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In defence of capitalism and #entrepreneurs (and I’m not biased!). Who do you think will create the jobs of the future?
Entrepreneurship is proven to still be the best way people around the world can progress forwards...
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I can understand why you and few percents of others are defending capitalism...Also, the entrepreneurship exists outside the realm of capitalism!
The same number of employers with under 25 employees that have always created the highest number of jobs over the last umpteen years.

I'm guessing this post is partial response to the TED balls-up.
I think there is going to be a continuance of new self created jobs and industries as our world changes and the creative thinkers grab a piece of it all. There will be much more self created jobs than Government or Industry created ones.
we need balance, unfettered capitalism is as dangerous as polarized socialism, look at the extremes we are faced with...I believe in success driving opportunity but if we don't arrive at a system that respects the less fortunate we will see be eaten alive by depression
I have one of those ideas... just having a hard time getting it to move forward. Maybe I have not talked to the right person yet.
We need some young bloke to smash the price-fixing monopoly on records. He could advertise in the music papers.
This post is right in. Capitalism and entrepreneurship are under attack.
Thanks for the clarity and inspiration Sir Richard. Good luck with the book.
Good point Richard! So far non #entrepreneuirs haven't provien they can - at least not on a big scale.
Entrepreneurial endeavours are capitalism, but neither are the enemy (aside from what #OccupyWhatever might suggest. There are rich people, such as you Mr. Branson, then there are selfish rich people. That said, and I apologize for being off topic, the bulk of jobs will be created by the little guys and when they are swallowed up, be happy because that little guy will likely go out and do it again. The stability of a big company job is gone, it's all about the individual striving for excellence and if they don't find it in the four walls of their employer, they should be looking elsewhere. More, now than ever, it's truly been a dog-eat-[tofu]-dog world.
The world is not black and white, hopefully it is evolving as we must...sorry RB but I believe you are polarizing any discussion by speaking about 'defending capitalism'. Maybe we should be speaking about improving capitalism to accomodate the world of the disenfranchised.
It's a symbiotic relationship... People buy stuff made by corporations headed by entrepreneurs who employ people to buy the stuff made by corporations... The problem comes about when people realize they don't want and/or need all the stuff and quit buying. If they quit buying, then the corporations quit making and employing to allow the buying...
The goal of the lower class is to better their position; the goal of the middle is to change places with the upper; and the goal of the upper is to hold onto power. Entrepreneurs aren't an evil force, not by any measure; but it is expected that they will not screw those under them to increase their wealth to levels that they could not spend in ten lifetimes. I like entrepreneurs - I especially like you - but at what point do we simply have enough? Especially when some have so little. Everyone on Google+ is in the 1%.
it's the middle class that create jobs. I invented my career. The middle class have the hunger to get things done. Destroy the middle class and you destroy society
+Cameron Stevens how many "little guys" have created something with the purpose of selling off their creation including their staff to big #WallStreetCompanies. You think they have done this just for Fun? No - it's money #or call it Capitalism. I am not saying Big Corporations are Holy and do not fail - using your words I agree their are really bad and rich people. But so there are little and bad guys.
It is only the financial who can help the un-financial. This is not necessarily the rich helping the poor. if governments tax the income earners out of existence, we head back to the dark ages.
An intriguing post, Mr Branson. I speak as an Australian, but as you've visited our fair shores several times, I think you know our culture well. I think the overall disdain toward entrepreneurs isn't as simple as "they have money and we don't, ergo they are bad" (and I know you included small business, but they fall into a different class of entrepreneur). The issue is far more complex for that.

For a start, this mentality doesn't really manifest as strongly toward self-made wealth. For example, I don't hear a great deal of malice directed at yourself, yet when it was announced today that Australia's Gina Rinehart had become the richest woman in the world - there was a very different reaction in Australia. This is due primarily because she inherited the kernel of her wealth. It can also be attributed to her entitled behaviour, the way she makes money by selling resources that belong to all of Australia, and her meddling in the country's politics.

