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And I take it (about the food part) it work
Wow I don't even know what to say to this #speechless 
Yeah, meditation is really important for health.
Amy R
Lovely and ideal , but how is it possible?
i don't think i could do that. although.... i could give it a try
Jay K.
sounds legit... lol
Not me at all..... I'm sorry but I can't do this it's impossible.... I'm sorry :(...... :P
lmao... u tell me!
So what type of pill did he prescribe? He's probably going to tell him in 3 weeks after he realizes its too hard to live like dat. I mean, who has 20 minutes a day? Shit.
haha sounds ike me........................jk
Great doctor. Why can't everybody listen to him????
He didn't include internet anywhere! People should not surf when Stoned!
whenever I go to the doctor he always makes a comment about how small my penis is. What a dick!
I can think of a few ppl who need this advice (so me) lol
Surely if you really want what's good for you.... you will try hard!
It must be Dr. O_ 'cause if you ate everything he told you to eat and took all the vitamins he said you should, you'd have no time to do anything but that! LOL
I think people who say that they do things on the Internet 80% of them are not true I'm just sayin.....
Some people just have nothing better to do. Amazing

Great Rx, but would go "unfilled" by about 75% of Americans... How many times do I say similar things to my patients, only to hear them whine, "isn't there a pill you could just give me...?" Healthy lifestyle usually = fewer pills...
I like the one about ditching the TV. So true, but then there is the smart phone!
Love that one!
Interesting that people say that this is good advice. Assuming that this is an otherwise well person, getting exercise and eating correctly would work out great. However, cancer and other serious illnesses can also present non specifically like this. Tbh if any doctor dismissed me and my concerns like this... 
As if a doctor would really tell U this..They want U on for them..
That is not what the Doctors practise nowaday......
If all that doesn't work, then start the invasive tests... I like it.
Organic vegetable is an oxymoron..
What else is it made from ...metal?
HA HA If only it was possible for me to do all of tht without cheating!:D LLN
Hey could u guys do me a favor look up rachael Nelson on YouTube and click on the girl with the long hair ( fyi this is not my friends real name)
Duhhhh!!!! That IS what you have to do!
my dear doctor exactly hahahahha
Health care from Google+ super speciality clinic and to avoid inconvenience advice for all patients for consulting specialist please take prior appointment , so friends wishing all of you wonderful marvellous healthy life and amazing endeavour ,well ,take care. 
And share with us on Google+.
Lmao @Connie Loveboat ...I'm pretty sure tht Dick comment was meant to be kept to itself.....funny!....the pic is not tht funny ppl my God !!!
That will bee $1,500 please.

That's too much to ask 4m patient$
So the man is just lazy and needs a better eating habit. lol
Obviously an old joke. It needs to be updated by replacing "T.V." with computer.
that is equivalent to pc now its ipad though.....
As if a doctor is going to tell you that...that dude is more apt to walk out there with a script for Prozac!
so what if you already do all that, n u still feel like chit? blame someone else, right?
That is exactly what I try to do and it works when I follow his advice
I'd fire the doctor that told me to meditate.
GOD..If it was me...I would live with that sickness..rather than follow all that!!!
I have been trying to follow that advise. I love that my grocery store City market has heath values on the food Now I buy US Cereal becuase it is higher than Oatmeal and it has flax seeds that are fun to play with.
Organic food is the same as non organic food....
trying to do all of that would make me hurt!!! just give me a pill please
haha, i dont get it
Oh whoops he has an inoperable brain tumor. Thank god we have doctors to find these things.
Ends up very healthy but skiny
after 3 weeks then man will return as a indian guru :D oooommmmmmm nava sivaya
heey thats my life right now! i eat organic only and stuff, i also get tons of exercise! im very healthy :))))
Wow. Sounds like he needs to get out more. Lol
A cure-all. I did that and it reduced my stress level and cured my fibromyalgia.
humans today stay in their house to much(we need to get out side once in awhile) cool fact- in about 20 years 40% of the people will be over-weight
Spend more time in Nature! This doctor, he is trying to give this man cancer!....Always for more money, yes do come back in three weeks will see if your dieing yet and i can start "really" charging you muahahaha
Yep I concur with the Doc 
i think all doctors are taught to say just that
M Isman
1st people problem..
wow, so many instructions that he can do this!
&tv.comes back only after 3days.i d rather it didn t:-D:-D
Dude, there are so few doctors that would give such advice. They order a thousand blood tests, give you a chest x-ray, a kidney ultrasound, more blood tests, send you to see a specialist who then sends you back with a shrug and then one of two things happen: they prescribe you something or they tell you that you were dehydrated at the time. The medical field is a Ponzi scheme. But yes, this fictional cartoon doctor is exactly right. 
I wish I found more docs promoting this prescription!
wow see that is how they charge you i would have told you that for free
i think the doc was tired and didnt do
Then the man dies because he has a legitimate condition.
That is a tipical solution for a Doc, ans to every thing!
At least that's what he should say, reality is he would prescribe some drug. 
+Geoff Tipre some drug that's not good for you. I had a doctor who told me I should get vaccinated for something. Good thing I did my homework after leaving the clinic. I told her no.
Hmm, but the Doc didn't ask a single question. Perhaps he may want to know the patients SYMTOMS!! Yikes, I mean seems like a good perscription for stress, anziety, etc.. but the man could be having a stroke, heart attack, a mulititude of illnesses. In my view, this is scary! The man may not have THREE WEEKS LEFT!!
Wow Gabby. Way to miss the point lol.
wow, everything one needs to live a good life... (as long as you don't mind sacrificing some necessities...) ;)
pple, we will hav 2 try it out. it is for every1, not only the patient
That was way before doctors became sellers.
Quite true not a joke i also suggest this
It might be true I had been talk to his brother about him and I have been try get go to doctor I had been try some everything he tell me he not feel well and I told let my son take u to hospital he said he going get in bed. But i real been try to make go to doctor. Jessie
I don't get it. Is this 3 weeks after the doctor says the text at the bottom?
we live in a world full of tough love.
Lol how the hell is he gonna cope with all that......
He just needs some good prescription meds.
that is so true for like half of humanity
if he follow all these he will not come back!!!!!!
YEAH, Let's reject modern reality for antiquated old methods. YAY
then no one get time to feel relax ..........
The Doc should add, "Layoff Facebook and spend quality time with your loved ones."
Couldn't agree more. Very practical and effective indeed. We all (so called) modern people need this treatment. Ohhh... internet should be ditched (or at least time limited) as well... and connect more with real people (around you) than virtual ones... :)
it works...miracle worker
hmmmmm it's such a mystery why the man doesn't feel good.....not!!! :P
XD, I thought the text was another post! Turn out it a bunch of comment! LOL
Just regular fruit and veg would have the same affect :-)
Lots of good things in life we're missing out on 
All of the world's most important information is kept secret by those who do not believe it.
If I was the PATIENT. I would ask him "Doc. Do you really practice this advice daily?"
Sounds like camping prescription ......
Mee Han
that's right..before taking any medicine find a natural alternative way.
Yeah i definitely agree. Its the ULTIMATE TRUTH. But its a bit difficult to follow the routine. You can exercise, meditate, avoid processed food and take more of leafy vegetables but i think its impossible to stop watching TV.
I don't even have a TV for 11 years now and I don't miss a bit of it so everything is possible.
ho thats a big schedule!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Very True, unfortunately Doctors now a days don't suggest like this, they just use patient as their Reasech product and start experimenting different medicine and their reactions. This way they teach and learn without caring about patients and when the patient die or become handicap they say its because of age (If person is more than 60 yr without any ailment only weakness) and get rid of aligations or complains as they don't leave any sign of what they have done with the patient and his dear and near-- On behalf of society, I really curse those doctor who mistreat patients as if they are not human ---- This is true case happen in RML between June 2011 and August 2011
Not all organics are better for you.
well real answer why we dont do that is THIS what we do here.....
He said to ditch TV? ....and I thought Big Bang Theory makes me forget my problems.

