Clicking through to the form, it looks like the Google TV team have secured 50 tickets to this years Google I/O for the GoogleTV Hackathon winners!
Build a great Google TV App and win a Google IO ticket plus meeting with great judges at Google!

Important Update:
1 A limited number of tickets to Google I/O will be made available to some winners (Not all winners can win this). Google TV team will confirm the numbers later.
2 Two of the judges have been selected and announced:
Blake Krikorian (@blakekrik), co-founder and former CEO of Sling Media
Mark Mangiola, Venture Partner at Canaan Partners
3 Coordination with a linked event in London should add some "virtual flair" to both venues.

Facility space will be limited, and a sell-out seems likly. You must register to attend. I am sure it will be worth your effort for the 2.5 days! I told yah!!
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