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As an #Android Developer Advocate I spend a lot of time working with partners. They are, fortunately, all aware of our main resource at however I often refer them to our resources at the Android Design site (, the Android Developers Blog ( and +Android Developers they are all excellent. But the 3 specific links I find myself sending out most frequently are:

Android Developers Blog | Making Android Games That Play Nice -

Android Design | Pure Android -

Android Developers Blog | Android Market Feature-Image Guidelines -

More recently Android Training ( has also joined the list of indispensable sites and the public guidance on Loading Large Bitmaps Efficiently is really helping many developers ( as well as the other classes and the basic training I linked to yesterday.
Most developers want to distribute their apps on multiple platforms. As you plan your app for Android, keep in mind that different platforms play by different rules and conventions. Design decisions t...
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+Leon Gouletsas it has been there since the launch of the store. All bugs should be tracked via and should be prioritised accordingly and you can even receive notifications.
Great job! Pure Android rules!
+Rich Hyndman I agree with all of what I've seen but something needs to be said about making tablet optimized apps easier to find. I would like to see a label next to free personally
please ... Q: How to send and receive Data Into A Remote Mysql Database with native android application ????
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