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Regardless of the results of the Egypt election, great news the country is striving for democracy...
Whatever the outcome of the election, progress has been made...
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Now if only Democracy could be exported to America...

Here's an idea: how about Europe launches a coalition force to invade the USA to "get rid of WMDs" but really are just there to steal all the water? :|
Don't imagine that the military will not remain involved with politics and the economy for many years to come. In this context, talk of an amnesty has no meaning.
Let's hope for an open, moderate and including government that opt for stability in the region.
HI Sir Richard,
I was recently at Brisbane airport outside the Virgin Terminal and it was disgusting. the gardening was incomplete the staff was friendly however the outside of your terminal was not very attractive and as a local and Australian and great believer in what you've done and do and have achieved so i wanted to inform you of this.

thanks Sir Richard, and kind regards Shaun Dean Ryan  
+SHAUN RYAN Maybe you want to try Virgin's customer service department? Might get a bit more response there? :P

+Carl Stridsberg It just takes a few seed comments to get people out of their bubbles.
Let's hope it does not then go backwards once control has been solidified.
+Zehra Nasif Probably a bit like Republicans when Obama won. What's more I doubt they are all thinking the same way. At least that's the feedback I get from my circle of Egyptian friends in Alex and Cairo. 
+Travis Koger At the moment all the power is with the military. Some "deal" will be done and there will be some sort of compromise. As to the solidification of control, rather oddly the idea is to have an election occasionally. 
No country with army in control has democracy . 
Maybe if Egypt had a Constitution first, before any more elections!  
Democracy is, nor has it even been anything to do with a invisible man!

Religion has no place in democracy.

But yoru right - was there choice, my choice is to not travel to that country now, as will be the case of many more.  Call it respecting womens rights, the right of free speach etc, the ability to not be told what I should wear and how I should pray to.

So remember democracy is nothing to do with fairness, free speach and equal rights - it is nothing to do with that at all.  This just proves it in a way that others may one day finaly understand.
+Zehra Nasif Sure, some people do. But there is a lot to factor in: the role of the military, a new constitution, another parliamentary election, the waning popularity of Islamists in the time between the first parliamentary election and the presidential election run-off (from over 65% to 42%) and that's before we even start chatting about the liberalness and inclusiveness (or otherwise) of the policies of the FJP and Morsi (who might not last a presidential term), the nature of how politics works in Egypt and the need to involve business, the military and others if Egypt's economy is to improve.    
+Jared Davies   please explain how this is a US puppet regime as frankly I'm not seeing it at all in any way,  shape or form.
Yes,i saw the news in the spanish TV.To now is evreything very OK.I hope,in time will be the same.The question is,thisnew  leader,beeng muslim,how many right give for the women?Because,we know:the rights of the women in a muslim country is very low.Is time to be change this fact.How i remember,in Iran,before Komeyni-s back,women had more rights,as now.Or i have wrong information?Sorry,i have nothing agains muslims:i hate the discrimination of any cause.But the fact is fact:in a muslim country no rights for women,or is very low.Good day,my friend.
there's no way to know all anyone can do is wait for the other shoe to fall
I sure agree with what Hassan is saying,it's a tough and long journey.
Yes,be a long jurney.I am realy curion,how long?One year?Ten years?O more?In an islam country can be more.Just think about Iran.
Why and what took the West there,since it wasn't like that before.
Democracy cannot function in an ideologically fragmented way. Which is why religion is a personal choice and government shouldn't be involved.

You see, I am a Christian (a liberal one but still), and we have enough fragmentation in each global religion that there could not possibly be any way that any one faction could control a large number of people for very long without fascism coming about. Which is why I'm ok with government kind of being a middle ground agnostic sort of entity, because it helps neutralize conflict that way (rather than creating it).
Dear, maybe you ignored this reality that all awakning movments in the middle east are Iran's allies, in fact all of Islamic movments and reforms in the region are inspired from Iran's revelution.
+Jared Davies what makes you think the US government really wants to do anything to Iran? The US has crippled the Iranian opposition for years. If they wanted to keep Iran in check, why have they done that.  This is a very complex issue.

+Zehra Nasif The Muslim Brotherhood leader is an Engineer, trained in the US. While the Brotherhood are Islamists, there is no signal (yet) that they intend to suppress women. Only time will tell what they want to do. And regarding Religion in the US - you don't understand that "fundamentalist christians" are a relatively small group, that are not inclined to force their views on the system .

