene That will be just a drop in sea and it will just make thousands of people angry with no real effect. Even closing down all US/EU airlines will not SOLVE the problem. Way i think it should go is that people will understand size of problem we are facing (be or not to be) and than sit together will find a possible cost savings in many different areas (so many is possible just by optimization of manufacturing processes, slight decrease of living style, etc) and invest all these billions into development of renewable sources and new way of transportation, etc, etc). I think even technology is here already, whats missing is will to implement it and move out from OIL based civilization ... :) 
Yea its happen since the beginning of time. Not caused by humans
I say of course it is , it is always changing...
we may have speed it up a little....
Yes. The very first thing to go should be our beloved airline industry. Yes, it will be difficult, but we love our mommy earth.
Easily +Bradford Bright , The consensus is manufactured.  The 97% claim is based off of 75 out of 77 people (whom were whittled out of thousands). There are hundreds of thousands of climate scientists... Statistics of small numbers is a logical fallacy.

It's called confirmation bias, they're seeking a result and manipulating statistics to show the result they desire.... Imagine that.

Here's what participants had to say about the Doran/Zimmerman (from Doran/Zimmerman feedback) paper (these people were included in the consensus):

“..scientific Issues cannot be decided by a vote of scientists. A consensus is not, at any given time, a good predictor of where the truth actually resides..”
“..The “hockey stick” graph that the IPCC so touted has, it is my understanding, been debunked as junk science..”
“..I’m not sure what you are trying to prove, but you will undoubtedly be able to prove your pre-existing opinion with this survey! I’m sorry I even started it!..”
“Climate is a very complex system with many variables including sun radiation cycles, ocean temperature, and possibly other factors that we are not even aware of.
There are studies and data out there that are being overlooked by the IPCC. Ultimately, maybe we are the biggest cause or maybe we are not, but the current push of saying that human activity is the cause is interfering with an unbiased and scientific evaluation.”
“..and I do not think that a consensus has anything to do with whether a hypothesis is correct. Check out the history of science…you will find that scientific discovery is generally made by ignoring the ‘consensus..’”
“..Science is based on skepticism and experimental proof. Whereas human GHG emissions certainly have a warming effect, the breakdown between natural and anthropogenic contributions to warming is poorly constrained.
Remember that the warming since 1650 AD (not 1900) is part of a real ‘millennial cycle’ whose amplitude cannot yet be explained by any quantitative theory.
Also, the computer climate models are both too complex to be readily understood and too simple to describe reality.
Believing their results is an act of faith…”

Furthermore, being that there are hundreds of thousands of climate scientists, even if they had have included all of the respondants (3000) it would still be too small a sample (less than 1%) to draw any conclusion.

Finally, the paper is largely rooted to the USA.
The claim of "entire global population" is completely false:

90% (2833) of respondents were from the United States, while the remaining 10% (313) came from 22 other countries (Figure 1). Respondents from Canada accounted for 62% of the international responses.
Skeptics will only admit they are wrong until the polar ice caps melts and NY is under water. 
The Moon is moving away from the Earth. This disproves that the Planets are held in place by gravity. 
The Earth is slowly getting closer to the Sun. 
10,000 years ago, Great Britain was Ice. The Ice has slowly been melting over 10,000 years and has not stopped. This again, is because the Earth is getting closer to the Sun. 
Those are the facts my friends. 
+Doug Eason
Not necessarily. If you cut down a tree and burn it, you're releasing the same stored carbon as a jet releasing carbon from burning fuel. This global warming will be attacked not with a magic bullet, but a competition of different technologies. Planting more trees (inb4 tree hugger) will store this loose carbon (CO2) inside the plant material, more efficient jet engines will release (burn) less fuel, switching some things over to solar/wind/water/nuclear/unicorn power will ease up the releasing of CO2 (burning) of existing fuel, using vegetable oil in a jet engine instead of jet fuel won't release any less CO2, but the CO2 will be consumed by plants, then we take the oil from those plants and burn it again in a closed circle, rail transport may be slower but can move more mass with less fuel than a jet can, having less babies that consume resources when they grow up, etc.
we need reduce fossil energy,and think in the magnets resource ac-dc motor is best way,the bullet train is a proff :)infinity power :)
Actually +Nomenta,  skeptics will admit their wrong when Alarmists can show a 3-sigma probability that the evidence fits AGW better than the null-hypothesis. In fact this has never overcome the null-hypothesis (a basic hypothesis test), that the warming is a natural fluctuation. Why does this matter? Let me explain.

