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In Morocco at beautiful Kasbah Tamadot. Look forward to exploring ideas with our guests. Have a fantastic weekend all!
In Morocco at Kasbah Tamadot...
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hm, not far away from GL-outback-area, you now the Hotel Sidi Driss ore nickname ...Tatooine
Jealous, absolutely love Morocco and the Moroccan vibe. Enjoy !
Here we are, in this vonderfull spring. Enjoy your your weekend!
morocco make you like these....what will you say when you visit ll never ever forgot it.
Yeah our coutry is wonderful and everyone is welcome :)
Mr. Branson,
This is off target but wanted to thank you for being open about your learning issues. I teach middle & high school students with attention and learning disabilities. You are on "The Wall of Success" in my room. Seeing the success stories of well known people with learning issues gives my students confidence that they too can succeed!
any one would like to meat Richard Branson.
Love the bike, have a great weekend as well.
is kasba the place where they smoke marijuana?
Hey Richard,
I just found out that to enter into the Virgin contest for game design you have to be living in the UK. :-(

Makes me sad. The future of game design is in mobile games that help us connect and understand the world around us. I hope the winners of the contest understand that.
living my dream for me? Wishing I could own a bunch of land in exotic places and visit them. Ahhh, I guess I'll have to be satisfied with my dreams while I work my simple municipal job.
Try not to burn anything down
Wow! The Kasbah looks great! Will definately have to visit there!
Judging by the t-shirt I am guessing the weather is very pleasant there? Very nice!
always on the go mr. branson ..when are you going to rest
Wishing we were there!! enjoy
Enjoy it, It's a great country! Bslama
Enjoy the weekend....
Looks great have a good time......
Richard, Morocco. How's your jet lag, lol. Take care, have fun, and be safe.
Toukbal near Imli is exceptional as well, the McHugos have done a fantastic job restoring this over the last 20 years and so close to excellent climbing
Every country is lovely cause i can tell i am Jamaica and when u go there u dont want to leave 
In practically every shot of you we see, you have that wonderful relaxed smile of enjoyment. What bothers me is a president who srirs resentment of the wealthy without acknowledgment of the effort and risks you and others take to generate employment for others beyond that shot of pleasure.
Fantastic, I'm looking forward to the next great idea to bring value to us consumers and for us business leaders to learn from
***Pls come to Malaysia & Borneo..BDolphin will make sure you eat keropok lekor & sagu...hehehe...U are gonna love it...xox
hi mr richard
Possible to help me become a successful businessman
It's wonderful to see you enjoy the rewards of success. Have a fantastic weekend...
Thanks Richard...wishing you a great week ahead!
Richard, I found the link to your business opportunity idea, so I sent it to Please check it! Words can't explain what is behind my proposal! ASAP!
Mr Branson i know your a busy man im just wondering if you have 10 minutes to send me an email with some helpful information on starting a business im finding it really difficult probably because i dont know where to start anyway please email me some tips at
Here's a tip... Dont be such a drip.
Salut Richard!Suntem pe drumul bun!
Wir sind auf dem rechte Unterwegs!
Sava bien!
Is that a compliment, Reni?...
Morocco is rubbish, been there, done it, never again!
Daca dispui de ceva banuti merita!Esti asteptat cu bratele deschise!
Je voudrais passer mes dollars quelque part en vaut la peine !
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