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List of Albums I listened to in 2016 from best to worst.

"Cardinal" by Pinegrove
"The Impossible Kid" by Aesop Rock
"Green Star" by The Pears
"Shape Shift With Me" by Against Me!
"Sanguine" by Brutal Youth
"Love and Other Crimes" by Masked Intruder
"First Ditch Effort" by NOFX
"The North Corridor" by Chevelle
"We got it from Here" by A Tribe Called Quest
"Holy Ghost" by Modern Baseball
"Cody" by Joyce Manor
"No Change in the Weather" by Pulley
"Dear Echo" by Cecil Otter
"And the Anonymous Nobody" by De La Soul
"At This Age" by Signals Midwest
"Integrity Blues" by Jimmy Eat World
"Gore" by Deftones
"Simplicity" by the Bouncing Souls
"Wasted Mind" by Direct Hit!
"Hypercaffium Spazzinate" by The Descendents
"We Disappear" by The Thermals
"Cleopatra" by The Lumineers
"Congratulations" by Holy Pinto
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List of Albums I listened to in 2015 from best to worst.

"Positive Songs for Negative People" by Frank Turner
"All Hands" by Doomtree
"Cocksure" by Laura Stevenson
"Rose Mountain" by Screaming Females
"Tales from Wyoming" by Teenage Bottlerocket
"Beat The Champ" by The Mountain Goats
"Black is the New Black" by Everclear
"Gifted Student" by Adam Warrock
"First World Problems" by Break Anchor
"Blacktop" by Julien Baker
"What a Terrible World. What a Beautiful World." by The Decemberists
"Mutate, Baby!" by Kirby Krackle
"Ivy Tripp" by Waxahatchee
"Help Wanted" by Civil War Rust
"In Return" by ODESZA
"Not Sorry" by Bad Cop/Bad Cop
"Don’t Be Long" by Make Do and Mend
"Hospital Handshake" by Rocky Votalato
"King Kong" by Bob Schneider
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Momma needed a break from the boys. Chick-fil-a line was too long. Jack's is out so Famous Dave's it is
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First day of kindergarten.
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Someone had a long day.
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So let me get this straight #NFL you take away the damn near perfect GameRewind that I was willing to pay 40 a year for the chance to watch replayed Panther games. Replace it with a new app that does not work and then try to sell me a lesser version of the service I bought last year for 60 dollars more. Guess I'll be passing on this "great" idea. #MarketingBlunder
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I regret nothing!
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Rollin' 20's and taking names.
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It's OK #CarolinaHurricanes I didn't show up for the last 15 or so games either. #nhlcanes
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