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Here is a beta of the new Ultimate Stopwatch and Timer for Android if anyone fancies testing it. /cc +Marie Schweiz 

Please say which device you tested on if you have feedback.

Source: Designs:
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The perfect team of a skilled Google developer and a talented designer!

Just a few questions/remarks.

* countdown pop-up is not cancelable with back button, is that a feature or an issue?

* some separators like ':' would be nice in the same pop-up

* the mixing of the black and white theme is disturbing at the beginning.
Few suggestions:-
1. The "Lap" icon is not obvious. I had to click it to figure out it was a lap. What you could do is everytime a person clicks the button, either popup a small toast, or some notification, or have the LAP TIMES tab glow :) The sound definitely says something has happened, but maybe a visual element would be great.

2. The Numbers in Stopwatch and the Countdown, when the rapidly change, it looks like the whole thing is vibrating :) Maybe if they are monospace they wouldnt give the jittery effect.

3. When swipe between tabs (fragments i'm guessing), i can SEE the alignment (of the Numbers and the clock image) break apart. Like a lag. Maybe its just about memory optimization :)

visually, the app looks BRILLIANT! :) looks like a fancy omega watch that i have :) 
Looks and works great! Two minor tweaks:
- Option to disable sounds altogether.
- Iconography in xhdpi (Nexus 4) and xxhdpi (Nexus 10's launcher)
I tried it on a Nexus S:
Everything seems to work perfectly. However, the numbers around the clock are pixelated because of what I think is a downscaling from a "high resolution" image.

I tried it on a 10" tablet:
The app crashes at launch in both portrait and landscape orientation. Maybe it is not tablet compatible.

Since I used it without sound, it also took me a minute or so to figure out what the bottom right button was for. There is not Toast or Tooltip when the button is pressed or long pressed. (Edit: It's the same issue mentioned by +Akash Ramani above)

Except from those details, it is a really cool app!
I Check this app on my Nexus Phone .. 
It's working Great  .. . Good Work
That looks really nice...gonna give it a go shortly
The overdraw can be improved quite a bit. I think this causes some lag on the clock numbers when swiping between tabs... Also the frame rate suffers visibly. But yeah the app looks fantastic, and works well. It only needs some optimisation and it's ready to conquer the hearts of your users!
+Christophe Versieux thanks, I've fixed the dialog cancel bug and added an onCancelListener instead. The other comments I'll have to refer back to +Marie Schweiz.  Updated usw.apk is available at above url.
+Akash Ramani thanks for taking the time to test it.

Good point regarding the Lap Time icon, I'll discuss it with +Marie Schweiz. You've also highlighted that I've not added the contentDescription so I'll add that to all buttons now.

The numbers are indeed wiggling around, it is a tad disturbing but as you say the font isn't monospace, I've opened an issue at

Yes, there is some tearing between the view elements while swiping, I've improved it a lot but it is still noticable, I'll see if I can improve it further.
good work.

Enhancements suggested :
1.Custom clock faces
2.Custom sounds.
3.Gesture to start/stop.
I also noticed that the "clear all laps" overflow item is strange.

First it is accessible from every fragment and that is disturbing.

Second: I would personally make it available in the lap fragment, with a bottom button similar to reset timer.
+Rich Hyndman 
The app is really great and the design too but I have some suggestions :

1- the image of the stopwatch and the countdown isn't too much good, so I suggest to put a new one with higher quality

2- for the countdown I suggest putting an option for the sound period because when I usually put a countdown I make it ring for a lot of time because If I wasn't near the phone I'll hear it 
+David Ta thanks for the feedback! I'm looking at added hdpi/mdpi graphics and testing on more devices when I get back to work on Monday. Also I can see the 10" tab bug, fixing it now.
+David Ta I've fixed the 10" issue, but looks like I need to use some higher res images for the Nexus 10, clock is looking a little small without upscaling, especially in portrait.
+Paul Lammertsma I may well be, I haven't checked it against the latest set of rules yet as I'm using IntelliJ, will do it manually soon.
Testing it on the GN, very nice design. Clean and Crisp..
Since it is crafted by +Marie Schweiz, visually it sure looks good! ;)

Some feedback from my side (some already mentioned above but I will just mention again):

a) Make it a text 'LAP' button on portrait mode will be slightly better, although I can understand that the button is for lapping (only after a few seconds), it's still potentially confusing.

b) Tearing when swipe to switch tab

c) Pressed effect on the bottom bar at Stopwatch tab isn't too clear. Brighter pressed effect will be clearer.

d) Don't show the title perhaps? In Galaxy Nexus, regardless of portrait or landscape mode, the title get cut off. I think the beautiful icon already sufficient for the identity?

e) There is sound when the screen orientation changed, is it intended?

f) In landscape mode, the image scaling is not perfect at the moment.

g) Direct selection of the lap time item for delete perhaps?

h) Doesn't work on Nexus 10 (which is already known)

i) When I see the dial, I feel like holding it and set the countdown timer, not sure if it's possible? :P

Hope it's not too long :x 
I'm not sure if this is the desidered behavior but app sounds are played also if the phone is muted. 
nice - Samsung Note 2 - I would make the hand tip finer from the point it reaches the inner numbers out.
all what i can say now about your feedback: i design it for more than a nexus device and older devices with small screens.
Seems a little jerky on my Nexus S, also the lack of an ongoing notification is a total no go for me. 

