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Well, I bought an hp11 from Amazon a couple of weeks ago. I thought I would get some use from it at home, but in reality I still use my mac book air in most cases.
I'm glad I gave it a go, and if I had a choice between this and a windows lappy, I'd always go for this. If I was on a budget, I'd always go for this.

Sadly, I think my xperia tablet z will be a more flexible companion to my mba.

Sending it back tomorrow. Thanks to all in this community. You're knowledgeable, friendly, and welcoming. 
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Yup, next time, try an intel one! :)
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Rich Fletcher

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It would seem the largest 4g data package I can buy at any price is from Vodafone (10gb).

I need more than that really. EE was doing an offer in cumbria for rural broadband that was 25gb, but it's not readily available to anywhere else :(

Any ideas? It's going in a 4g router.
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Maybe contact these as they sell that unit and ask which will work.
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Fair enough. 
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Rich Fletcher

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Why the long face? 
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Rich Fletcher

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I just ordered the hp11, but am now thinking I should have got the c720 for the chip.

What are you guys using mostly? 
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That rant was out of date when it was posted.  It's pretty much useless now.  ARM still isn't quite ready for prime time, but it's getting there.  The real obstacle is the lack of software for it.  Dropbox, Teamviewer, and a whole host of other packages don't have ARM versions, and it's problematic getting Linux in general to run acceptably on ARM hardware.  It can be done, but it's still a dancing bear.  That should change eventually, but it's going to take some work from a lot of people and companies, who have to be suitably motivated.
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Rich Fletcher

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We recently adopted a site from a company we took over. It's OK to view, but the CMS is a bloody nightmare. Included within the site is a "salon Finder" which never seems to work correctly and is generally a pain to use.

I am thinking of moving to a wordpress site - but I have no experience of WP (I use Rapidweaver for all our sites).

Do any of you have experience with WP? Would anyone be interested in the job of managing the changeover?

The adopted site is
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I use WordPress but most of the techi stuff done by +Chris Ward. May be able to help but think he had a tight schedule currently. 
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Rich Fletcher

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Well, after over a week of use I'm sorry to say that N5 is no good to me. The battery just isn't up to the job.

Love the form factor
Love the screen
Love the simplicity
I even like the camera, and I was sure I was going to hate that.

It's just not designed for my usage.

For sale - if you know anyone. Has several cases and two wireless charging pads. 
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+Nick Kalman its been 10 days with no discernible change. It went from shocking to poor after 4 days or so, then just stayed there. 
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Rich Fletcher

Accessories for the Note 2  - 
Hi All

I have a Spigen SGP Valentinus Case for a Galaxy Note 2.

It's beautiful light brown leather and is new in box.

First UK person to get in touch gets the case. 
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Rich Fletcher

#batterylife/speedtest  - 
First weekend with the nexus 5. I've got to say, I won't be able to live with the battery life on this phone. I'm barely getting 13 hours out if it - and I'm not really doing much with it. 
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Battery Guru disabled all of my emails from syncing. Just use your phone normally and with time your battery will get better. First I was barely getting thought the day with mine and now it lasts me a day with lots of phone calls and gaming. Also make sure you follow what +Scott Spence said about battery dance. +Rich Fletcher
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Rich Fletcher

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Thin phones are a thing of beauty when they're spinning around on a manufacturers website. Or when they're laying seductively on a table top.

However, they're not great to hold while on a call and they put in jeopardy one of the most crucial of smartphone specs:

Battery life.

So - why not drop the 'look how thin we made this phone' (so you can wrap it in a huge bumper case anyway) to the 'hey look, we made a phone that you can rely on to get you through a rough day'

The moto x has taught us that the processor war was costly and futile. Let's hope this race to the thinnest phone starts to wane too.
Improvements in software have caused battery life to be spent in a more efficient way. However, while this is a welcome improvement, it really only makes mundane tasks less strenuous on the battery. What about those days when you're out with the family and you're taking a ton of pics? Then you're editing them on the fly. Then they're syncing with g+ and dropbox. Then you're uploading to Facebook and g+?

That all takes battery power, and there's no substitute for milliamp hours.

So: take a z1 compact with the same amazing specs as it's big brother, up the thickness just a little, and you have a great phone with a great battery. Go from 2300mah up to 3000mah.

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Agreed. It feels like a cast off almost. 
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