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The Android dashboards updated:
 - Android 4.0+ is now 40% of active devices
 - Gingerbread (2.3.x) has dropped below 50%
 - Cupcake has dropped off the list         #androiddev  
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Now we just need to kill of gingerbread...
After using ICS and both JB updates, I truly despise gingerbread. Its looks horrible and runs like garbage even on high end phones who's hardware has only just started to be rivaled
Samsung, among other vendors, still sells phones with GB right now in Brasil (and in many other countries, I guess). GB is the preferred OS for the cheap phones that carriers give for free in their lower-level data plans in my country. These phones never receive an OS upgrade.

The ugly truth is that device vendors and carriers don't care about market fragmentation. They just want to push those devices out of the door, regardless the harm they do to software developers. By the end of 3013 your apps will still need to support an OS released in mid-2010.
I think that Gingerbread's hold has been attributed to the longer-term phone contracts that are available. Once people who bought their Gingerbread enable phone on a two-year contract upgrade to a newer phone, we will ICS and JB start to gain on Gingerbread.
Right. Android is doomed to be legacy by design. We will always be forced to develop today for the API of two years ago -- or else depend on a flaky support library which resorts to ugly tricks in order to provide forward compatibility.
+Carlos Santos So far this has been a non-issue. There are plenty of good libraries that expand on what the support library offers.
+Vito Cassisi That's the point: you can not rely on the base platform to build an app because it is limited and outdated so you must resort to third-party components.
I would LOVE to see one of these reports show percentages of phones rooted or running a non-OEM os/bootloader. I wanna know how many of those jellybean phones are because consumers getting fed up carriers' and manufacturers' lack of after-sale support.
GB is popular due to cheap devices and because of devices that people don't know how or don't care to update (majority of buyers).
They should do the top 10 handsets in the uk pie chart . 
My chinese 7" MID tablet received jelly bean update faster than my note 10.1...
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