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Richard Beem
Patent attorney, Beem Patent Law Firm, Chicago; President, Chicago Engineers Foundation
Patent attorney, Beem Patent Law Firm, Chicago; President, Chicago Engineers Foundation
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Post has shared content #piracy or #counterfeiting of #brandname goods is bigger than any thefts by #Pirates of the Caribbean. #trademark #trademarks #trademarklaw #IP #IPlaw #counterfeit 
The Business Action to Stop Counterfeiting and Piracy (BASCAP) initiative —a special project of the International Chamber of Commerce—has today issued a ground-breaking study outlining the steps that intermediaries can take to help keep fake and pirated products out of the supply chain and off the Internet.

The study- Roles and responsibilities of intermediaries: Fighting counterfeiting and piracy in the supply chain -looks at key intermediaries in the physical world and those providing infrastructure and services online, yielding the most comprehensive review to date of the many types of intermediary channels that are being utilized by criminal networks to sell and distribute fakes and pirated content.

Commenting on the study, BASCAP Director, Jeff Hardy said: "Trade is being revolutionized by the emergence of integrated global value chains and the explosion of online commerce. Intermediaries-from express shipping firms through to online search engines-are now a central part of the global economy. 

This is an overwhelmingly positive development, but intermediaries must ensure they have adequate systems in place to address growing counterfeiting and piracy risks."

The study exposes a number of shortcomings in the global network of infrastructures and services that produce, sell and deliver products to customers worldwide, and calls on responsible intermediaries to enhance their systems to prevent the sale of counterfeit goods and pirated content.

Mr Hardy added: "Most intermediaries, when better informed about potential exploitation and the damage done by counterfeiting and piracy, demonstrate a willingness to secure their portion of the supply chain from abuse. This is, quite rightly, a core reputational issue for leading firms. The BASCAP study outlines a range of measures to help responsible businesses deal more effectively with potential vulnerabilities in their operations and platforms."


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Two or three years ago, piracy at sea was a serious concern...
The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) International Maritime Bureau (IMB) has launched its annual piracy report 2014.

Attacks against small tankers off South East Asia’s coasts caused a rise in global ship hijackings, up to 21 in 2014 from 12 in 2013, despite piracy at sea falling to its lowest level in eight years.

Pirates took 442 crewmembers hostage, compared with 304 in 2013. #IMBpiracy   #Piracy   #MaritimePiracy  
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#SharkTank meets #realworld OR #patent attorney disses social app #inventions. How to focus your #business #strategy for fun and #profits. Boring, you say? Low-tech #inventors are crying all the way to the bank. Here's how you can join them.

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From 1790 to 1836, every U.S. #patent was signed by the #President, Secretary of State, and Attorney General. I own several of the historic originals, in the Beem Presidential Patent Collection, which I am pleased to share with you on this #PresidentsDay. Read this article for the fascinating history of the U.S. patent system and to see the historic exhibits of original U.S. patents signed by the early Presidents.

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Essentials to win East Texas #patent #IP #trials based on exclusive interview with blogger and #Texas #lawyer Michael C. Smith. The Eastern District of Texas is not a speed trap for big companies but a skilled trier of patent cases. Credibility, collegiality, advocacy, time limits, and predictability are essential. Local rules and standing orders must be observed. Read further to learn how #lawyers apply the basics in victory in an #EDTX #court #jury #trial.

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How to win #patent cases in East Texas and elsewhere: It’s a fast ride, and you must talk to your jury. You can be a Yankee so long as you're not a jerk. For best results, practice real diversity, and don’t fake it. Based on my exclusive interview with #Texas #trial #lawyer Michael S. Smith. #EDTX

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#Patent #litigation is feared by many, especially when the lawsuit must be defended in East #Texas. Based on an exclusive interview with the noted lawyer and blogger Michael C. Smith of Marshall, Texas, this article goes straight to the heart of #EDTX. Why do so many #IP cases go to trial there? Can a windfall in money #damages be expected? Part 1 of this article separates fact from fiction.

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A triumph of genius, and a toast to inventors: The story of Edwin Land, Polaroid, and the Kodak #patent war. My free gift to inventors and entrepreneurs, with three tips for patent success. #startup #invention #innovation

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#Invention is pretty heady stuff. That's for rocket scientists. Your company's #engineers and coders aren't that smart. Or are they? Three ways to innovate. The best solution might be right under your nose. #patent #inventor #innovation #business #strategy

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Is your company stuck on a plateau? Here's how to spur innovation to fill customers' needs, gain market #leadership, increase sales, and make more money. #patent #invention #engineer #engineering #innovation #business #strategy #inventor
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