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Making wifi calls in my new Galaxy Nexus is so awesome. Thank you, GrooVe IP!

On a related note, my new Galaxy Nexus is so awesome! HTC Hero, you served me well, but your time has come. 
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nope. TMO monthly, which I don't actually have yet, hence the use of GrooVe IP. That'll be a life saver at work, where Verizon is really the only solid choice because it gets pumped inside this steel cage.
Nice. $30 plan works great in any city. Just... not on the south side of my lot. It actually was the only thing that worked in Chicago when I was there a few weeks ago... AT&T and Verizon both were so slow that maps and etc didn't even work.
Wow, that's really good to know. I may be making some trips to Chicago for work or just to hang out over the summer, and it's nice to know coverage works well on that plan.

Seeing how nicely calls over IP worked, I may give that plan a try out of the gate. Was otherwise going to go with an unlimited minutes plan just to see where my usage fell, then scale back.

As for AT&T, do you have a SIM that you refill only when necessary? I've been trying to figure out how to factor that in when we visit Morgantown. T-Mobile is mostly roaming there. I know that works for voice, but I haven't found a good answer yet as to how data roaming works for the prepaid TMO plans. Some say it works, some say there is no roaming. If I'm in that area, I'd like to have some data access and thought going with a prepaid AT&T plan or some other MVNO would get me through, hopefully without spending a fortune for the weekend.
the last few months I have had the "Straight Talk" $45 unlimited sim... and just buying into the 100 minute, 5Gig Tmo plan when I need it. (like Chicago). Probably could do the TMo Sim with the "pay by the day" and just use the straight talk $45 plan for all other things if you talk a LOT.

For me, AT&T network just makes more sense as a "daily driver"... I only get 3G to the north of my house. If TMo put a 3G tower in Muskego, I wouldn't think twice about keeping the 100 minute plan and just having $40 for overage minutes if I ever talk THAT much. As it is, the TMo Edge in Muskego is overloaded and I have trouble with calls...

I haven't researched any "pay by day" stuff for AT&T network.
Oh: PS: TMobile is able to stream HD Netflix @ the alehouse and in many locations in the 3rd ward, 5th ward, and downtown Milwaukee. AT&T is not quite as lucky with that. (nor Sprint or Verizon for that matter... LTE in Milwaukee downtown is spotty)
Whoa, that's sexy! Coverage here in Johnson Controls is practically non-existent, but I expected that. The building is basically a big steel and concrete cage, at least for the section I'm in. I'll have to pop over to the Ale House soon and try out the connection. I was pretty impressed on Saturday when we got our TMobile sims, popped outside the mall and did a speed test. 8.4Mbps down, 2Mbps up. Blows Sprint out of the water by about 8Mbps down and 1.8Mbps up here in Milwaukee!
yea, TMo is by far the fastest of the 3G anywhere you get signal. Verizon LTE was blazin quick out here in the 'burbs for awhile, but its starting to slow down under network load.... they are building very few towers because the 700mhz signal covers so much area... you have to share that fast pipe with more people.

If you swap your nexus over to 2G and get signal in the office... thats probably what you will get in the next few months to a year... TMo is firing up the 1900 mhz PCS band on 3G HSPA+ along with keeping the AWS band active... <crosses fingers it will come to muskego/>
the 1900 mhz band seems to be "overbuilt". lets hope they keep the same towers and signal power and just run it HSPA instead of Edge.
lol, reminds me of cable internet. =)

I've heard about that 1900MHz conversion, but I haven't been able to find anywhere that lists what towers have gone through the conversion and which haven't. You know of anywhere to find that data? Here's to hoping they speed up that build-out by you!

Curious though, would you have to force the phone to connect as "2G" in order to take advantage of those towers? I would hope it'd pick up the strongest signal it could find. If you do, I wonder if it would actually help at all on battery as it could potentially power down a radio.

As it stands right now, I'm not getting any signal inside this building. I had the same issue with Sprint, but thankfully now I have a phone which can handle GrooVe IP and calls over wifi to my Google Voice number. I've considered the paid version for calls over data and dialer integration, but it seems the free app is more stable than the paid one, and I haven't seen any comments indicating if the integration with the ICS dialer works well or not.
once its HSPA+, you will get normal "cell handover" like you currently get going from one AWS tower to the next. It will hop frequencies just as quickly/easily/effortlessly, you won't even notice. no forcing anything, as the nexus just does what its told to do by the SIM -> Tower conversations.

AT&T does this now, they have 850mhz 3G over most of their footprint, then add in 1900mhz 3G in cities for higher density/capacity... if oyu aren't in a crazy dense city (NYC< CHicago, etc) then it hands off transparently between whatever is the best "Cell" to serve your needs.

TMo isn't advertising their network upgrade progress anywhere that I know of. The only company to do that is Sprint, and even then, its intentionally vague.
That vagueness was hit with a lot of distaste from their current customer base. Read a funny thread with links to their maps and how they've "upgraded" service in a variety of ways in the Milwaukee area over the last 6 months, only to be followed with a long list of replies as to how no one is seeing that benefit even after updating their devices for the new tower listings.
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