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Why aren’t more women in leadership positions? Here’s my thoughts, & +Virgin Unite CEO Jean Oelwang's...
Why do you think there aren’t more women in leadership positions?
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I would say because of the "Good ol' boys club" mentality. Even for younger generations, it is tough to get up the ladder, even if we are talented. Get in on the group early in your career.

We think we are above segregation, but it still happens, and will continue to happen.
(in my James Brown voice) this is a man's world!
Because they weren't as qualified as the other applicant...?
How does it get past that thought?
What numbers are you looking at? Here in the US there are more women in leadership positions.
Too many people indoctrinated in the idea that a male form is inherently better at performing the meaningful aspects of society ? As opposed to the individual best suited to the role ? Ellen Macarthur , Jóhanna Sigurðardóttir , Mary Portas, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Leymah Gbowee, Tawakkul Karman off the top of my head .
Because usually women focus more on their personal life than on their professional life. Also they tend to be less competitive and more cooperative which is great but rarely get you to the top. IMHO
A voice from Scandinavia then.
Many women in leading positions here has all the male attibutes except you-know-what. This is not very fortunate because to place women in leading positions is not just a matter of feministic justice. It is also to get female values, empathy and moral in play.

Hand at heart, how many male leaders have these attributes? A lot of men have them, but how many in leading positions?

Are we only to be led by semi-phycopathic persons? Are they the only ones we have that respect for? Probably not. But leading positions is a matter of competition. And the semi-phycopatic individuals are apperantly the best fit to win this competition. Male or female. About the women its a numbers game. I would bet there is a 100 semiphyco men in every woman dito.

What we need to do is change the way we look upon people with respect. We get the leaders we deserve.
+Mark Rondot Clearly Joan of Arc and Lucrezia Borgia were not in his education ;-) . Though i agree with part of the sentiment
In general terms is because they have more on their plate, that is, raising, nurturing and caring for the future leaders. They are the true back bone of society. I am sure they are other reasons.
I think it is because we are still not equals with the opposite sex, there are set standards and beliefs that women are meant to be submissive and never in an authority role.
would be interesting to let all apply for a job "unsexed". No name and to picture
Love to have power. love to get my song on the virgin planes flying into new zealand
Well asa I see it the problem is basically 2 things. Men think of sex and sports. They treat a company like a sport and in sports there are winners and losers. Since men spend most of their time thinking about sex they also think that when they are successful in Business their reward is having sex whenever and wherever they want. What do you think prostitutes live on?
As for the women. Some women think they need to behave like dictatorial men to succeed. It didn't work for Ms. Fiorini. Take a look at the lady that started Spanx. She is all woman and runs a fantastic company with great customer service and reasonable pricing.
Conservatives & Far right religious will tell you that the dominance of man is natural and in the Bible. Cleopatra & Margaret Thatcher, golda Meire and our own Hillary Clinton would disagree that men are always the best choice to be in leadership positions.
What is true, however, is that unless you are in the executive suite it is very hard to give birth to children and put as much time in for the office. Many men are starting to make decisions at work that give them more time at home while their kids are young.
+Mark Rondot depends on who you believe ;-) . We do have to remember though that social attitudes in the west at least have been dictated by a patriarchal mentality so its going to take a few more years to hopefully reduce this .
Latest one I know personally just ripped a company from the creator and now has no But that is just over bad apple.
+Ian Gallagher actually the analogies arnt that bad . Remember the social ideal of a man is a combative competitive individual rugged and fighting off their opponts to have their mate and /or prizes (ok im simplifying) . Though heavens help the woman who dares to do such a thing ;-)
+Mark Rondot If you come back .. not all , combining the two has rarely been done . And hierarchies do need to exisits . It's if we can find away of encouraging Zen adepts or Platonic Philosopher Kings or Queens to do it .
All I can speak of is from experience. The two worst bosses I have had were women. In both cases I have also performed at my worst. I think it was the power of being in the role that made them tyrants. They had a little extra "something to prove?" The best bosses I have had pointed the way and let me figure out how to get there, the worse have told me where to go. No pun intended. Lol. I am not saying that is how all women leaders are or would be, just my experience.
+Mark Rondot lol very true and anyone who has Sun Kwonk as their avatar (or Son Goku ) cant be all bad ;-)
It is quite an interesting problem. A lot of people talk about getting more women into higher positions but I think they may have missed the core problem. The 9-5 turn up to work hierarchical organisation is designed by men for men. As a result the deck is fundamentally stacked against women succeeding in the first place. If they designed an organisation to get something done creatively and efficiently from a blank piece of paper they would not say: sit in a big concrete building for 8-10 hours, 5 days a week, spend an hour travelling there and back, work very hard to receive your boss's job when they move on. The company as we know it today is fundamentally masculine and that is why more men succeed than women. My opinion is that we need to consider starting again in the way we construct or organisations in order to get the best out of everyone. The rise of the virtual collaborative organisation is giving women the power back and hopefully giving the world the improved use of some its most talented and underutilised resource. The barriers for women are reducing all the time and not because companies are being better at promoting women. It is getting easier to turn great ideas into reality with the advent of new technology. The more ideas can be made into a reality independent of location and the fewer resources that consumes the more women will be able to compete on a level playing field. In some ways the revolution has already started. In 20 years this may be a thing of the past. The solution to the problem may not be what we think it should be.
"Sometimes tyranny is an expression of the maternal instinct" --thus said "Charlotte Vale" ( Bette Davis) in " Now, Voyager". It does seem to apply in my experience as well. I had an atrocious female boss when I worked on Wall street she made " Miranda Priestley" seem tame and civil in comparison. However, to be fair, there are some good Female leaders ( Bosses) and and Bad ones--just like there are bad male bosses and good ones.
are we in 2012 still thinking about a gender war? wtf? you want leadership position, go take it, as you wanted to shoot to other people like men do, and you got it. nice victory. you can now legitimately kill people! whoo! oh, ps: why don't you ask this same question to a starving mother with children, or to a homeless man after he's being beat to death. i think the real question is "why are all the world priorities fucked up like this?".
Is this still an issue? Bad news if it is. Finding good people is always really hard - surely making sure they can do the job and fit into your company is the most important thing.
There are plenty of reasons why there are fewer female executives. In some corporations women are held back because of attitudes to the necessities of child-rearing because companies perceive women not being "dedicated enough" to their jobs because they balance family needs with work needs. In some corporations (Walmart being an excellent example) women are simply not allowed to get beyond a certain level in management. In the case of Walmart, they are well-known for promising women advancement but comsistently promoting men with equal or less experience, ability or seniority over their female counterparts.