A null-hypothesis is a default position. To overcome the null-hypothesis you have to show a certain statistical significance (or probability) that the evidence fits your hypothesis better than the default position. We’re not talking about absolute proof, just probability.
Let’s use gravity as an example:
The evidence that best fits the theory (by a high probability) is that gravity is generated by mass. If you were to say that gravity used to be generated by mass but now it’s mostly people, you had better be able to show a high probability that the evidence fits your hypothesis better than the current default position. If you didn’t you would be scoffed at.  However, human caused climate change has never done this! The evidence fits the null-hypothesis like a glove. Why?  Climate change is the norm, not the exception! It always has and always will change.  There is not one paper that falsifies the null-hypothesis!

By not overcoming the null-hypothesis, the human caused climate change hypothesis does not even qualify as a theory. These people who play it as a fact,  are in fact in denial of the scientific method!
i forgot we need to take care of the nature bcs is part of eco-system is a constant we change with the time of the pollution
+Richard Branson
Muller was never a skeptic, he's a grandstanding phoney.

"It is ironic if some people treat me as a traitor, since I was never a skeptic -- only a scientific skeptic. Some people called me a skeptic because in my best-seller 'Physics for Future Presidents' I had drawn attention to the numerous scientific errors in the movie 'An Inconvenient Truth.' But I never felt that pointing out mistakes qualified me to be called a climate skeptic."

"In fact, back in the early ’80s, I resigned from the Sierra Club over the issue of global warming. At that time, they were opposing nuclear power. What I wrote them in my letter of resignation was that, if you oppose nuclear power, the U.S. will become much more heavily dependent on fossil fuels, and that this is a pollutant to the atmosphere that is very likely to lead to global warming." - Richard Muller, 2008

"Let me be clear. My own reading of the literature and study of paleoclimate suggests strongly that carbon dioxide from burning of fossil fuels will prove to be the greatest pollutant of human history. It is likely to have severe and detrimental effects on global climate." - Richard Muller, 2003
Jammit Timmaj I must disagree. Stop the airline industry immediately and C02 emissions drop drastically.

When are these efficient motors due off the assembly line?  How much will they cost?  Airline travel is becoming less and less affordable all the tiime.

We all know the precious airline industry is safe as long as individuals can be called on to save the planet.
Nope, it is not a challenge we have risen to... so, the consequences will be severe if not catastrophic within the next 2 decades. We humans have been ignorant for too long with regards to nature.
Can any of you show me one paper that shows the evidence fits agw better than the null-hypothesis? Without it you're acting on "belief" and shouting down dissent against your dogma. This is not science... It's religion.
Humans think that we are so powerful that our actions can change the world. I am no expert but I can tell you this, we are not nearly as smart as we tell ourselves. We are fools to think that we 1) have caused change and 2) can make a change.
Lots great comments on this especially Darius Moss , we all as a well oiled machine need to stop and do productive things to stop all that we have done so far then maybe we'll have a chance for better health, longevity state of mind! Put earth first,your religions, family , each other, ALL first , then everyone and everything will follow then possibilities for mankind and animals of all types will have a chance
There is extensive peer reviewed science that shows that a) 50% of warming is due to natural solar output cycles, and b) 50% of observed warming at temperature stations is spurious errors from poor siting quality, urban heat island effects, and fraudulent data homogenization practices. Now, Al Gore is gonna tell you that its also 50% due to mankind, but thats just him searching for ManBearPig like in South Park.
Oh, and SpaceShipTwo is a flying tire fire. I'd rather fly with XCOR's Lynx program, its cleaner, better seating and views, and half the price of Virgin Galactic. prepared as the SUN will rise from the West someday..xox
idk why people dont care about the environment, spending a little extra time and money can save money, lives, and the environment! 
I feel most would disagree , nuclear bombs man made would cuz catastrophic change, then nuclear power is hazardous anyway, traffic emissions , chemical plants and their emissions,deforestation ,over fishing areas to the level of extinction look back n look at now the people and earth haven't changed as one together? I respect your opinion though .
+Richard Branson

