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TIL: in Vegas it seems like everybody smokes, and nobody has heard of public or even indoor non-smoking laws...

The weather is quite nice though!

+Christian Caldwell +Shelenn Ayres +Andrew Moser

Perhaps Germany was a poor example. Canada and the UK have simpler single-payer systems and manage to provide care to all for far less than the US spends today. There is nothing inherently wrong with multi-payer systems, though it will be harder to drive down costs in such a model to where they are outside the US.

As far as ability to get things done goes, obviously if you're counting on congressional obstructionism then none of the Democratic candidates will get anything positive done.

The key is in driving turnout so that Congress can be reformed. Granted, it is a bit late to be running more progressives in the primaries now, but if Sanders is successfully elected the next step would be to get more progressives into office in 2018. If turnout is higher in the general election then we're also more likely to see more progressives take office in Jan.

We're not going to accomplish anything with 8 more years of the same, followed by another round of candidates that are looking to repeat Hillary's campaign.

As far as the costs of medicare for all goes - you'd be hard-pressed to find middle-class families who are paying lower premiums today than they would under Bernie's plans. Most pay well over 2% on premiums today, especially if you factor in employer contributions.

In any case, I currently have no plans to vote for Hillary in the general.

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Don't usually post on politics, but I found this quote rather amusing:

"I think the momentum for a single payer system will sweep the country. And regardless of the referendum outcome in California, it will be such a huge popular issue in the sense of populist issue that even if it’s not successful the first time, it will eventually be. So for those who think that building on the existing public-private system with an employer mandate is radical, I think they are extremely short-sighted, but that is their choice."
-- Hillary Clinton, 1994

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I have to say, sometimes auto awesome just nails it. Was uploading some old photos to Google photos.

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A Cherry Rd, Cherry Ln, and Cherry Dr in a one block radius.  Oh, did I mention that they have overlapping street numbering?

Yes, that causes about as much chaos as it sounds like it should...

Setting aside the specific issue in dispute, the situation in Rowan County KY with the jailed county clerk illustrates one of the absurdities of highly federalized systems of government as are common in the US (in this case even at the local level).

Since Davis is an elected official she cannot be fired for not performing her duties.  She could be impeached, but nobody has the power to compel the legislature to do this.  The result is that the only way to enforce the judicial ruling is to put her in jail until she voluntarily complies with the ruling or resigns her office.  There is even dispute over whether licenses issued without her sanction are valid.

This sort of self-contradiction is inherent in federalized systems of government.  It really seems wasteful if nothing else.  The only reason Davis is sitting in jail is because nobody has the power to replace her.  There isn't actually anybody on any side of the issue who really desires this state of affairs.  As Neal Stephenson wrote: 'And it happened all the time that the compromise between two perfectly rational alternatives was something that made no sense at all.'

That isn't to say that federalized systems don't have their benefits, but there is little benefit to the public in having open conflict between government branches, unless it exists solely in the impediment of function.  

Gotta love #seagate  ...  Bought a ST3000DM001 3TB drive in Aug 2013.  It was replaced under warranty in Oct 2014, and the warranty replacement drive just died today.  Looking at my orders of these drives it seems like I'm faring about as well as +Backblaze .

So, the question is do I keep buying these lousy drives (that model number is STILL the current model), or do I spend 50% more for a #hitachi  ?

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Not sure how I didn't notice this before. Basically you can get Gentoo packages running on any chromebook using one command that comes pre-installed!

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Not sure how I didn't notice this before. Basically you can get Gentoo packages running on any chromebook using one command that comes pre-installed!

Ugh, it seems like +Google might be getting rid of #picasa .

Does anybody know of a decent replacement?  Must have requirements include:

1.  Works fine with a read-only network share directory tree of DNG files, and doesn't attempt to touch anything in that directory tree if it isn't read-only (allowances can be made for storing state in a separate file from the images, but state should be maintained if the directory tree is read-only).
2.  Is able to directly upload prints to Walmart.
3.  Has support for basic image correction (bright/contrast, white balance, crop, red-eye).
4.  Runs on windows.

The irony is that picasa is the one application that is currently keeping me from replacing one of my windows PCs with a Chromebook.  Unfortunately, I'm not aware of any Chrome applications that support maintaining a library of images stored on a file share.  No, I'm not going to pay Google to host my 200G raw photo archive.

I guess I could switch to linux on that box and something like darktable, but I doubt it supports Walmart uploads which will not be good for the family acceptance factor.  There is also lightroom but it isn't free and it definitely doesn't support Walmart uploads.

I really wish somebody would build a web-based application that is capable of managing a library of images NOT stored on a remote website.  I'd also be happy with self-hosting something equivalent to Google Photos so that storage space isn't a factor.  
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