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Meet our youngest +Virgin Atlantic member - baby Seren! Congratulations to Seren's proud parents
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Ahh, bless her. Congratulations to the proud parents.
God bless them. children before anything need love
security and ideals humility and service to help less fortunate. God helps. we have done agreat damage to our kids. working to much. living on machines. and not earning what we give freely out of guilt. back to basics. bsck to family values. all love light 
Baby Seren (Star) is a born marketer! Hope she is getting a few free tickets to travel anywhere she wants (when she grow up) from the super marketer himself (Sir +Richard Branson )!!! :)
God bless for healthy mother and baby. Congratulation. 
She remember me when I was flying from Milano to Pittsburg and I was 1 year with Popeye and Spiderman In NY airport or on TWA with pins and book with Commander paper hat...
it was 1980 and 1984...
Fly is wonderful....
Lots of black hair and so sweet in their little Virgin outfits.Leonor like your comment. 
Awesome. Welcome little one!
ah newborns.the cute little cheeks and the tiny never know where you'll meet one.They are so adorable!!I have a baby brother and when he was a newborn he was so adorable! Sadly they don't stay new for long!they grow up so fast!!
Whats with the baggage claim tag on the leg?  :)
Babies born on planes should get lifetime free tickets with that airline :)
Congratulations what a joy!
let me change a little bit the name, siroun bebe.
I see he is a Gold Frequent Flyer
They forgot to tag the pacifier.
Seren is Welsh for Star - very fitting
awwww! love the hair ^_^ such an adorable and proud flyer;)
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