Mr Branson, you are fantastic at running businesses, but clearly haven't got the time to check anything else. If you're going to share such incredibly meaningless and inaccurate nonsense please take a few weeks researching at least the very basics in both climate and world structure (eg poverty, disease, genocide etc) and then take this scandalous photo away. People listen to you and you are misleading them and letting them down.
+Cassie Morris

I care very deeply about the environment. The problem I have being the real environmental movement has been hijacked, by investment bankers. Real environmental issues are now being ignored in favor of a fictitious one. If you do any research into the "solutions" you'll find that they raise human suffering, while having little to no impact on the issue in question.
In fact, people are already being raped, murdered and forcefully evicted from property, that they legally own. All of this is being done so forrest companies can plant trees to sell carbon credits.

I do not find it acceptable to burn children alive, to "save the future" (which they are) from a fictitious problem. We have real problems to deal with.
It snowed in Africa, not just in the mountains.
If I wanted to prove that global warming was a one way street; I would go to the hottest place on the planet and take all my data. Then I would look through all that data and find the hottest days I could find and say here is your proof. If I wanted to prove that the earth was growing colder; I would go to the coldest place I could find. Then I would find in my data the coldest days I could find as my proof. The problem is as man we have not been around long enough nor will we live long enough to tell either way. I say do everything you want to help our environment, it is the only one we have. But to listen to just one side brought to you by anyone who creates pollution or sells carbon offset credits is foolish. Follow the money, find the truth.
+Cole Pritchard Look up sea level rising rates for the last couple of milleniums. It's hard to believe that what we are experiencing is anything but natural.  
A blog coming from the man who waste resources to send people in suborbital space for $200k a ticket then promotes climate awareness?  One hand must not know what the other is doing.  
Climate change? Caused by Man or Nature? Interesting question. I do know two things, we have only been collecting decent data on climate a little over 100 years. secondly, nature has been at work on the earth for millions of years. Professionally, I am an analyst. My schooling has taught me that 100 year sample size is really too small to draw any real meaningful conclusions. we just need to be vigilant and continue to collect data.
Unless you have 8 years of climate science studies or physical science it's just a lousy uninformed guess. Good luck with that when the planet scorches your future.
A couple other interesting points, feeding a cow, nine times what we get from it we feed it - the methane gas off of it alone is creating large ramifications. 
anytime we interfere with our breathing systems which we do continually in harvesting or burying a bog which is basically like a liver for the earth, we cover a problem that has to arise somewhere. The oil companies inject the poisons that are pulled out of the earth in the drilling practice back into the earth, it is popping up much faster then they expected. All of these toxins effect and are pretty much infecting us. In fact as we watch species become extinct or mutated, we are not taking effective note. If we had a hot smooth running machine. Lets say just a nice comfortable cooper. Drop some sand in the crank case - lets just go with a half a litre - what would you expect to happen? It would be preposterous to do this! This is what we have done to our planet. I am certain with ever fiber of my being that the earth will eliminate the problem before we can do something to stop it. It is up to us to try to figure out how to live in harmony with the planet.Since we have damaged this one so badly they are literally exploring other planets to try and create life on - I can only imagine what our future ancenstors will speak of this incredible time of development. The facts are all manipulated to conjour money - I think getting back to good old fashioned common sense would be the best idea! I personally am not prepared to give up my vehicle ever. However, I am a vegetarian, I do recycle, I do pay attention to who I give my business to and I speak my mind - it is a small impact, but it does work. We can make a difference! We do make a difference, it is just a case of noting how we do it. 
So we can't predict the weather in a specific area in a month to a tenth of a degree, yet we can predict the temperature globally for years in advance? Seems pretty outlandish to me. Especially since we only have a hundred years or so worth of global data to base our estimation on. I'm not saying we don't need to move to a more sustainable model for everything, I'm just saying we should do it reasonably and with technology that works. Not rushing it and banking on technology that isn't proven.
Unfortunately this days people are just trying to survive
Absolutely,my back yard tells the tale .
+Shawn Dunne I agree, it stuns me that they can deny credible scientist but accept their hate radio show pontifications. In the last several post they talk about our lack of evidence, who are they listening to, we have core samples that go way back in time. Oh well, a hotter world must not be a concern of theirs yet but it will soon enough.
Why do people freak out if they see a turd in the swimming pool? Why don't people freak out if the see a turd in the ocean? Global warming is A problem, but human perception is THE problem.
No. Not in the least. Temperatures have moved this way for years. Besides what did God say about the end. Read it even if you dont believe it.
Ticket price for trip to Mars...
Very true. Espically when you go on a trip across the U.S.A like from Vegas to Florida. Its uncomfortable sometimes cuz u r just not use to it!
Sure do what a change its been already
No....I believe its arrogant to believe that human beings are more powerful than mother nature. "Climate change," which used to be "Global Warming," which used to be a "second ice age".....are just the greatest form of fear mongering to control what we drive, what we eat, and even what we used to clean our houses. The "going green" movement is great advertising to get us to twice a much for an inferior product.
I believe it has been happening for millennia and, while anthropogenic activity plays a minor (~0.25%) role in it's exacerbation, it is inevitable that the climate will continue to change despite our noble attempts to stop it.
Australia has its coldest temperatures in over a decade. Although El Nino is meant to be coming back to us shortly. That is all.
Yes, it's so easy to change your mind when politicians twist your arm.
Picture a glass of ice as earth, as it melts ,the melt accelerates, soon the ice is water , is that global warning? did they think the ice from the ice age was going to last forever? that would be foolish to think.but over thinking shit seems to be SCIENTIFIC !! didnt even listen to skeptic
The "debate" on this has gradually shifted over time:

* Started with "Is the climate changing at all" - this was scientifically confirmed
* Moved to "Is Man making it change" - this was kind of confirmed
* Then "Is Man making it change *a lot*" - still a little unclear on this one

I've never been clear on why people get so emotional about it all. Accept that things are changing, accept that we have some hand in it, and them move on to the next bit that I don't think has been covered properly yet: impact.

We've seen the Hollywood view, and the scaremongering, as well as the "Don't worry about it" views, but we need to get to the bottom of what exactly will happen. Only then will we really know how much global effort needs to be put in to this.

However, we need to face facts: 90% of people really won't care, and a further 9.9% won't do anything about it - "culture change" is difficult enough at a local level, never mind globally!
climate is changing and regardless of who or what is to blame it is in all our interests to at least try and stabalise it
I beleive that only natural climate change is occurring but that the world is over populated, over polluted and resources are overexploited. So it works out much the same.
really? Are we as humans arrogant enough to think that we can change it? One volcano erupting does more than all of humanity can 'save'.
We can affect a local change quite easily. A national change is much more difficult. A global change is next to impossible.
Mother Nature will take care of itself by wiping out the 'human condition' it is afflicted with.
time changes everything,,persistant weather can change any climate,,
If there really is a thing called Global Warming that is caused by man then how did the Ice Age melt when there were no factories or big industries polluting and spewing out CO2 emmissions etc... to cause global warming? Just saying.
and ps.. if you dont think earthquakes matter? Ask someone in Japan or Haiti or Mexico about this????
+Richard Branson With the inspiration of this post and some comments on reshares of this post did I create the + page +#ClimateChange. The purpose is to share good and trustworthy information on climate change.
As you can expect, I can't fill a whole page's content myself, so I would love some other folks with the same view on this to join me and make a team.
So, anyone interested, send me a message!
Are you going to make virgin envioment friendly ? Im just said there are and was wondering if you going to do that and on your aeroplanes,etc and anything else in the pipeline ?
There is no climate change but climate cycles
I know Los Angeles is warming up. But this summer is extreme, you cannot mathematically prove global warming for another 15 years.
Weather the climate is changing or not the bigger problem is people making babies...set to double population in 30 years. 
Climate we can adapt but feeding an already starving planet is a much bigger more immediate and socially more drastic issue.
Agree with you 100%. Population explosion is more a threat than anything else.
I for one believe climate change is real, substantial -and in progress. The summer heat records were a part of it, but what you have to watch for if it were to validate the hypothesis - would be +weather change+ not just temperature change.  Look for other weather systems to run akimbo.
Unfortunately our current global population can not survive any downsides on the food supply side.  I think all hell is going to break loose. 
By the way. What happened to global warming? That was a "the opinion of most "experts" (never named). Seems it went away after a really cold fall winter and spring. Might have some credibility if it did not involve the transfer of wealth.
I don't believe in climate change; I understand that it's true. That's why I drive an electric car and ride a bicycle whenever I can.
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