+Paul Gray I'm not sure what you mean by religion has no place in democracy. To have a Democracy, you don't have to exclude religion. Democracy is government decided upon by the participants in the state, subject to agreed inclusions and exclusions, such as citizens only, prisoners excluded etc. Possibly what you are saying is that you don't want to see a theocracy, as in Iran, but they also have elections. Surely you're not suggesting that we out here force the Egyptians to have a democracy as defined by us?
Yes it'll be a funny future, the upcoming Islamic spring in all over the region, open your eyes , it's clear. 
+Alan Gray, I would say that the fact that Iran is the #3 producer of oil makes them VERY attractive to the US Government.  Oh sure, we'll wrap our involvement there in a nice little package of "bringing democracy to the poor, oppressed people" but just like Iraq, this will be about resources and less about the condition of the citizenry.  
Oh crap!   Demococryy that allows the mob of muslim brigands to blow up all the Coptic churches in that great country is totally wrong.   The middle est ws better off with Mubaric and Saddam,  at least the civilized part, the Christians were,  Now ther're cannon fodder and you call it "democacry" or an improvement?
Richard, I'd cancel any flights to Egypt, and other hot spots over there.  Tourists are targets of the Muslim Brotherhood thugs.
Illusion is a good word to explain the westerner especialy US democtacy,
Yah,at least they tried where they erred they will correct and improve on the pluses they made.Wish them well.
+Mike Schroepfer makes a valid point - we have to consider the ramifications of a democratically elected official bent on genocide, systemic murders of those who disagree, etc... Democracy does not make a society moral or tolerant.
We must immediately suspend all aid to the Egyptian Military; otherwise, the USA looks (once again) like tt is taking sides in an internal political struggle.
I wonder if Egypt might be better going back to the relationship they had with Thoth ;-) . Its a good first step.
Sorry, but I do not believe installing the Muslim Brotherhood to power in Egypt is a step towards democracy. Islam and democracy are diametrically opposed. They will bide their time and when the dust settles they will introduce Sharia law, thereby ending democracy, and as Irene Serban says, so too ends the rights of women.
Normally i would agree however . He resigned from teh brotherhood , and last year NAtional Geograhic ran articules on teh MB showing that they have been accepting democrating reforms and debate as a step forward . I don;t believe they would change over night however its a step away from complete military rule .
With that logic all information is untrustowrthy and no debates can continue . However he has publicly resigned . So it is a fact he resigned . The mechanics and behind the scences of what he is actually doing are beyound us mere mortals . However a large majority of Egypt want a better quality of life with more access to consumor goods . The sensible leaders keep their people happy so we shall see how this goes (and Egypt has always been the most liberal of muslim states as they not only really like teh holiday trade but are rather pleasent people accouding to a friend of mine born and raised in Luxor )
I do agree that ending military rule in Egypt is a step in the right direction, but regardless of whether Morsi resigned from the Brotherhood, the fact remains that the Muslim Brotherhood as a political party is now in power in Egypt and that is a dangerous scenario, you only have to look at the Turkish political situation to see that. It is ruled by an Islamist political party which is gradually eroding Turkey's once secular democracy.
Basically , then your aware what happened when the people rose up , and that their all a bit tired of the crap . One think the world over is people want if they can a pleasant life . One of teh main motivators of the end of the troubles in Ireland . Though which democracy doesn't have a leader that told the people exactly what they wanted to hear to get elected ;-) . We can but wait and see . 
Are Iran building weapons grade or fusion capable ? Which would do the most "damage"
Spot on Jared and that would also be the fate of Indonesia if Islamist had their way
WEll if you developed the capability of fusion you wouldnt be dependant on anyone . However digression from topic and wild speculation ;-)
Yup , however not all of it was as controled and caught some people by surprise . Egypt knows it does much better from good trade an commerce links with the rest of the world and the MB are also aware of this . Alot of members are also educated abroad as well . It may (or wishful thinking on my part ) not be as bad as people fear .
The enemy of my enemy etc . Though if the MB are working for the US it propably means they have a working relationship . Ahh the joys of international politics ;)
get off the US's back Jared you can't keep heaping all of the worlds ills solely on the US.
Yup I agree with +Jared Davies , resigning doesnt mean cutting ties. He might be out of their rolls of membership, but he is still their brother, a part of their ideology and goal.
