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The first principle of every successful game is having clear play rules. 
#ingress does not have this clarity. 
The portal submission rules are a real chaos. It is not clear if a portal will be accepted or not, and it is not clear if a portal should be reported as invalid or not.
This has resulted in the portal wars.
Not in who controls the portals but in who has more 'accessible' portals and who can report for taking them out of the game. 

Various types of exploiters roam freely in the game and the war against them has had many casualties among real players that are appreciated for their game by their friends and adversaries alike.

The frustration about the state of the game has been high among all us for quite a time but the specific trigger for this post is the banning of one of the most active players in our area (Milan - Italy): #Natul +Matteo D'Aniello

We don't even know the reason of the ban apart the usual, not even remotely close to transparent, 'against the TOS'.
Of what specifically is this player accused, judged guilty and executed?
Location Spoofing? multi Account, account sharing, buying or selling an account, using 3--rd party software? This is important to know if the accused and judged guilty has to provide any kind  of proof in his defence.
Another issue is the immediate BAN without any warning. Ban that took place in the final hours of a very contested regional cycle.
We found ourselves without the most active player and many others got discouraged and didn't play at all or didn't play at their best.
This is not to say that our adversaries would not have won the cycle     which they won because of their determination and I extend my congratulations to them, but Niantic gave us a low and hard blow. 

Please take the necessary steps to create more transparent rules and protect against this type of banning.

I Do not agree that the fight against BOTs and spoofers needs to have casualties among such players. 
+NIA Ops +Brandon Badger +Joe Philley +Anne Beuttenmüller 

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hey Puffi, vi ho dedicato una canzone, che persona gentile che sono!

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Long live the #Enlightened , #Resistance  is futile. #Ingress   #Chiptune  
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