Flicking the focus to yourself, you appear to behave very differently. Maybe it's because you weren't raised as a multi-millionaire child? Maybe you simply have better PR? If I saw you and Ms Reinhart at party, I know who I'd like to hang out with at any rate. :)

For my own part, I think there is a drastic difference between entrepreneurs as a contribution to humanity. Take yourself again - your success comes from products and services you have offered over your lifetime. You thrive on competition - I can't think of a single Virgin product or service where it has a monopoly in its arena. Some entrepreneurs see their niche as a territory they need to defend with all the ferocity of a rabid wolf on heat.

In short, you aren't a dick. And that matters. People who get their wealth by sucking money from regular folk are the despised ones. Some examples of the sorts of bottom-feeders I speak of: People who make a small improvement on years of research and then patent it to milk it. People who buy patents and then sue the real innovators. Pharmaceutical companies who make minuscule modifications to their drugs so their patents don't expire. Then you have the lobbyists who use their wealth to change laws so they can be even more wealthy.

At some point, a person makes enough money that they no longer need that incentive. You passed that milestone decades ago. You could have retired and flown around in your airlines the rest of your life drinking cocktails. What motivates someone to continue accumulating money at that point I can only speculate at. But how these people behave - that's significant.

We need a new word here. We need to differentiate good-guy entrepreneurs from the kind that most people call to mind when that word is used.

And I apologise if I lose you on my last point, but if you are taking home a personal income of millions of $currency, you can afford and should be paying at least 50% of that money in tax. I pay tax in that ballpark percentage - and I'm unlikely to ever see a million $currency in my lifetime.
I'd bet my money on a Richard Branson type any day!
Private industry and entrepreneurs obviously have a place but lets not pretend that they can achieve anything like they imagine without government help, support and guidance. As has been proven by the financial crisis - sometimes you need adult supervision to prevent it all ending in tears.
In the future I think only a handful of us will have jobs, while the rest of us have hobbies. Automatisation has already taken over many jobs and I don't see it stopping or slowing down any time soon.

I think a more important questions is, what will we do with the money made by automatic labor? Will it be centralized and only benefit the few, or will it be accessible for everyone so everyone with some basic equipment and an idea can become entrepreneurs without much risk?
Optimism will create jobs of the future!
Enterpreneurs will create jobs only if they produce/sell something that people want. It is demand that drives jobs. Demand in turn is based on people's perception of the future. If they think positively about the future they will increase spending which will drive the economy.
Richard Branson will have a few jobs available.
I think independent business men will create the jobs of the future. It is the only logical explanation if the economy has any hope of truly turning around.
So whats stopping you from becoming an entrepreneur? Anyone can achieve what ever they want. Remember the adage : "if you think you can or you think you cant - either way you are right!"
Dr. Adrian Rogers on redistribution of wealth
“You cannot legislate the poor into freedom by legislating the wealthy out of freedom. What one person receives without working for, another person must work for without receiving. The government cannot give to anybody anything that the government does not first take from somebody else. When half of the people get the idea that they do not have to work because the other half is going to take care of them, and when the other half gets the idea that it does no good to work because somebody else is going to get what they work for, that my dear friend, is about the end of any nation. You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it.”

~~~~~Dr. Adrian Rogers, 1931 – 2005 ~~~~~
I like that paragraph of +Nathaƞ Thomas: "We need a new word here. We need to differentiate good-guy entrepreneurs from the kind that most people call to mind when that word is used."
Virgin enterprize, Virgin Music, look at Jamaican Diamond and Golden Jubilee.
+Josemarti Rodriguez Great quote. I don't think there is anything I could add to that. Capitalism is a fantastic system because it rewards innovation with profit. What is the motivator for innovation in other systems?
The problem in the US is there are so few true free markets where capitalism and entrepreneurs can exist. What we have is goverment and corporate coruption conspiring to hold a monopoly on income distribution, government handouts, regulation, legislation, and so on. We have a something that is pretending to be capitalism but it's not.... it's far from it.
Capitalism survives off entrepreneurs, it cannot deliver progress.
If genuinely curious, what sorts of jobs are there in humanism?