As usual, the attitude of the public is that women are passed over because they simply aren't qualified and that the "glass ceiling" is just sour grapes. But the reality is that women DO face challenges in achieving top management positions despite ability and experience.

And, while some men complain that female bosses have been "the worst they have ever had", I have found that, in many corporations and companies that I have worked for, the very people (male or female) who should never be in charge of people are the ones that climb the corporate ladder. I've worked in both retail and corporate settings and most of those in management positions that I have worked for have, universally, been insufferable bastards. That's how you get to the top.
Remember Carly Fiorina? Her speeches about woman empowerment? Her disgraceful exit from HP?
women are also possessive they want everything to themselves and nothing to the other's
that is not necessarily the case...greed is not sexist
Simple answer. Majority of women are taught about a mythical "glass ceiling" that is difficult to impossible to break through and succeed. This myth is taught at the beginning stage in a woman's career usually by other women and a lot of times by their female boss so it is perpetuated through generations. It's a load of bullocks of course. I refused to believe in a glass ceiling. I refused to believe that I would not attain success because I was a woman. I also refused to believe that I would not enjoy greatest success because I did not have a college education. I'm pleased at my stubborn streak's success. It's funny...sometimes...if you refuse to believe in the become blind to realities and succeed in spite of them and others.....simply because you believe in YOU and YOUR potential.
+Paul Smith-Keitley you took the wrong example: cars. You can entangle a man by just shit-talking about a car. Like going to a fashion outlet with your wife, you'll probably get ignored. ps: this is not a rule, this is just what happens usually. i went to buy my very first car with my GF, i was less interested than her. I just cared about three things: price, color and cd player. All the rest she asked, and i didn't care much. But this doesn't happen so often :D
put the card back in the deck, i have 2 female managers and a female district manager. stop making it a sexist issue when it really isn't.
Maybe some women weren't taught to be leaders in their upbringing.
Sometimes "believing" you are going to achieve success, even with talent, attitude, qualifications etc., is not enough. Some women spend half their careers trying to achieve the success they deserve. And, yes, the glass ceiling exists, even if one or two women simply don't encounter it. The experience of thousands of other women proves otherwise (as well as statistics).

