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Gamma World 1e official PDF became available yesterday!
Gamma World (1e)
Gamma World (1e)

Huh. And all this time, I thought RPGs were about people having fun.

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It's going to be one of those days.

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Wow, Oregon. Wow.

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Starting today, google allows anyone with a Google plus account to send an email to your gmail address.  This page shows you how to limit that:

What's worse, google is going to start offering suggestions to who you mail.  I suppose you could take this at face value when they say they are trying to make it easier to send an email to someone whose email address you don't know, but shouldn't that be our choice who gets to know what our email address is?  This is just more data mining.

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our integrated world.
If you use Google+ you might want to stop posting or commenting on YouTube links.

The TLDR that everyone on G+ needs to be aware of is:

If you publicly post a YouTube video on your G+ feed a link to your profile shows up on that video's YouTube comments

If you comment on a YouTube video that someone else publicly posts in their G+ feed, a link to your G+ feed shows up on that video's YouTube comments

If you're not a fan of this, and you want to go back and "clean up" those links you've made over the past months/years you can't just delete the post from your G+ feed. You have to delete it from G+ and from YouTube.

When you post a link to a YouTube video on G+ you need to be aware that the words you post along with it are going to simultaneously appear in two different communities on the internet with two inherently different audiences.
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If you add me to your circles, and I go to your profile, only to find that your entire posting history is simply pimping your kickstarter, expect to be reported to Google for a policy violation.  Specifically, unwanted commercial content or Spam.
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