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Love hearing from new entrepreneurs inspired by +Virgin. Here's a great app success story conceived at +Virgin Money...
Student uses Virgin Money Lounge facilities to create his award winning app...
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what? there's no need money.. my work is fine..
+Richard Branson I went to your profile and had a look at three of your posts 1 has 118 comments, 86 in another 117 in the last I looked at. Not once did you interact with them This is a community on G+ everyone helps one another. You will notice the people in my circles when they post and a comment is said it will be acknowledged!!>>Cheers. Talk to the people on the ground.
And from your small sample you espouse facts, try looking deeper
I luv Richard he is a clever man he fooled me as young man into believing he really supported the music industry and would sell CD's at the Best Price, I spent loads in his stores, I have no money now, he has lots now, a very clever man.
Nice work in general, but "celebrating and encouraging the work of young entrepreneurs" especially.
Know anyone who can build a web based rewards program without costing a ton of dough?
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