If we want wealth creation, poverty alleviation et al, we can't do without capitalism and entrepreneurship. What some people call capitalism, is not. a lot of time some miscontrue fascism for capitalism
The real problem with actual capitalism is to measure the success only with the quarter profits.
You need to asure more than money to the equation and as +Aidan Obrien wrotes, the chalenge is sustainability.
Entrepreneurs need to understand that you need a balance with the environment, not only ecological, but also socially, after that you have real green profits.
You have to be careful with words. :)
There is nothing specifically wrong with capitalism or free market. But key here is fairness and/or distortion of it.

If capitalism reaches a point where general public do not believe they have a chance of making it, it breaks. The 1% clause you could say.

Feudalism was replaced by capitalism for a reason. Once capitalism reaches same balance of power as feudalism ... Guess what happens?
Women #Entrepreneurs are the future. It is starting to become evident already.
+John Underwood Capitalism is not exclusive to acts of largess. In fact most of the millionaires and billionaires throughout US history have donated massive funds to charities, funded new institutions or started their own funds for scholarships and the like. Just think of how many institutions in the US carry the names of Carnegie or Rockefeller.

On another note we need to defend capitalism as much as possible so that the disenfranchised can realize that they're not bereft of power and that they have the opportunity to pull themselves out of the muck. To do this we have to protect competition in industry and protect small scale entrepreneurs and labor from banks who would rather earn money from their debt instead of their success.

The most common illness in American households is the debtor's attitude. Everything we have is on loan to us by someone else: student loans, car loans, mortgages, credit cards, small loans for furniture and appliances. One of the ideas I have on how to handle non-business debt is to change the way personal credit cards work. Have cards with higher credit limits but make it so the amount of funds available to the card holder is set and does not renew every month. When the cardholder makes a payment on the card then an equivalent amount of credit becomes available. This way it makes it more difficult for financially uneducated persons to stack on debt month after month. Cards that operate as they currently do would still be available to the consumer but only to those that have the funds and/or account history that provides the bank with some security that they'll actually make the payments every month. Business cards would operate as normal.

Just an idea.
Create jobs? It's circular reasoning with our current consumerism based capitalism... You need jobs, which require more revenue to hire, which require more sales, which require more consumers, which require more jobs to spend more money... Chicken or the egg? a company, especially a startup, will never hire more people without profitable revenue... Much less if they run on just fumes (like Angel and vc investments)... No one said it would be easy... But this is indeed a hard problem to solve (especially for a startup in the US, where consumers are uninformed and vote with their dollars for already established corporations instead of entrepreneurs and startups). My 2 cents is that we need more fairness against the bullies of the marketplace so that entrepreneurs can hire more people and create more jobs.
+Aidan Obrien I need you to paint my house. I will allow you to remain alive as payment. No bullshit.
Where do Jobs figure, in an increasingly automating age ?
+Alexa Antonaras My questions is: what does this have to do with capitalism and the topic at hand? It seems like you feel off topic. If you're saying that women having children will harm their position in the workforce then you're making a bogus claim as there are many single parent households who are part of the workforce. Could you go a little bit more in depth?
+Aidan Obrien please remember that the device, software and hardware, that your are using to write here are product of capitalism and entrepreneurs, one chip is the most automate activity you can imagine and that is imposible without capital.
Nothing is enterely bullshit neither capitalism.
The World is not black and white, neither grey, is full colored.
Venture capitalism investing in small and medium size start-ups from entrepreneurs see new opportunities and open new businesses in turn creating more jobs. We should support them more in the UK and encourage innovation.
Not sure about defending all of capitalism, it's a bold statement.
+Aidan Obrien you realize Google makes money on your searches, they don't do this for free.
We are horrible dependant on service industries... Fries, Health, and goods. I think the DIY movement will keep getting bigger and bigger and those in that industry will profit.
+Alexa Antonaras you still didn't explain your point and what it has to do with capitalism and future businesses. Your're just stating a talking point and moving on. I would like to hear "why" you believe what you believe.