Add that, and maybe custom alarm sounds and you've got something that will get me off opoolo's Timer. 
This has always been one of the first apps I download on any new Android phone.  Thanks Rich!!

I tried it on a Nexus 7

Few suggestions:-
1. +Akash Ramani  In portrait mode The "Lap" icon is not obvious. 
2. Gesture to start/stop is not obvious and seems to have a little delay.
3. I would improve the lap view. For each lap, it would be nice number lap (#1, #2), Lap Time, Start time, End time (and why not a bold text for best lap).
4. When it is runnng, I would add something in notification area as start, stop, pause buttons (like a music player).

I tried it on a Samsung Mini 2
1.  the image of the stopwatch and the countdown isn't too much good
Oooh, lots more great feedback to work through, thanks guys!!

+Rainer Paskiewicz there is an ongoing notification for stopwatch mode on devices that support rich notifications, non for countdown yet though.
+Rich Hyndman I just tested the stopwatch notification  and its a little sparse on my Nexus S but its a damn good start. If the rest are planned, but not in this beta, then all I can say is "Wee". 
+Rainer Paskiewicz Yep, that's the default Chrono Rich Notification, but I'm sure Marie has plans for a more custom design with start/pause buttons etc.. and also support for countdown.
+Rich Hyndman If you're using IntelliJ, make sure you also run Lint on the command line occasionally since I believe IntelliJ doesn't run any of the .class file based checks (which includes the API check and most of the flow analysis checks)
The seconds sound is not played correctly when switching to the settings screen (GNex). Looks like a second sound is played immediately after switching - and the next second lags behind.

I also agree that the lap mode icon is not obvious.
BTW: The seconds tick seems to be played only, when I have paused the timer and restarted it again.
One more: I use a countdown and leave the app using back. Now when I return I would like to see the still running countdown and not the stopwatch tab. The same is true for opening the notification of a completed countdown after leaving the app.
+Rich Hyndman after launching, the standard app icon and text in the action bar get replaced with a slightly different icon and the text in all caps, but it is ever so slightly AFTER one can already see the entire interface, so it looks out of place.
Also, the numbers in roboto font slightly jitter due to the different widths. One can see the zeros on the left move when the seconds change from wider numbers like 0 to 1. I think you mentioned this on the office hours once and know what I mean.
Also, I guess Reto and Ian would complain about the general shape of the app icon looking like it is from Cupertino ;-)
The stop watch asset should be higher res and while swiping over to another tab, items don't align properly, but I believe that has been mentioned already.
Tested on SGS2 with 4.1.2 AOSP. 
+Rich Hyndman the app is really nice.
Suggestion :
On landscape the reset buttons and all can be placed at the bottom right .
+Paul Lammertsma thanks for the feedback, I'll fix up the launcher icons before going live, also there should be a speaker icon in the Action Bar to turn off all sounds, can you see it?
+Abdullah Suleiman thanks again for the feedback, in settings there is an option for an endless countdown alarm, would that suffice? I'm tempted to make it long but not endless incase it goes off when you've left your phone at home or similar.
+Rich Hyndman 
Sorry I didn't saw that!, I've just checked it out and it's working fine

I've also noticed something in the stopwatch
when you click the icon which is down on the right you will notice some lag in the stop watch for 1 second and it will start working fine again
Very nice, but little pixelated in MDPI device like SK17i :)
I tested it in a htc One s works fine but there is a Crash Message when pressing the Home Button Ehen returning to the app it Starts counting again würg the right Time

S2 Europa model running cm 10/Android 4.2: works fine, scrolling looks smooth enough, stopwatch face looks a bit pixilated though. 
+Hendry Ardhiansyam +Jaime Visser thanks for testing, I'll work on the pixelation, I need to pre-generate a couple more clock face/hand sizes.

+Andreas Schemberger thank you as well, is the crash message a Force Close dialog? any chance you know how to grab a stack trace? 
Hi yes it was, but sorry I don't know how to get the stack trace
+Rich Hyndman The first time I opened the app, I could set a countdown timer by clicking the numbers above the stopwatch graphic. I tested a countdown of 1 minute, minimized the app and re-entered it through the notification. It took me back to the countdown tab, now I cannot change the countdown timer through the numbers anymore, only through the alarm clock in the action bar.
Second test was 10 minutes countdown, started it and locked the screen with the power button, provoking deep sleep (and down-clocking of the cpu from 1.2ghz to 200mhz). The notification sound was punctual, upon unlocking the device I was given the countdown tab again and this time, I can change the countdown timer by clicking the numbers again.
Tested on a Samsung Galaxy S2, HDPI, screen size normal. Android 4.1.2 AOSP. 
Thanks +Marcel Ulbrich for the feedback. I'm considering re-writing the watch view itself at the moment, but either way I'm planning on improving the graphics quality soon.
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