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In New York for OceanElders meeting. Crucial we do everything we can to conserve the ocean & its wildlife. As Jean-Michel Cousteau says: "By protecting the ocean you are protecting yourself."
In New York for an OceanElders meeting with Queen Noor, Ted Turner, Jean-Michel Cousteau, Silvia A. Earle and others...
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Thank you Mr Branson, for being an inspiring steward of our natural resources and the health of our planet. While I don't have big money YET to make huge differences like you do, I practice 'Think global, act local' by doing what I can in my home and beach side community.
The idea that we can protect the environment while thinking about our self interests sounds invalid to me. I am just saying. it ignores the reality that resources get depleted, of our own doing. It's not charity, leave the environment alone, and concentrate on the 90% we deplete. Reduce that! We may even come up with some cool new technology, instead of charity? But I am sure that's what you are doing:))
It's great that you get personally involved in worthy causes such as this one!
Jip, I agree, one should always ask yourself, what can I do for someone else?
art is way i use to show nature in its perfection and language, good people like art in painting form, i think thats why the close we wear make no sence, nature as in trees plants and the ocean are earths close and life, evolving in the subject is great , thank you sir richard!
"By protecting the ocean you are protecting yourself" - True talk. There can`t be a better time to be more deeply involved in environment protection issues.
What about the usos and alien bases in the sea?
True of course, but don't expect to change the path of the river by putting sticks in the flow. Our way of life is fundamentally flawed and we don't even know any other way to live.
Thank you for everything you do for the oceans and animals. I hold you in high respect for your efforts
Mr Branson.Have you ever been in Bulgaria ( Europe ) ?
You help people and oceans a true man of vision that never wastes his time, but makes the most of it. Your Awesome!!!
Nice name. I use the word Elder a lot when I speak because we forget about how much we can learn from them.
You can grow and transport sponges just like coral. Sponges are the best organic filtration system the oceans have.They were fished out to extinction in many areas.
Keep up the great work. Would love to be a part this on-going initiative.
I wouldn't go anywhere with "ELDERS" in the name
Richard! Hurry up and get me into space & away from all these morons!
Thanks Sue... but will Richard hear me? I think we're all gonna be stuck on this rock with no Moon Base to go to. Guess we should start cleaning up our mess!
I hope the meeting goes well. I believe the ocean is the heart of this planet along with the wildlife within it. I think its time the world leaders stop exhausting the ocean and begin cleaning their mess and start giving something back...
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