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EXIT, please.

I’m doing this…right now!

Doc says I'm free to return home on oral antibiotics. The infection isn't totally gone, yet, but it appears to have resolved enough that regular meds can take me the rest of the way.

Nevertheless, I’ll be keeping a close eye on things for the next couple of days.

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Great news and safe travels home. Continued prayers for contiuned healing.
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Rich Tatum

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I'm trending upward!

I was told that the next selfie I post better have me smiling. So, here you go!

I'm doing much better today. Just 18 additional hours on my current antibiotic have made a significant difference (see the photo here: ). I walked a lot more yesterday, unaided by my cane, but pain upon I lowering my leg was still astoundingly high.

After a good rest last night, when I got up this morning, I got out of bed with hardly any pain at all! (Well, there were still white knuckles and much grimacing, but I could weather this much better than before.) and I've already logged a half-mile of walking today.

I'm well-oxygenated, my blood pressure was good (108/68), my heart rate was the lowest yet (68, which I verified for myself, later), and while my blood sugar still isn't acceptable it was the lowest so far.

I'm pretty sure we've turned the corner.

I haven't been rounded on by the doc yet, but I wouldn't be surprised if he considers discharging me today.

Thank you friends, family, minions, coworkers, and strangers for ALL your
prayers! And thank God for good docs and effective medicine!
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We will go for that coffee when you are well again. Praying for you Rich

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Rich Tatum

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Things seem to be getting better.

For the last couple days, as long as I’ve been laying in bed with my infected leg elevated, pain has been manageable— kind of like having someone lovingly rub salt into a bad sunburn. Sure, it’s not pleasant, but there are worse things.

Like getting out of bed.

Whenever I ventured from the sweaty-but-safe confines of my bed (not for fun, but for biological imperatives) every medical professional in the room would beg me to take pain pills, “For the love of God, won’t you please take some pain medication?” I think the white knuckles on my cane were a clue. Or maybe they keyed off the high-pitched whistle of a teakettle coming to boil—just the sound of my machismo being deflated. Again. Painfully.

That five-foot walk to the shower felt like wading through a pool of boiling lemon juice and vinegar into which a mad scientist had released a school of salad-dressing-dwelling, flesh-eating pirhanas. But only in the one leg. I've never felt that much pain in my life.

I thank God it’s not both legs.

So last night I relented and accepted the offer of Vicodan to help me rest. And help it did! Not only was my last trip to the restroom more manageable, I slept like a Bassett Hound and woke feeling like a Collie. A gimpy Collie, but, still…

After my usual round of pins and pills this morning I found that, overall, the pain was much more manageable (on a scale of one to ten, it’s gone from “apocalyptic” to maybe an eight or nine). My fever seems to have gone away, my heart rate is much lower (a good sign), my BP is steady (117/72, another good sign), and the doc says my leg looks less … something. (After discussion, we settled on “less turgid.”)

I'm not entirely “out of the woods” right now, so please keep me and Jennifer in your prayers. But if things keep going in this direction, I could be discharged by Saturday or Sunday.

(The photo here features the IV pole that is currently saving my life.)
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Rich Tatum

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Visiting Hours

My bride, +Jennifer Tatum, came to spend some time with me today. I'll just share what she wrote…

«Spent a few hours with Rich in the hospital tonight. It was nice to just be with him and chat or sometimes be silent together. His spirits are high. His pain is OK when he’s laying down but when he moves his leg it shoots through the roof. The infection hasn't spread but it also hasn't stopped so we are expecting a few more days in the hospital. The highlight was watching Family Feud together and knowing that the two of us could still beat a family of 5.

Special shout-out to Joe and Cheryl McCune for watching the kids so we could have this alone time.

Thank you all for your continued prayers.»
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V8. A woman after my own heart.
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So, I'm in the hospital and it’s pretty darned serious.

What started as a small infection on my toe last week turned into cellulitis (skin infection) almost overnight.

It began with a fever early Monday morning. When the fever broke around 7:30, I was left with a lower leg pain that made my skin hot to the touch and painful with any sort of contact. So, we called our doctor and he had us come in straightaway. From there, I was prescribed antibiotics, a blood panel, and a sonogram to rule out a blood clot.

