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Protecting lemurs in #Madagascar. They are in peril, along with lots of other species here...
Some people call Madagascar ‘the seventh continent’...
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Have had the rare pleasure of seeing lemurs in Madagascar... Beautiful creatures
Since I can't save the ( e ART h) by myself,MAYBE YOU CAN HELP! search for MY LOVE,YOU ARE HERE,SO AM I...Mothersky Dragonfly,glitter kissesXxo
Live in Durban (South Africa) and know so little about Madagascar and its wildlife. Very interesting to hear about this work.
What are lemurs famous for?
Ooo I love Ring Tailed Lemurs : )
We have not only to protect animals, but poor people too! Food is a problem in vast areas of the planet. Do you remember?
Now I can also say: Madagascar is an incredible Land, I was there 5 months ago and I felt very well: fantastic People, fantastic Nature. How can we help that Place?
I fasted for African famine relief in 1983. My ideals has been tempered by reality. I had kids in the 90s as soon as I was employed. I broke a $3 meal ticket with a 40¢ apple so I could buy $2.60 in diapers. 48 of 52 kid-years of public school and 7 of 16 college years later, no savings, no retirement, and no, I can't recall why I should for other people's unbridled reproduction. Richard doesnt owe them anything either. 
I could not agree more however, the entire continent of Africa with millions of starving people must come first...
i believe i am getting the gist of sir richard's pattern here. he is sticking to small scale, concrete, items to engage folks. there may be lots of endangered animals, but you have to be able to focus to take action. so he picks one animal, at a time, to make it easier to engage folks in action. the subject of endangered animals is too abstract to 'get anywhere'. it looks like a shotgun approach - but there just might be some method to the madness :)))
You may well have point however, most people could not find Madagascar on a map
with a GPS, nor have they ever heard of Madagascar, and as far as lemurs go?
they would think it's a new car from Japan.
its a good point. who is the intended audience? one could see how this method would work in a business. perhaps he is using a communications pattern to the wrong audience
Mankind is to blame
Humans are causing untold damage to our enviroment and that changes the needs of nature. If we rob the natives of their natural habitat then they will decrease in numbers...more education needed
I agree 100% however, have you seen the test scores in America?
The entire political system is broke needs to be fixed
Thanks for posting this.  BTW, have you seen what these two elementary students are doing to raise awareness about the plight of endangered species?  They would also love to speak with you about their Plastic Awareness Coalition and Curriculum program if you have the time.

Best regards from the entire OMG Team ;-)
Yippee! Let's start with King Julian...:-)
Any efforts to help the planet and its conservation deserves a round of applause. Isn't the President of Madagascar an ex-DJ?
Think Africa wanted Madagascar too much to allow it to be a continent. Hear it is a very beautiful country. Not too sure about the national dish..... cow penis stew garnished with marajuana.... I kid you not !!!
Saw them preparing it on a TV cooking show. Must make for a riot of a dinner party :)
we must preserve not only the lemurs, but all natural aspects of Madagascar: Do not sell water from Mananara ; do not exploit the rosewood to other country, etc.
absolutely..! good on you Christella good luck for the campaign.....!!
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