Even when women do achieve some measure of success, they often do not receive either the financial rewards equal to their male counterparts or the recognition.
The culture of 'presenteeism'
I always have to laugh when men say "I have two managers and a regional manager who are women" as though that negates the fact that statistics and the experience of thousands of women is "anacdotal". The fact is that males far outnumber females in senior positions, despite equal qualifications. Men are, by and large, rewarded with higher salaries and advancements that statistically show that there is an inequality.

That's a fact, no matter how you spin it.
I see +Cliff Berning women are there to give birth and raise daughters to have the expectation of giving birth and raising daughters...

Thank you for firmly placing women squarely back in the 1800s for us... and for making my point that the public perception that women should just lower their expectations to motherhood hasn't died.
This question is sexist in itself, gender should be left out of recruitment, its should not be asked in any job application or promotion. Numbers and stats never give a clear picture of reality, the question should be why when candidate Ms example is better qualified was overlooked for the position? Generalisation rarely help.
Well. Ken T. I don't know what kind of women you been around. There are women that don't rely on sex to get to the top.
Why should they bother? It is hard work there, even with the discount they are getting, depending on their looks. Why work hard when you can easily get everything you want just because you have an attractive body?
This is a complex issue. Smart, talented women make choices. Many are not choosing the ladder - why could that be? What are they choosing instead?

This came up in an interview I did with a female CEO a couple weeks back:
To answer the question properly, I think the statistics must be weighted properly around pregnancy. Did the woman leave work (more than the allotted maternity leave) to care for her children at any time? Losing seniority can be a big hit to promotions and pay raises. Certainly there are many capable and deserving women in leadership positions. The statistics are against them though especially when pay is compared to men in equal positions. However if we are looking at raw numbers and not adjusting for things like leaving the work force because of pregnancy and raising children, then we are looking at it wrong.
Becoming an executive has a lot to do with demonstrating commitment to your co & career as well?

Being away for a pregnancy sends a message. The right message in my opinion, but still one that demonstrates the presence of other priorities.

Rick, your comment makes alot of sense.
Because women are built differently from men (and I think for the universal best as all that stuff that make women unique and a "woman" is what draws us men to them and we learn of unconditional love through them). However, women don't naturally enjoy leadership, power, control etc that men naturally do and strive for. Research shows that majority of women crave for and derive more fulfillment out of motherhood and marriage than through work, career and "leadership" positions. Even in their leadership positions, women tend to seek out partnerships with men rather than seek to command and lead.
Here's the simple answer I use almost every time someone says "why aren't there more women in a given area/job/etc".

Maybe they, in general, don't want those jobs? If there's 20 men applying and 2 women ... guess what, the job is going to be predominantly staffed by men. You can't complain if the numbers that apply end up fairly well matching the numbers that end up with the jobs. Of course, far fewer people end up asking how many women are applying for the jobs compared to how many men. That might lead to an answer that doesn't have anything to do with sexism.
What +Dev Chatterjee said has a ring of truth, even though imo women are a real asset to company leadership and should be part of any serious board.
The basics of a 'business' are founded in groups cooperating to achieve a common goal. The power part comes in much later and shouldn't be necessarily a part of doing business, although it is uncommon for it not to.
Maybe the way of 'doing business' should be adapted to women, so they feel more at home, instead of the other way around. To achieven that goal we need to listen to women better.
Agreed +Marc Roelofs - the way we're doing business is not sustainable from an individual perspective. I'd say a healthy dose of work life balance and focus on more than just financial returns would bring in more talented people (both men and women) that are otherwise prone to choosing other paths.

What are the divorce stats for sr execs and how different are they from the avg?

It's funny because some of the C-level folks I've spoken with and interviewed have been open about the fact that they still waste most of their time - but one has to give the perception that one will sacrifice most other things (life, so, health, etc) in favor of the firm and the ladder...

The way it is now, business may attract a type of unbalanced individual that results in leader diversity not being broad enough (regardless of gender). And men and women are motivated by different things, right?

I doubt we'd have designed it like it is given the opportunity.. It became this way and it needs to be adjusted for the good of all.
To achieve a leadership position requires a certain amount of aggression, not necessarily because the position requires it, but because the ass-hat who GIVES you the position expects it. Women generally lack that aggression, and so they aren't considered to be "up" for the job.
From where I am from, women don't make it into leadership because of the good 'ol boy have to be able get along and trust who you work with and who report to you, but..A good leader should be looking for character, ability, and potential in people.