Last night I was feeling much better. Less pain, more mobility. Almost no sign of fever. But this morning, the pain and shaking fevers returned. And my lower leg was splotchy and red.

We called the doctor again, and he ordered me to the ER.

I'm being admitted, but at the moment I'm in the ER triage unit. I've already had a round of antibiotics stuck in me and the physician's assistant is optimistic.

But, you should know, this stuff can kill diabetics. It can turn into sepsis, releasing toxins all throughout my system, potentially leading to organ failure and death.

So, I kinda wish I didn't know that. But now I do.

And now that you know, you can pray with more insight.

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Praying.  Thanks for sharing the stuff.
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Long distance, calling.

As I walked around the hospital, preventing blood clots from forming (I didn't see even a single blood loitering in the halls, much less a clot of 'em), I kept passing this lonely phone.

Passed, but not passed-up!

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Update: Doc says one more day of IV antibiotics then I’m outta here!

Progress has been really good with the last change in antibiotic (Unasyn), but we want to be sure the infection is good and done with before discharging me. It'’ still red (but not nearly as much) and still warm to the touch (but not hot), and still painful (but bearable, I slept without pain meds last night).

The doc’s concern is that since the infection resisted the first two antibiotics, but is responding to this one, let's make sure we give it a "knockout punch" and not give it a chance to rebound.
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Rich Tatum

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Here's how things have improved with me in the previous day.
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Rich Tatum

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It was good to get a good long visit with my kiddos today.

They, with +Jennifer Tatum m, got to watch me writhe in pain as the nurses told me I have beautiful veins yet each failed to properly insert an IV needle. YEEOW!
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Rich Tatum

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So after a few restless hours of sleep, I awoke to a series of pokes, prods, probes, and pills. I got a fresh bag of antibiotics, learned I was still running a fever, found my blood glucose remains alarmingly high, got some pain meds (praise Jesus), got an insulin shot and, best of all, got a fantastic light breakfast of French toast (1 slice), bacon (1 strip), yogurt, a banana, milk, and coffee. Make that two coffees!

After, a nurse suggested I might actually want to shower. Yeah. After marinading in sweat for a couple days, I’m not all that presentable. Now I feel much better having cleaned up. I’m pretty sure this also equates to smelling better as well. :)

So, my doc came by just a few minutes ago and talked treatment strategies with me. She's going to switch me to an even broader antibiotic regimen.

People seem optimistic, though, and I'm told that I’m a model patient. (But the usual clientele here are Canadians and heroin junkies—so that’s not saying much.)

In all, looks like I’ll be here at least one or two more days. Still waiting to see the infection respond to the antibiotics.

This photo is the view from the bed I’m riding. I’m getting to know this ceiling well!
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Who knows? I've been healthy and vigorous since. it! And good luck!
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Rich Tatum

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Okay, this looks interesting…

“I know Kung Fu!"
LEVAN, the Computer Program That Aims to Teach Itself Everything About Anything

Computer scientists from the University of Washington and the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence in Seattle have created the first fully automated computer program that teaches everything there is to know about any visual concept.
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Rich Tatum

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Are you charming?

See if these behaviors (mainly nonverbal cues) are part if your repertoire. If so, you just might be The Most Interesting Man in the World! (Or woman. Your mileage may vary. :) )

» Kinesthetic Responsiveness (you react with your body, think, “Kramer”)

» Contagious Laugh

» Vocal Expression of Emotion

» (Appropriate) Social Touching

» Enjoy Being the Center of Attention (Or at least let others enjoy giving you attention)

» Expressive Face (Stow the stoicism)

» Outgoing With Strangers (Don't be a stranger)

» Capable of a Seductive Glance (I don’t know what this means—but, apparently, babies can do this)

» Good at Pantomime (Talk like an Italian)

9 Behaviors Cultivated by the Ultra-Charismatic
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I have no idea what the quality of the food or service here is because when my wife went to use the restroom before eating she discovered an abysmal standard of cleanliness. The trash spilled on the floor, urine pooled underfoot, and the toilets remained unflushed — she felt that washing her hands here would leave her more soiled than when she entered. With restroom cleanliness standards this low (the part of the restaurant we could actually see) we had no interest in testing whether the food itself was infectious or not. Pass.
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