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The NASA TV feed keeps crashing.Watch via YouTube!

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America be great again!

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Ok Google, what are fireworks made of?

Finally!My wife is trying out  her Samsung Chromebook I got her recently -and that was after she saw the HP Chromebook 14 I bought off of Ebay that I can't stay off of!

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Tablo is a nice idea(similar to Simple.TV0,but,the problem is,the first-time expense:

*Tablo unit ~$220+taxes
*USB External HDD -$60+
*Media box - $60 -$100+
*Apple,or Android Tablet -$400 +

A used Tivo Premiere on Ebay runs about $25.00+ shipping and can do a lot more.Cost is LIFETIME,yearly agreement @$14.99 US/mo,or $19.99 a month.

This is what I've been doing on my upstairs TV for several months,trying out.

In the Spring,after 12 yrs,because of rising costs,channel duplication and other factors,debt,rather put that $100 a month in our pocket,etc...we're going to give Shaw Direct the shove.

We only have CBC,CTV,and Global(and maybe TVO Belleville),so 3 channels,but,they're free,all HD and look fabulous!

Ch. 12.1,CBC,Peterborough doesn't display a guide,yet,but,with the Tivo,the info comes from Zap2it media,so we're all set to bring it downstairs after the "Cord-cutting ceremony" in the Spring.

I only have a Channel Master 2016HD on a camera tripod upstairs+ a 2 way booster,but,it works.Maybe,getting it outside and/or a better antenna....

Of,course,if I win the lottery,I'll just move to Ottawa,then I can have 15 channels of HD! LOL

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