Gender has little to do with it. The best two out of three bosses I've reported to, were women. I can't say one was better than the other. Dean Curtis
Jean's approach is so refreshing and I hope more people read it and GET it. Having been in aviation for 43 years I saw most of what you did Richard but from a competitive position. Had my folks had seen the open way of business they would have been in a better position today. For many years it was the cute blond that got the mid level job based on eye candy instead of actual ability to move forward. Being unable to move up, the progression was blocked. When the cute capable blond was selected the progression path was most often not blocked. ( By the way cute blond is not always a description of gender!)
What do you mean there are few women in leadership positions? There are women senators, military commanders, heads of corporations, small business owners and lots of other leadership positions.
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Wow, the misogyny in these comments is truly remarkable, and very depressing. I'm particularly amused by how many men claim to know what women want and think. (+David Hill says women don't want powerful jobs? I would love to hear Hillary Clinton's response to that.)

My hypothesis, playing by the same rules as the guys on this thread: Men frequently don't want to take orders from a woman because they consider it emasculating, so they resist female leadership so that they don't have to say "Yes, ma'am." I would even bet that it's largely subconscious--but it's there. Also, there is the frequent male tendency to look at all women--no matter who they are--as sex objects. When Elena Kagan was nominated for the Supreme Court, messageboards were filled with complaints about how unattractive she is, rather than discussing her politics. If that's what the majority of men think about women, then it's not surprising that they wouldn't support her in a bid for a powerful role.
Are you kidding? Don't you see there are enough women in each and every position out there. Don't you see there are enough trouble in this world. Who's paying the price? Children with no mother care, high unemployment rate, etc... Then you can imagine the future.
+Dave Guerra that makes it damn important for us to find ways to help ALL leaders transcend ego - a more balanced blend of the natural male and female values will be better for the world than what we have now.
wow so many new reasons . Reading your newspapers i thought ISLAM was the reason why women do not progress in their career
Because men undermind women .. a lot of CEO positions are held by men and those men would never allow a women "leader" .. I think women should be able to do all that men can do besides the dirty stuff because I think that women should be sparkly
+zeefu de king Who told you that about ISLAM. You should visit a moderate Islamic country and see for yourself how women are progressing in their career, they have rights much more than in the modern west. One funny thing, women keep their family name after marriage (without attaching the husband name ever). If they work, they have a totally separate account. The poor husband pays everything, yes everything.
since when are they allowed to go out of the kitchen?? :)
Hopefully, the boys club will start to let more of us in. Women need to demonstrate consistent leadership and then men can recognize the qualities that we've had all along.
Desire, Opportunity and statistical Ability. You might as well ask why there aren't more women weight-lifters and why those that there are, aren't beating men in the olympics. Men are different to women - plain and simple - and for the things that men do well that women don't, there are an equal number of things they do well which men don't. Just because women statistically choose not to be as fanatical about motorsport, for example, does not mean that there is something wrong with motorsport or that it is "male dominated".
Might want to check Norway maternity and paternity leave old boy ;-)
because OTHER women are holding them Back !!
allo hi think there is enought women in leading position thats way the world gose so bad instead of getting better which is the credo of feminist wprld woud be better whit more women in power well whe see the result every day since more and more women are in power position
Regardless of one's talent, experience or drive...this world holds tight to the "old boys school"concept. However, it's time to move over boys we girls can do it better and it is because of our emotions that make us better at everything! MUWAH!
+Joel S ha! I won't give you the flame you're awaiting though I'll challenge you on that rational vs emotional bit. I've seen many leaders who have managed to convince themselves they are making rational decisions only to continue to make them based on emotion.. What's the quote?