The obvious effect of the absence of birth control is the presence of an additional family member. Yet being a single mother, or having a child while working, is not exclusive from success neither does it mean that the single mother will be fired from her job. Your point has everything to do with children as that's what planned parenthood and birth control try to prevent: unwanted pregnancies and therefore unwanted children. If a single parent raising children has the same option and opportunity to succeed as everyone else then how will it hurt women in the workforce?

Here's a freebie: I think society is geared to look down on single mothers that have children out of wedlock and that it can be more difficult for them to enter the workforce and/or attain a job where the employer wants their employees to have a higher degree of "social sophistication" (which is the employer's prerogative as they can hire who they wish provided they do not judge on race, sex or creed).
To me, capitalism is a social system that returns a unique fruit, with specific evolving characteristics, almost mathematical. Other systems grow different fruits with some similar characteristics, but the equation is unique to each. And capitalism blows bubbles lol. Create new jobs in future?...hopefully humans and not AI.
True, but that does not mean capitalism/entrepreneurship are the best ones or only options. Perhaps the future lies on mastering a better way to progress...
The jobs come from people who really burn for a project. People who believe they find a solution, which change the world.
I definitely agree you get one life to color as big and as bright as you can!!! Be your destiny and show how grateful you are for the life you live... everyday!!!
Pushing aside all the rhetoric and hype it boils down to one thing and one thing only. Courage. It takes courage to act rather than think about acting. Everything good in life takes hard work, determination and relationships. But courage is what makes you take the first step and to keep walking forward.
The people who will create the jobs of the future is you and I.
The field doesn't matter. New, old, dynamic, plain; it doesn't matter. Jobs are a direct result of one person having the courage to attempt to build something from nothing.
Definitely! Capitalism only works when combined with love and respect for others. Each party should walk away from a deal better off.
As an American and someone who is not part of the entitled 1% - my perspective is this...I applaud entrepreneurial individuals who have a great idea or product and work hard to succeed...but don't forget that no man (or company) is an island (even though he/it may own one - nod to RB). As was said before, consumerism and capitalism are symbiotic in nature. If the 1% continue to hoard the wealth of the world instead of using that wealth to bolster education, fund charitable organizations, and create stable employment, the world's economic foundation will crumble. It's already faltering...

I sense that many of those flush with money feel that all people living on welfare or on entitlement programs like social security disability are just lazy people who don't want to work and are just using the "system." For those who believe that, they need to understand what the cycle of poverty is. It's the same as the cycle of wealth, but rather than having unfettered access to the best colleges, and then a sure job in daddy's company and/or the contacts and backing of other wealthy people to start his/her own business, the poor and even some so-called middle class can't afford college; their daddy's are blue collar workers at best if they're lucky...they have no ready access to the contacts or money needed to start a business.
We as a nation of free enterprise can only survive when we stop letting folks who by questionable ethics get wealthy and buy honor & respectability! Thus they can grovel and have a false halo of pride in what they have accomplished irregardless of how they obtained it!
Entrepreneurs trying to build something other than just trying to make money will probably create most lasting employment opportunities. However the economic principles can never be ignored.
Capitalism is a wonderful thing, but entrepreneurs do not create jobs. The customer does. It is in the businessman's best interest to meet the demand of the customer with the least amount of expenses possible. A good businessman will ONLY hire another person when it is necessary. So the demand of the people is what forces you to hire another person. If the average person becomes too poor, then they will not be able to purchase enough products to force you to hire people, so you will not create jobs.
+Kevin Burger it is the businessman who creates the jobs, because it is he who generates the demand by providing products or services that customers want.
Not you, Richard Branson, you lying, thieving dicksucker! Take you and your lies off the Internet.
Let's say there is a simple economy of 3 people: a farmer, a metal worker, and a brewer. The farmer grows the barley, hops, and food. The metal worker creates the brewing equipment and tools for farming. The brewer uses the metal worker's equipment and the farmer's barley and grain to produce delicious beer for everyone. If they all use currency to trade, how is this evil? How does anyone suffer in this system?
Back off the personal attacks of Sir Richard, they accomplish nothing.

