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Another baby lemur born on Necker. Loving Mum, Princess Bea!
'Another baby lemur born on Necker. Loving Mum, Princess Bea!'
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Opiekuńcza i kochająca mamusia z dzieckiem.Fantastyczna fotografia
Какое нежное фото! Мамина любовь безгранична.....
aloha from sweetyonion..that must be an interesting adventure..
Cute, but are you releasing a non-native species into the limited environment of Necker Island or are these in a controlled facility?
+Will Palaia - don't be an idiot. Yes exactly like those, except that in those cases most of those releases were non intentional and done long before we understood the impact on local isolated environments from invasive species. These days it is considered undesirable and relatively poor form to intentionally release non native species into isolated environments - assuming that is what is happening here - hence the question.
+Will Palaia - Exactly, I don't, which is why it was phrased as a question. I did do a little internet research afterward, and it seems I'm not the only one who has asked it.
+Will Palaia - And the facetious comment that led to that request was necessary? You are right though, it would be nice to hear from anyone at Necker regarding the animals relative to the local habitat.
+Will Palaia , I see, so it is ok for you to try and ridicule someone else, but not OK to call you on it. got it.
I bet princess bea was relieved that it was a baby she gave birth to and not an adult.
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