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How was the convention in NM? 

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Modern science suffers from a plethora of knowledge and precious little understanding about what it is they really know..... take CHARGE for instance, one if not THE foundational physical properties of all Matter... Modern physics, and its mathematics fails to explain or define what charge is, what creates it at the quantum level & most importantly what its role in the mechanics of Nature is. Ask any expert in the field of electrical engineering or quantum electrodynamics "what is charge?" and you'll recieve any number of responses that relate to charge's observed properties regarding the forces between and observed motion of particles but all of which fail to explain what charge itself IS...

They'll offer explanations by way of the Force it produces [an interaction between charged particles - opposites attract etc] and proffer up terms like quantised angular momentum, integer spin, EM curl and charge flux to aid in their explanations, but nowhere will they say what charge IS, from where it springs and what role it plays in creating all the fields AND particles of modern science.....

To them it is imply an observable property of physics that creates a force of interaction which they can measure and formulate equations for but they have NO explanation for what CHARGE is and how it creates these observables as a part of Nature itself..... preferring it that way lest they are asked for more details about it and its mechanics if ever asked;  or worse still find the very foundations of their chosen scientific field and others shaken to their cores through a lack of understanding about an inherent property of Nature.

CHARGE is the quantum property inherent in all EM energy quanta [hv] that arises from the inherent and natural arrangement of the electrical fields and magnetic dipoles any single Planck quantum of energy and those found within any scalar EM field geometry in Nature... [electrostatic bosons, electromagnetic photons etc] 

SPIN, CURL & FLUX are nothing more that word substitutions created by various fields of science and electric engineering to describe the same quantum property of energy that creates charge - the inherent equilateral quantum geometry of ALL energy and which in turn can be easily explained and model via the electrical properties of a simple short-circuited inductive loop.... 

That is to say the [QAM] quantised angular momenta [m^2/s=OMEGA] of Planck's constant [h= kg.m^2/s] is a measure of the scalar area [m^2] of EM energy per unit of time [s];  which in turn can be modelled and explained in terms of a quantum inductive loop [L] where energy circulates unilaterally [delta.spin/flux] over time [delta.s] through through this closed inductive loop [q.L] to produce one of two magnetic dipole moments with an associated stored field of electrical energy [POSITIVE or NEGATIVE EM CHARGE]... 

At the quantum level these polarised short-circuited inductive loops [equilateral Planck charge quanta] have no resistance to the flow of     energy within them so the EM energies contained within them do not diminish over time creating a perpetual, self inducing loop of 'inductive EM energy momenta' in turn providing a new electrodynamic explanation for the 'inertial mass' of Matter [the Higgs boson in modern physics] based on established electrical dynamics rather than speculative mathematical treatises...

As more and more charged Planck quanta combine over time the asymmetric distribution of Planck energies with any field lead to the 'symmetry breaking' of fields and particles found in the standard model creating W bosons [ODD hv] and neutral photons [EVEN hv] each possessing differing properties of charge, energy and component linear momentum [leading to the interactive vector forces between particles that science all so often mistakenly refers to and describes as charge itself]

BUT the real pièce de résistance is the role these scalar fields of charged mass-energy momenta do next as they combine over longer periods of time to create material particles with quantum scale Matter topologies from radiant planar mass-energy geometries... yes, it is through the electric and magnetic fields of asymmetric CHARGE geometries [bosons & photons] that material topologies [quarks, leptons & Baryons] are created in Nature -----  3D Mater topologies [Fermions] form from, and are entirely comprised of 2d mass-energy geometries.... this is the KEY role charge plays in Nature and which the modern scientists have yet to realise and appreciate in their quest for a unified theory of everything...

Positive and Negative Planck quanta [W bosons] are the foundation quanta of Everything material and immaterial in Nature that we observe and endeavour to model through the lens of science and mathematics.... a clouded view that has now been corrected with the application of the right prescriptive geometric lens with which to view and explain Nature herself... equilateral charged Planck quanta..
For further elaboration on the mechanics of these prima facie principles concerning the creation of charged 2d mass-energies & 3D Matter from the equilateral EM energy quanta of Nature please visit my YouTube channel and watch my instructional video 'Tetryonics 101' where I make all the fields and particles of the standard model from scratch using only the principles and equilateral Planck quanta templates discussed herein...

Make a model of our Universe yourself from scratch at home..
[and shift your understanding of physics to a whole new level]
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Would love to see this on a Ted Talk for sure! 
I just nominated myself for a Ted-talk and the Ted-prize, anyone who would care to nominate me as well in support of Tetryonic theory can do so using this link   [all assistance would be appreciated]   its time I went public with all my knowledge 


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"Tetryonics shows us the true Planck-scale geometry of the quantum world that makes up our Universe. At first the theory was driven towards just matching existing mathematical expression in an attempt to understand what was actually happening at the quantum-scale and in turn driving our macro-scale physics.

But it quickly became apparent that a purely mathematical model of these interaction leaves too much room for erroneous assumptions and the entire formulation of the quantum processes turned to reflect and model the actual Planck mass-energy geometries and their interactions.

This is not to say the mathematics is completely wrong, but it does not afford us the fullest picture of the mechanics at work at this scale, and in turn has let itself be molded as much by philosophy as a true understanding of the quantum processes." - Tetryonics

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Tetryonics 101.01 - Complex compounds and macro-molecular topologies can now be accurately modelled using equilateral charge geometries of mass-energy momenta......

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Beautiful video with an excerpt from a remarkable speech by Nikola Tesla at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia in 1893.
by  +Ólafur Haraldsson

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Someone brought Athanasius Kircher to my attention. Do you or anyone know of his writings and if there is something of a connection here? Velocities, momenta, tessellated triangles all in one curiosities have me a wondering what this image is all about.
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