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"Richard has got 300 companies & we’ve only got one”, said Larry Page. "I’ll swap," said I. “Quick as a flash!"
"Richard has got an incredible 300 companies and we’ve only got one”, said Google’s Larry Page...
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I'd have to say that he's an inspiration for all of us! My son loves him!!
hope i might join in one off richard company
You'd be bored with just one! The constant panic mode is what keeps you energized,
No way you'd swap; Google's founders were entrepreneurs once - you have been 400 times (I'm assuming here that you don't have all the companies you founded). Of course Google has a certain size .... but I know you were joking :)
These two men created great companies, which in turn created thousands of jobs, and became very rich (a demonized class of people right now) in the process not because of government intervention or preferential hand-outs, but because of economic freedom to innovate. Keep this in mind each time government proposes to tax or regulate; both of wish are disincentives to innovation and thus job creation.
why not a merger instead ?
Richard is the exemplification of grabbing life by the balls & squeezing it for everything it's worth & more. He takes me back to the explorers of earlier times, who put their lives on the line to further the knowledge of mankind & this jewel of a planet we live on. There are too few men & women of his ilk walking the planet at this time.
well said Douglas Stanley :) I agree!
All or nothing Richard , I'll swap too.
+Michael Banner Both are admirably successful but I don't agree with your job-creation-theory. I am a Google enthusiast but Google certainly has killed as many jobs as they've created. Not Google's fault. Just a fact. The only thing I would give them (Google and Virgin) credit for is innovation. Pushing competitors to their limits.
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