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We’ve had some great entries so far to find my guest for the +Virgin Atlantic JFK Clubhouse launch party. If you're in New York, there is still time to submit your own. See you there!
We’re hosting a VIP party in the new Virgin Atlantic lounge and I’m looking for someone in New York to be my guest...
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ok Richard! thanks for the invitation!
Sounds wonderful! I was 12 when JFK and Jackie came to the White House... It really was like Camelot, and behind the scenes JFK and his brother Robert were willing to crack heads with bankers and union bosses on behalf of the people. By the time I was 18, they were both dead along with MLK. Tough years, but I will never forget those men.
I am in Orlando, Florida but I Love NYC and often hop up for a visit.
would have saved the judges a lot of work if you'd just have simply invited me... The Secret Policemans Ball is on in New York on the March 4th by the way :)
Sounds good! I am from New York. Maybe I'll find a time to hop on.
I totally Wish,,,,Sir Bronsen Aeronautical Engineer Entrapeneur,,Ive watched Virgin grow, And he always gives back!! But its his other Adventures I love to watch!!
Oh Oh, Richard, you brought up JFK's name!! GOP's Rick Santorum does not like the guy or women for that matter. He just wants all US Women to go make him a sandwich and shut-up!!
Yo simplemente lo admiro, es usted un grande.
I would like that a lot ive never been that far from home
What about a someone who lived in New York once upon a time a long long time ago.
Such a pity. I am not around. Would really have liked to talk with you about Synthetic Biology and the great investments options it provides. Seriously.
No way Gerd, when Richard comes to NYC we are talking about prostate cancer! Woo! And yes, I live here, but no, I think I would fail miserably at a scavenger hunt in the city. Go space travel!!
+Kiki Vazquez lol - Synthetic Biology is really cool! The next "IT" - cellular computers - biosensors - novel kind of medicine and medical treatment (including prostate cancer, if you are really interested in this) - synthetic cells and life not previously found in nature. Moreover, we are developing quite novel concepts of how to do scientific work in a digital age - citizen science - novel cloud based collaboration forms - the superiority of collaborative intelligence - real time direct publishing instead of the traditional journal - a holistic science approach .....- If you do not know SynBio you should really do some Google search -really innovative people and some mind blowing research......
Looking forward to the opportunity!! :) I submitted my tweets!!!!!
If you are clever, which I know you are (from your bank account), you would be wise to select a beautiful female to attend your event. However, on the other hand, you can probably do this the night before or the night after your event. Therefore, a better choice may be to select a balding middle age man with a wife and kids at home. This will remind the world that you are a warm and caring person that is eager to help the everyday average working fellow. In addition to keeping up your image of being a down to earth zillionaire, you would most likely experience great joy as you gave one person the dream evening of escaping the duties of family and responsibility. One evening adventure with VIP treatment... Oh, it would be like winning the lottery...

By the way, I am really 5' 8" tall female, blonde hair, blue eyes, with a rocken bod... Just kidding, I am male. Sorry. Don't worry, I wouldn't pick me either...
thanx sir u r simple living high thinking u have always happy in u r life
Great Idea. If plan A fails or don't seem to be working, try plan B.
i were 18 or mor eyoung when you had launched airlines in india . i had seen your foto - you were riding an elephant
Oh my not fair!!im all the way in Zambia!
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