Capitalism is a tool, and any tool in the wrong hands is a dangerous tool. I don't blame capitalism for the problems in our country. I blame moraless, greed-filled, human beings for the problems we have. Rigging the system and then milking the middle class is a terrible business model and that is what a significant part of Wall Street, especially the financial industry, has been working towards for years now.

A free market with strong oversight is the only way to survive
We won't need jobs. Everything will be automated and people will look back into the past at us and wander why did they need money for? Mr. Branson, visit the venus project in florida and and take a look at the future for yourself. Maybe you are the key to this all thing
No, Richard, we are headed towards a huge correctoin. We are nearly at the end of our rope. The debt bubble is about to pop. Socalism has just about run out of "other people's money" Big time.
When the fecal matter hits the rotateing device, the only choice will be; capitolism or starvation.
A short article that blames the messenger. The guys at the banks didn't want to cause the economic problems, they're just ordinary Joe's who have a job to do. And their management didn't want to cause the problems either, they're just responding to the will of their investors. Now the investors...! They're always wanting the quick reward, short term profits without risk, and damn anybody who gets in the way. If anything should come out of this mess, it's that investors should have less input into the affairs of business, and less control over the board of directors.
Technology. I think you should build the starship Enterprise the tech that needs to happen would sustain us for 30 years and bing us together kinda like Apallo instead we pissed away billions on Iraq and Afganistan.
Everyone born has a right to live! If some or the majority of people born are born into a system that makes it nearly impossible to survive, with those who have the wealth and means creating the kind of obstacle course that leaves many struggling and unable to make it while rewarding the few who are willing to trick and deceive their fellow man, for a chance to lord over them, this is wrong! If the means and access are there that will allow for anyone willing to work or dream and strive to arrive at a place where the fruit of their labor is theirs and the security and surety of justice and fair dealings is not clothed in the trickery of law, but rather shines in the generosity and nurturing of those who were here already, this is the type of capitalism and entrepreneurship we need!
For the UK to recover we have to encourage more entrepreneurs, the concept and skills should be taught in schools. It is not just for the elite, there are loads of us out there working for ourselves, in my case as an independent Reflexologist, and Wellness Consultant.
Students can not longer expect there to be a job for them and
need to know how to generate an income for themselves.
I will certainly be passing on all the knowledge I have acquired to my Grandsons as they reach the age of awareness, so that they don't have to scratch around to make a living!
Capitalism based on some degree of moral regulation is indeed the hope of Humanity. But we will need a new Ethos in Enterprise, Engineering, and Education to help solve global Energy-Economy-Environment challenges.

This new Ethos must bind-down, once again, by Constitutional Law, the avarice and larceny of "opulent minorities", once again preferring the rigged market cartel capitalism reminiscent of the East India Company drug-pushing, slave exploiting, and arms-running enterprise of corrupt capitalism with Crown approval.

The secret society Skull and Bones Judge fraud, of Corporate Personhood, in1886, by Morrison R Waite, with John Chandler Bankcroft Davis, must be rescinded. It is the dark secret of 125 years, preserved from children's, students and citizens knowledge, that allowed crony cartel syndicate capitalism to move further and further towards the corrupt synthetic derivatives of real capitalism that have now metastasised into the financial rigged markets by fraud, now plundering real wealth generation capacities of economies and ecologies,

All luminaries who have not or will not talk to the fraud of Corporate Personhood, over 125 years, are either ill-informed, morally or intellectually compromised, or disingenuous double-thinkers.

I admire Richard Branson immensely in many ways,

But until he talks, or any corporate luminaries talk about the legal fiction fraud of Corporate Personhood with some cogency, all the other plaudits for Capitalism saving Civilization or the ecosystems on which we depend ring slightly hollow.

Civilization will not be saved by super amplified synthetic derivatives of usury, and by quasi-legal cartels of government licenced global technocratic mercantilism, underwritten by cunning legal stealth and philosophical fallacies like Corporate Personhood.

I would rather think the mafia would do a better job, since they would be more honest.