"The emotional tail wags the rational dog" - J. Haidt
Most women chose to raise a family instead.
Mr. Branson I'm not quite sure why there aren't more, but as a 22 year old woman in what i would consider a relatively influential leadership role I've found treating EVERYONE as an equal level friend, whether I know them or not, famous or the barista in Starbucks tends to workout pretty well. The key I've found is to talk less, listen often, and do more.
Because men are intimidated by strong, passionate women.
There has always been a glass ceiling.
as a future boss i wood expect 110% from all whom work each an everyday. chances are they would thus think unkindly of me. favoritizem an scarcastic titles an the blame the last one would not be aloud. my insight on team work ,personal abillity. would provide the action to
That article was more a collection of other people's insights and not really right that richard branson's name was tacked onto it. I think the irony is almost spelled out in one of the quotes. If you build something, anything on capitalism, expect only cut-throat money hungry c*nts to run the show. And IMO, most women aren't like that. I hope that causes no offence to women. EZ
Because to make it in the business world you have to be a sociopath. And I don't think many woman have the heart to throw their colleagues under the bus to get ahead.
as a future boss i wood expect 110% from all whom work each an everyday. chances are they would thus think unkindly of me. favoritizem an scarcastic titles an the blame the last one would not be aloud. my insight on
tteam work ,personal abillity. would provide the action to handle the hard work. must people work harder when they are respected for what they bring to the table! men who are insightfull have a good women to back them. a woman also would have a good man.
when ppl work at 110% they make mistakes that damage productivity, not a clever way to manage a workforce :idea:
perhaps the question is why are so many men stuck in alpha mode?
Ike Ike
To lead means to gradually put aside feminine features and assume masculine features. If you look closely at women who have led, you will notice that most (if not all) of their feminine features are gone and that is a very sad observation. The delicate nature of a woman is needed to strike a balance in every endeavour of life while a man was designed to be rugged and a protector. Once a women engages in masculine activities, she loses that delicate nature that makes her stand above men and as such she reduces herself to a level lower than man.
Most people in in leadership positions are arseholes - maybe women don't want to be arseholes.
Actually the trend is changing... Well in america at least. Women are taking over and men seem to be fine with it. There are more women than men in US universities across the states, and more.
"men who are insightfull have a good women to back them"
Haha there you have it. And since men earns more money that women for the same work its logical that the woman is the one behind the mand and not the other way around.

And you say there are no sexistic structures in society?
Organisational culture has a lot to do with how far a woman can go within an organisation. I have worked for two organisations with two divergent cultures with respect to women and it all had to do with executive managements ability to be progressive and adopting policies that are incorporate diversity.
It depends on the person's profile. Some women owners of companies are not born leaders, however are very visionary persons ie creators. ... I know myself I am a marketer and supporter profile and enjoy training businesses and are excellent in this field. I am not a leader but I am a succcessful business wormen. Bring different profile women/men together then you will see a successful company.
***Because we are from VENUS...hehehe..xox
+Jena Tesse Fox No, you completely misunderstood. I said the number of women, compared to men, that want powerful positions isn't the same. If 20 men and two women apply for two vacant positions do you expect it to go one woman and one man? If there's 500 middle managers in a large company and a spot opens up to advance ... if the ratio is 80/20 male/female do you expect there to be a 50/50 chance it'll be a woman getting the job?

