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Here's another chance to watch the very first #entrepreneurhangout with +Elon Musk +Virgin Unite  & yours truly
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that was a good hangout while i was getting work done.  especially loved the part where +Richard Branson and +Elon Musk talked about the stressful times dealing with last minute financing deals .... as that is exactly what i'm working on.  great encouragement.  thanks guys!
Shame I missed it as I am dealing with financing delays at the moment. 
They recorded you can still catch it.
very rare very real very interesting 
Richard, I doubt you remember me but, well, as I told you several years ago, Im a REAL islander( Okracoke Island, N.C.), family( ALL) either was in the fishing "business" ,or, like my father, catered to the tourist(He owned the Falcon Motel on the island). I am personable, and one who would be an asset for ANYachievements ,or causes, you desired. I was raised in the 70's and I feel I would be ideal for ANY position you could assist me with because we both are 60's & 70's with ideals that promote the REAL positive gain in this generation. I want to leave this USA  and the ONLY real job that I KNOW I would be a huge asset is with your company. Please, inquire more info ,Sir Branson, from me regarding this......PLEASE. You would never regret hiring a man with my background, along with my vision. Mark Twain once said, "Even if your on the right track you can be run over if your not going fast enough", I CAN keep the pace of this generation ,without being arbitrary(or making sloppy decisions) and as Soloman quoted, "Where there is no vision the people will perish" ! I keep a vision at ANY position I have. Sir Branson, please,assist me in this endeavor to join your visions for the future, while leaving this country that is on the brink of going "belly-up", to use my talents to help you in ANY manner you see would advance your achievements. Thank you for reading this and I hope to hear from you shortly.    SINCERELY, Darrel  Jennette
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Plenty "Uh"s and "Um"s. Two of my heroes, great minds of the current day, are in fact real people
Linda G
Elon I grew up in Jo'burg; live in Vermont. Your new idea for the hyper loop.... I immediately thought of the days my Mom took me shopping to John Orr's and the tube containing the invoice got sucked up through a maze of clear loops until it reached the accting dept on the 6th floor. I love cars.. never had a driving lesson in my life. Knew every make of car on the road by the time I was 5...1950's most gorgeous vehicles made. 
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