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What a great track. It's got the time signature changes I love and more. 

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There are some interesting things on this list. Google's always got projects underway.!/?category=learn-better

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This is the next album I'm getting. It's an instrumental, progressive metal album called "The End of Everything."

Anyone who plays guitar, bass, or drums would enjoy checking this out.

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Interesting figures
Bernie Sanders is gaining steam. As more people have an opportunity to hear Bernie's message the more followers he gains. Bernie Sanders has a very strong, enthusiastic base of followers. Thanks to the great team effort of his grassroots network, Bernie's numbers continue to rise. We still have a lot of work to do yet. There are many who haven't heard Bernie's message. Lets redouble our efforts and draw more people to Bernie's camp. 
Sen. Bernie Sanders' momentum has continued to push him up in the polls just as former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's appears to be stalling out.
New Gallup poll numbers released this week show that the senator from Vermont's favorable rating in the U.S. "has doubled since Gallup's initial reading in March, rising to 24% from 12% as he has become better known." Meanwhile, Clinton's numbers have declined significantly since peaking at 66% just a few short years ago.
Sanders' rising familiarity is responsible for much of the increase, with about 44% of Americans knowing enough about him to declare a preference one way or the other, up from just 24% in March. But as Clinton has slid back into electoral politics, so too has she inevitably decreased in popularity, with her unfavorable rating (46%) outstripping her favorable rating (43%) for the first time since 2007.
Gallup's numbers additionally show that while Clinton remains a clear front runner among Democrats in the general population, a large segment of the U.S. population has unfavorable attitudes toward her, and only a few haven't made up their minds.
Clinton was inevitably bound to decline in favorable ratings among Americans as she re-entered electoral politics following her term as secretary of state, so the most recent poll findings probably don't reflect any specific liability such as the ongoing argument over her private email account. But Gallup's Lydia Saad writes that the poll indicates Clinton "remains the only Democratic candidate for president with a national name, and Clinton continues to stand head and shoulders above her next closest competitor — Sanders — in popularity for the presidential nomination."
Still, recent polling by Qunnipiac University illustrates that Clinton is facing some major image problems in the three swing states of Colorado, Iowa and Virginia, all of which currently have her losing against top Republican competitors.
For some Democrats, this uneasiness may make Sanders look like an attractive alternative to Clinton. But these people may get buyers' remorse if Sanders fails to build sufficient momentum among Democrats or make massive inroads to the general public, in which over half of Americans know so little about Sanders they declined to offer an opinion.
#BernieSanders2016   #PoliticalRevolution   #FuelTheBern   #WomenForBernieSanders   #PowerToThePeople   #GoBernieGo   #PeopleForBernieSanders   #FeelTheBern   #BankOnBernie  

My new favorite politician is Clay Aiken.


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I was gonna hold out for a little, but this is amazing. I'm gonna buy this right now lol.

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This is not a legit story. Why is this still in the headlines? Other much more important things are happening.

Netanyahu meets with US Congress without Obama's inclusion in the convention? Now I'm beginning to understand a few more political dynamics.

I'm curious to see what sort of implications arise out of this.

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Happy to give credit where credit's due.

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