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Repairing a Moenstone Composite Granite Sink
A few years ago we remodeled our kitchen and went with an undermount Moenstone sink.  This Thanksgiving I noticed a hairline crack in the bottom. We called Moen and they were willing to give us money or a new sink as part of the warranty (which is great!),...

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Keeping a cd history in the Bash shell
Often I find myself wanting to cd back to a directory -- but never the exact previous one I was already in (i.e., cd -)!  It is usually the directory I was in just a few of cd's ago. I was considering writing a bash shell function that more or less aliased...

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Finally solved my Wii-U eShop error issue!
We've been trying to purchase the Pikmin 3 DLC for the last week or so. Everytime we get through about half way through the eShop purchase, the eShop app gets an error code (useless!) and exits.  Sometimes we get further than other times, and once it fails...

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Nifty Lightroom plugin for analyzing your habits.  My results are below.

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Needed to publish/share some photos from the kids' Halloween activities at school, and am never sure what export quality to use.  +Jeffrey Friedl  has a nice analysis page below with "live" examples.

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If you want to see lovely photos from Japan, follow Jeffrey...
Brisk Wind

One of the eight photos in this article on my blog:
   The Hope Imbibed in a Dull Sunset


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My Pictures!
We hope that all those who celebrated Diwali or "Festival of Lights" this past week enjoyed happy times with dear friends and family. Here are some vibrant photos from our Diwali celebration at +VMware headquarters in Palo Alto, California. #vmwarecareers  
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Western Digital Green Drives and Linux - They're dying!
The last time I swapped the drives out in my home built NAS, I bought Western Digital Green drives.  They sounded great!  Low power, low heat, low noise... Unfortunately, they appear to not have been built for this particular application.  They auto park an...
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