But as Trilateralist Doctor Zbigniew Brzezinski suggested, there is a "global awakening" of the Many as to political inequity. This includes the global awakening to "gold-collar crime" of quasi legal elite criminal syndicates operating from Wall Street and the City of London, and their associates. More and more people know globalized super corporate rigged market capitalism is corrupted well beyond its ability to "save the planet".

The corrupted population of super Corporate Person corporations, and their Ecological Footprints, far outweighs problems of real person "Overpopulation" or over consumption per capita.

Next time you hear a super rich corporate luminary talk about OverPopulation, ask them if you can, how many Corporate Persons must be eliminated for the carrying capacity of the planet.

To save Civilization from corrupted rigged market capitalism, and the ecosystems from corrupted Civilization, young people around the planet need an Open Source Discourse on the grand challenges of Civilization, where all conversations must start around the issues of Net Energy, which underlines success of all entities on the Earth, and Corporate Personhood.

Without this Civilized Humanity is doomed to dangerous corporatized self-delusions, as national economies accelerate to Energy-Economy-Environment meltdowns from Fukushima and Deepwater, to PIIIGS economies collapse contagion, and vast financial corruption in Militiary Industrial Complex corporate cartel wars under false prospectus.

Corporate deception will not save the planet or Civilization from corporate deception.

Capitalism is rotten to the core from the top down. It can be made healthy. It is vital to the successful transition of Civilization to EcoCivilization - Civilization 2.0 not based on centrist, apex down. command and control, with Noble Lie Machiavellian deception.

Civilization is in deep crisis and super corrupted rigged market capitalism cannot help, even with some glorious new global Marshall Plan, because the vital funds will be pillaged for privatized greed of increasingly pathological super self-obsessed power-addicted hedonists.

A global awakening of the Many is starting to see this clearer and clearer as the Hole In The Wall Street Gang pillages billions and billions by Highspeed Algorithmic Looting (HAL) accelerating our civilizations rapidly towards Energy-Economy-Environment systems collapse.

Richard Branson, would do well for the planet, by funding global students to engage in a "GLOBAL STUDENT" magazine dedicated to Open Source Discourse on the shared challenges of Civilization and Humanity via a trust, allowing honest debate, discussion, analysis, brainstorming, think-tanking, innovation and solution blue-printing, unmediated by Big Corporation, Big Government, Big Politics, Big Religion or Big Cult personalities,

Only a global informed public can save Civilization now.

We are the ones we have been waiting for.

Welcome to PlaNEThink
The people who will create the jobs of the future are not born yet or have been and no longer are with us. The idea the current crop can stimulate the growth of anything but their own ego is not something I would agree with
Um middle class? Without it, you can be as enthusiastic as you want and put money in as much as you want if there is no demand you won't be employing anyone.
I think the jobs of the future will be service based and mostly revolving around our aged population.
Entrepreneurs successful or otherwise are gifted with courage and drive. They take an idea and pour their passion and energy into it to make it happen. Often at personal risk and cost. I have respect for people who do this.

But this does not mean that every entrepreneur is to be admired. Many are unscrupulous. Indeed, sadly, some entrepreneurs are successful because of unscrupulous traits.

We live in a world of cause and effect. Each action and new venture or opportunity that is realized has repercussions - often far reaching.

And so, I believe that the most admired entrepreneurs are those that have true vision, and can use their enterprises to best advantage of all (environment, and people). Those that feed back into the community and environment from their (perceived) position of strength.

The motive of a truly great entrepreneur should not be greed and pursuit of personal wealth. It should be philanthropic. It should be sustainable. It should be ubuntu.

This is naive, as most pure ideas are in the beginning.

After all, a successful entrepreneur must be competitive to survive. And, for now, this may undermine the holistic view I'm describing.

I guess what I would like is if business attitudes were changed from the traditional capitalist view of getting ahead, beating the competitor, making a quick buck, satisfying shareholders, exploiting niches...

I guess I am describing an old knowledge that we all have in us. I am describing ubuntu - an african term.

Ubuntu: "I am what I am because of who we all are."