The point is simple. I don't believe there are as many women applying for these jobs. In my business, aviation, there simply aren't women applying. They've begged and pleaded and they just don't show up and get educated to take the positions. Some do and they work out well. But, the percentage of women that are interested is extremely low compared to men. You can't fix that by blaming men.
As an overall response to +Richard Branson's original entry. No, nobody should be "forced" to accept women into any position. Encouraged? Sure. Put in place scholarships for women that want training? Go for it. But don't force a person that owns a company to do something just because you think it'll benefit them. I'm sure Richard would no more appreciate being forced to do something with his company that he doesn't like.
Excuse me? Look at all the women who run there own business?! How many would that be? Running a small business is hard work and ask much energie.
because you have to be totally dedicated to your work and your work alone to get to the top in this world, and unfortunately, even as Saran Palin tried, family becomes more important at some stage. So, since many of us choose family to be first, we have to sacrifice our careers. Sure people say you can balance it but that's not true. Men just don't have it in their make up to let family come first. So, they can make it to the top first. Check the women at the top now...are their families truly healthy? Do their kids get into trouble? Are the family members living close together or scattered and hardly talking to each other?
Because we are programmed as a society that women are the heart of the home, not the workers. The problem with that is not all woman are choosing to have children and cannot break through the old man's club of being in charge. Plus there is the very old stereotype that man have a hard time being told what to do at work by a woman.
I think it's because until we can accept each others as equal and acknowledge that men and women do have their differences fundamentally, women will never match men in leadership or key positions both in roles and in quantities. Suppression of talent or lack of understanding on how to use talent are also contributing factors to why women aren't in key leadership roles.
Big difference between 'boss' and 'leader' which is sometimes forgotten including here a little. I think the character traits of a leader are something that many women posses perhaps more so than men. However getting into a leadership position does not present itself as often to women.
We need more female AND male mentors who want us to succeed. Leaders are partially born and partially made but women need others to help them learn how to be great leaders.
Also agree that family plays a big role, anyone who doesn't see that a) hasnt held an executive position before or b) doesn't have kids. My marriage is as 50/50 as it gets but with two young kids my career has definitely suffered more than my spouse and that is not uncommon. Your focus changes once you have kids and that's not a bad thing, it's just different.
I work for Sage in North America and we've had a few female top execs here, some better than others, but just seeing other women in top positions lets you know that the glass ceiling is not there...or at least there's a little hole it in somewhere :)
My Father was a big proponent of women working in high level positions at the corporation, (Penthouse Int'l.) Especially back in the 70's and 80's...when women were not as career conscious. This was regardless and alongside the fact that he was subject to ridicule and skepticism because he also photographed female models, nude.
my corporate experience says, some women leaders are really excellent.. thus they shine & go beyond the men... but most other women I found in my corporate circles to be too much self centred, lacks team work, likes to dominate rather than to lead & last but no way the least........... uses the lethal weapon of 'tears' to turn things their way, irespective of their position...
Control is an issue. There are 2 kinds of control. Force or dictatorial is one kind but there is also the force of a belief system. Leadership if it is true follows the second type. The leader is perceived to be smarter than most and that intelligence is usually demonstrated in thought, word, & deed. He or she is followed because he or she is considered to be wise. In modern society we have the use of money to make bartering easier. In a company there is leadership (management) followers(employees) & capital (money)
management & labor work together to improve resources so that there is "value added" the value added service or product is sold to a consumer and the money paid by the consumers is divided between the management, labor, government, and capital. In the USA we have publicly held companies which means when the company makes a profit part of the wealth is returned to the stockholders of the company. What we are seeing today more than ever before is that consumers are beginning to see that they have real power to move their money when they do not like how a company treats their employees or how a company relates to the community. My personal belief is that we will see hybrid federations evolve that replace the huge multi-national companies now running from a central executive power. Each person involved with the company will have more input to how the company functions. Returning some control of the company to the local region is smart. This was seen when the Earthquake & Tsunami in Japan was offset by increased production in American factories. Had all of their wealth been centered only in Japan, it is doubtful the car manufacturers would have survived.
becouse men have discriminating against woman for thousands of years and is not over yet some cultures are even using "honour killings" to say that there bringing honour back to family persay by torturing a defenceless woman becouse wherever reason ,no reason justifyes torture,killing or raping , is a cowerly act who comits this acts,is simply a way to put a name to there own hate and disturbe minds aflicted emotions they can not control,like jeleousy,insecure,fals sense of entitelment moreover more cowerly is that soceity who is accepting this and not reporting to hire authorities ,man and women are in mi view equaly capable to run companies or positiions in sociaty may you be bless if you give the chance to woman to EQUAL RIGHTS
My wife is, and I respect her for it. But, I am not threatened by a strong independent woman--although many men are. Ahh, the dregs of history persist so.
Because they're busy having children
this is reason Women can more strong and assertive equal.
If we lift culture and religion boundaries , that some country impose to woman, and educate them to fulfill their dreams and ambitious besides being domestic, will be great.
I've off wondered the exact same thing. I think they lack the confidence required to speak up, make decisions and trust themselves. They are often more intuitive with great ideas, but historically are not used to being taken as seriously or trusted with leadership. So they must better trust themselves!! Thank you for the post.
Great article. I relate to the reasoning that the gaia values noted aren't so widely understood. Its a shame because my own desire to serve, support, empower and create, is a humbling yet powerful force. As I rise to the top, it will be as a result of my openness, collaborative spirit and love for people.
back here main reasons as to why women aint in leadership postions,but fortunately inaf everything is changing is cz of culture,religion,and various other reason and men should definiately allow women to start doing their thing n be a bit open minded n stop perceiving it as a threat
salm ana rachid adoul mn ouazzane 3andi orcistra 
Why do men feel intimidated when women take control and end up on leadership positions?
through what is concider the true evolution of our humanity process is slow that type of  evolution tha's not have agenda is only a precess of continuation of change base on causes and conditions now that very  fact that woman are not part of the A team is a direct result of that conciousness but according to prodictions and oportunity's their time has arrived and and I and full support
Thanks for the support Ludwin , and may the real men standup those who are not being threatened by the women climbing up the ladder........
Given the choice, men select other men as members of boards and leaders. Same with women. Because men historically have been holding most of if not all the seats on most boards, more men are added when members step down. What the Scandinavian countries have proven is that using affirmative action to increase the number of women on boards and in leadership positions results in more women being considered and elected even when the affirmative action component is removed. The key is to get a balance of power between men and women first. Once that's achieved, maintaining that balance becomes far easier.
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