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Rich Brimer
Artist, Lover, Father, Friend
Artist, Lover, Father, Friend

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"Walk This Way" 16x20" here was my first "successful" plein air painting. It was done on New Years Eve 2001. This set of palm trees sit near the south end of the parking strip of San Onofre beach. I had a lot of fun meeting a lot of the locals. I remember meeting a professional surfing photographer that stopped by for a while. Hi name is Bob Foster. He has a dad who was an animator with all of the studios in LA. I asked him if his dad was Walter, and he said that he was his GRAND-father. Pretty cool. Walter Foster helped me in my early days by supplying me with some great starter drawing books. In a big way, those Walter Foster books got me started. What a cool full circle meeting I had with his grandson Bob.
It was around this time I met surf artist, Ken Auster who we lost recently to cancer. I really enjoyed the simple palette that Ken showed me back then. It is Cad Yellow Medium, Alizarin Crimson, Ultramarine Blue. Also Ivory Black and Titanium White. Most of my greens are now made from black and yellow. Sometimes there is a touch of blue to cool down the shadows. A lot of paintings since this early work. Moving forward...

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Carmel Visual Arts has some great art and photography workshop coming up in 2015. Take a look here...

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This Sunday Night at 6:30. Larry Moore Painting Demonstration. RSVP Here... 

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Please add this to your calendar if you are in the Monterey Bay or beyond.
“It seemed to me that the earth was generous and outgoing here in the heartland, and perhaps the people took a cue from it” —John Steinbeck

The words of John Steinbeck were selected by the artists to accompany each work of art that has been selected for this exhibition called "The Heart of Steinbeck Country". Please join us for the opening reception and collect your own piece of Steinbeck Country.

Participating Artists
Paola Berthoin
Jacquelyn Coleman
Rachael Short
Viktor Klinger
Mark Monsarrat
Patricia Huber
Vivian Healy
AnnMarie McGill
Dallas Hyland
Janet Lombardi Blixt
Russell Jeffcoat
Jan Murphy
Lilli-Anne Price
Murray Wagnon
Rolf Lygren
Julia Munger Seelos
Kay Zetlmaier
Frederick Robert Warter
Derek Olinger
Julia Watson
Marte Thompson
Jim Messer
Juanita Turner
Michelle Magdalena Maddox

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The selections have been made. Congradulations to everyone who will be showing their work in The Heart of Steinbeck Country. Opening reception at Carmel Visual Arts on Sat Oct 18. Please join us.

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This is Edgar Payne seascape captures the training energy of the ocean that inspires. In today's painting class my students will be using this to copy from

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I sold this painting to a nice local Carmel Valley couple. Its off to the framer to get a new trim.

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Join us at Carmel Visual Arts on Sunday, April 13th, 2014 to watch a watercolor demonstration by Carolyn Lord.

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