OMG - what a touching story.  From the obvious political screw up to the more important and amazing story of the missing American fighter pilot and husband...found!


Unbelievable screw-up by the US military who first told Peggy Harris [widow of Lt Billie Harris] that he was missing in action, then changed their story to alive and coming home, then to killed in action and interred in a certain cemetery, with the location of the cemetery changed – and then that the remains might not be that of Lt. Harris.
Lt. Billie Harris was an American fighter pilot who was killed in action on 17 July 1944 in France.
Until 2005, for 61 years, Peggy Harris relentlessly wrote her congressional representatives in an effort to find out what actually happened to her husband.
None of the politicians bothered to check the military archives, but merely responded by saying that the status of Lt. Harris remains as missing in action.
Only recently, through the efforts of Billie’s cousin [Alton Harvey] was it determined where Billie is buried, that the residents of a nearby French village have paid homage for generations to Lt. Harris – and have even named a street in the village after him.
Alton Harvey simply checked the military archives which contained all the details of his cousin’s death and place of internment – which the military and politicians could have determined, but for over 60 years didn’t bother to do so.
The latest indifferent politician who couldn’t care less is Representative Mac Thornberry [Republican – TX] who sent Peggy Harris the usual letter saying that her husband is listed as missing in action!
There is no record of Representative Thornberry’s office ever checking the national archives in quest of what happened to Lt. Billie Harris.
This says it all about politicians whose only concern is in raising money and campaigning to stay in office.
Unfortunately, the military is cast in a bad light, which is indeed sad since those who have served in the military know the extraordinary efforts that are gone to in the recover, identification, internment or return of the remains of the fallen to their family.
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