well on a contrary, If i watch NGC or Discovery long enough, it appears even inhaling air will kill you.
Tell the doctor after doing it all if I feel better then I will pay ur fee......
And why is it that the doctor doesn't look as healthy as he pro ably should?
Awesome Απϑ simple!! Nice work, †Ϟε doctor did!
i would say that doc has all the rights to a good jail term
Life is very busy this is not possible for working man or woman
patient is sick off with loneliness...I suppose, he needs immediate attention of her spouse...LOL
Go Back to the spouse everyday.....dear
Quite a gud advice logically n 4 a healthy livin ...pratically nly 1 in 1000 wud follow it..!!
Go ahead and imagine a happy outcome for this patient, but be aware that the story actually ends when the bill for medical service came a few days later. The patient died of shock when he opened it up and saw it, making the rest of the prescription operationally moot. Enjoy. 
Doc, you had me up until the TV part! Now I need a second opinion, lol.
hahaha hell yeah that says it all, jus doing it is what makes it work lol awesome
truth but following it we become lazy.
that's what i do...................... NOT
patient:i am feeling more sick after hearing the thing what you just said!
true .....but wen i do al dis i dont yet know
And life expectancy was 45 years before we died :)
he did say meditate didnt he
Lol, wut? A better one would be:
Patient: "Doctor, I don't feel well and I'm not sure why. I meditate for 20 minutes twice a day, exercise for at least 30 minutes a day [etc]."
Doctor: "Okay how about having a good beer twice a week? Come back in two weeks."

Related joke:
Patient: "I don't feel well doctor"
Doctor: "Do you smoke?"
Patient: "No"
Doctor: "Do you drink a lot?"
Patient: "No"
Doctor: "Do you have good sex?"
Patient: "Not really, sir"
Doctor: "Then what do you live for?"
Organic Fruit & Veg isn't good for YOU it's good for everyone else.

Organic Fruit and veg isn't sprayed with pesticide (which YOU could wash off) because it contains higher natural pesticides (which you cannot wash off). Organic is good for the world, but it doesn't mean it's good for YOU.
I dont know about +Sam Liddicott , but organic is definitely good for ME. Those pesticides and herbicides are oil based so they wont wash away in months of rain. Therefore you and I cannot wash them off either.. not even with soap, etc. That's one of the reasons i purchased one of these:
Anyone have scientific scources that clearly show a positive health effect from organic food??
Simple rule for life; If you don't like what you're doing, stop doing it.
Thats about acurate for most people, sad to say due to that American Lifestyle!
Def God
can it even work?
Are you sure this doctor has medical training? LOL
Thats funny enough, but very true. Maybe i can try the prescriptions.
My Doc says "MMM" :
Meditate, medicate & master...the 3M's of a *GoodLife. I always add a darkChocolateReseese ~ justgood measure! lol
My doc sayz"MMM":
Meditate, medicate & master..the 3M's to a GoodLife! I always add a darkChocoltReeses4 good measure! LOL
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