I hope that you (Richard Branson) can be an ambassador and role-model for being a holistic entrepreneur with real conscience. Pushing new frontiers. Though I think this is in your agenda already.

But really what I am talking about is education.
Brilliant system within a FREE enterprise environment. Alas a lot of the FREE is missing; if it ever was there. Big boys try to keep the small ones down.
Mr. Branson, I am developing a website that will change the way sales people and small business owners will grow their business. I would like to pitch the idea to you. We should launch is 2 months.
Those with the freedom and liberty to advance themselfs , thereby there friends commuties and cosmos.
When I look around at all of the products and services that improve the quality of my life, whether that be the great food I get at restaurants, the Mac I'm using to post this, the condo I live in, the clothes I wear, flying on Virgin, the music I listen to and the channels it is delivered through - 99.9% are due directly to entrepreneurs and capitalism. It's not someone providing, improving, or innovating these products as a result of the government requiring them to do so, and it's not being done out of pure benevolence with no financial reward for those involved in providing the product or service. Capitalism and entrepreneurship make the world a great place to live.

Want to see a world without the incentives of capitalism? All you need to do is look at East Berlin from the 50's to 1989. While West Germany continued to vastly improve the automobile during that time frame, East Germany kept producing the crappy little Trabant - with no incentive to improve the vehicle they continued producing the same car with little innovation or improvement over multiple decades. In fact, a used Trabant was more expensive than a new one. Why? If you wanted a new Trabant you had to be put on a waiting list for months, but you could buy a used one immediately.

Capitalism and entrepreneurs will once again save the day if only government bureaucracies will get out of the way and let them. Unfortunately, in the US we currently have the most anti-business president in my life time - which, in turn, has lead to a hostile environment with a high level of uncertainty for business owners. Until we can either change Presidents or get the current President to change his attitude it will be difficult for the economy to fully recover.
Any appreciable job creation in the future will come from private enterprise. Service jobs and tech jobs will assuredly lead the way. Entrepreneurs who can, for instance, overtake the oil companies and put Hydrogen fill up stations for a truly eco-friendly Hydrogen car will create thousands of jobs.
Consumers create jobs by demand not global capitalists. You don't have to be a capitalist to be a creative entrepreneur
Until Richard Branson speaks to the legal fraud of Corporate Person hood he may be a great man and great thinker. But he is not that intellectually informed with integrity yet. Take his notions of Civilization improvement with informed caution. Corporate Personhood and Net Energy are the two issues that validate all understandings of Civilization problems and possible solutions.
Thats the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth
I find the concerns of "selfishness", "greediness", and "unethical" being tied to entrepreneurship and capitalism to be inaccurate portrayals of reality.   Sure, there are some entrepreneurs who are greedy, exploitive, dishonest, manipulative, and self-serving - just as there are teachers, nurses, doctors, government employees, scientists, welfare recipients, etc. who also share these negative characteristics.  

For the most part, though, entrepreneurs are some of the greatest people I know - most do not exhibit those negative characteristics.  Most have identified an unmet want or need, or figured out a way to deliver greater value than alternative products and services, and in order for them to make money there have to be customers who perceive that the product or service that is being offered provides enough value that they are willing to voluntarily part with their hard earned money to obtain that value.  

The reason that capitalism, largely, is such an ethical system is that nobody forces the entrepreneur to create this value, nor does anybody force customers to buy it (there are, of course, some unusual exceptions to this rule).  If you don't like a product or think that a company is unethical, then as a consumer you can stop doing business with such a company and/or even start a competing business and let the market decide which company they would rather do business with.

Most of the entrepreneurs I know have taken considerable risk, have worked hard (sometimes for multiple years without pay, or with compensation that's considerably lower than they would make working for someone else), have a high level of integrity, are passionate about delivering value to customers and society, are constantly seeking ways to improve their products and services to create additional value, and love the creativity that their venture allows.  Sure they expect to be rewarded well when they are effective in efficiently delivering value, but they also bear the risk of failure.  
Public demand for goods and services will create the jobs of the future...
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