I've been to Egypt many times and love the place. But democracy? How can you have that when you only have a choice of two presidential candidates? Oh, wait a minute.
Yes indeed, Very decent people. From the Nubians near Aswan to the jet setters in Cairo. Friendly and eager to learn of other cultures.
Can't believe anyone would be an Assad supporter, the man is murdering his own people, mostly women and children
+Jared Davies not quite sure who 'indoctrinated you''as your just 'spewing'the same anti west[USA]propaganga,ad nauseaum.Your responses are Robotic & offer absolutely no constructive content.You only knock down USA,Canada WEST in general.Have a great day,I'm going for a Track day at Mossport as I Know Exactly what your response will be.Ciao
Folks, you can't expect people who have lived under fascist rule for generations (since the dawn of civilization for the Egyptians), and then all of the sudden expect them to think like we do....
especially when we have let fascism infect our own government and culture now... we need to start looking at ourselves and ask ourselves how free we really are... because I don't feel like I'm free when corporations are allowed to farm our private information for a profit and corporations are buying our representation away by paying for elections... sorry but just because we are considered a 'free country' doesn't make it so or keep it so. Freedom is something we all have to fight for every single day.
Wolf-PAC!!!! Please +Richard Branson  Wolf-PAC needs your support. The future is waiting
Democracy has been, and remains, dangerous. If the population of Egypt decides to ally with a nuclear Iran, and attack Israel, how is that good for ANYBODY?
+Hugh Stone III  Democracy is the best solution to provide people with liberties and 'freedoms'... let me know when you come up with a better solution. We'd all like to hear it.
... Oh PLEEEZZZEEE, tell that to the tourists...
Robert you hit the nail on the head with your opinion of Jared Davies posts, they are all anti US blaming them for everything on the planet, even for his arthritis no doubt, and admitting support for Assad, even Libya's Islamic neighbors are condemning the wholesale slaughter of it's own population. Is it any wonder the UN is call for him to step down.
Of course, democracy mustn't be imported like a good, it must be generated as a local version because each nation has its own features  and believes like religion regulations, social behaivors models and styles of wearing........e.g
I wonder if Hugh can demonstrate how Democracy is dangerous? Is that to say that it's totally safe to live under Sharia, theocratic dictatorships. I know where I would prefer to live.
The garbage some people spew astounds me
+Peter Morris People are angry about the rise of fascism in our so called free democratic countries. What they don't understand is that democracy isn't the problem, corruption and economic fascism is the problem. Cheers
BS. Most people in Egypt hate our guts.  It's the same.  Different govt., big deal.  The brother's of Islam have been waiting for this very moment.  Just like the Shaw of Iran was run out, eight hours later a 90 yr., old holy man showed up and has been there ever since.  Don't fool yourselves. 
+Doug Hlady Ask yourself this: Are our leaders christians? Yes, because a lot of christians live here. Does that annoy the ignorant right wing Egyptian population? Of course, and them having muslims run their country irritates the ignorant right wing folks in our country.... see how that works? Ignorant right wing stupidity is an international problem.
You can make it a religious issue that's fine, but only if you are willing to accept that religion is a problem here in America too. Right?
The election is a step in the right direction.
Thats great news for humanity and world peace!!
Good step in the right direction, but will remain to be seen.
Progress to the Moslem Brotherhood and sharia law?
Did you know that the American constitution and the bill of rights are fully in compliance with Sharia Law?  It is not set in stone and is by definition flexible to meet modern society aspirations and needs.
Really if the US is the mother of all the conflict in world,why has"t the conflicting masses realized this and stand up for what they believe in?Why can't they see that the US is not butchering it's citizens then stop and think why they should be doing that?It's better to stop apportioning blame and stand by our actions.Remember the world is watching and will judge us in the end albeit harshly.
+Eric Weber The right wing doesn't have a monopoly on ignorance. There is plenty of ignorance to go round.
+Peter Morris - I think +Hugh Stone III prefers a benevolent dictator to democracy. My guess is that most people would agree that no system is perfect and there are always parts of what you have, that you don't like, but I will vote to keep democracy over what they had (or have) in Burma, China, Russia, Cuba, North Korea.

As Churchill said, "It has been said that democracy is the worst form of government except all the others that have been tried."
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