If you look at what Google employees on Google+ are saying it's clear that Google is very focused on making Google+ a more serious social network that is friendly to business uses.

For example, Google's Bradley Horowitz asked today, "Does anyone have any ideas about how hangouts might be useful in a business setting?".

The Head of Google's cloud apps biz, Dave Girouard, posts, "Enterprise folks, when you hear "engagement", it's codeword for involvement, commitment, and productivity - exactly what you need from your employees. G+ will be awesome for your business - more info soon on this."

Scott McMullan a software entrepreneur and product manager working at Google on the Apps Marketplace posted this in response to a blog post, "Some good points raised on the potential fit of Google+ for businesses. I am (not surprisingly) in Dennis' camp on this one..."

Google is clearly thinking business with Google+, which is a huge counterpoint to Facebook's more entertainment oriented focus.
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