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Don't cry 'no more

Yes, I know that title is grammatically incorrect, but it just fits better for the message, for the audience! 

Nothing beats us harder than being alone!  Having friends, but having no one to talk to.  When everybody is talking but we are just quiet, nodding and smiling in return. Where everything seems like normal, but inside us we are all desolate and lonely.  When we just want to sit and cry for no specific reason, all while feeling the weight of the world on your shoulders. 

Be advised that you are not alone.  You won't be the first or the last to feel this way.... and this too, in a timely manner, shall pass. 

Don't let the weight of your own fist scare out the light and put pressure on your shoulders. Be strong, reach out, fight back!  You are never alone, there is always someone who can help. 

When you feel this way let us hear you cry!! We will come and help rescue you!! 

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I appreciate this post so much also. Every word is true about loneliness beating us up, and even when people are around you talking. It was this kind of loneliness that drove Robin Williams to end his life. It's way too powerful of an emotion. You deal with it at first by telling yourself to quit being so self-centered. But it's something that sort of stairs at you the whole time,..during times of feeling better and during times of feeling worse. If it were not for my beliefs in God and what he promises for mankind, to live in a time that he says that the pain and sorrow would not even come up into the heart and mind, then I would probably dive off the deep end. But it does also help in some way to know that we are not the only ones that suffer with this. Thanks again.
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Ricardo Williams

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End of Times - Search

Before I could turn around to check what this noise was, another noise, louder than the first one struck again.  I identified it this time, it was a cracking sound. I have never heard it before. Then there was another, and another one.  Before I could move to safety, as I figured out what was going on, the floor collapsed and the the balcony I was hiding on, plummeted to the ground. 

I don't know how long I was out, but it was now dark and cold. The light of the sun was no more and I was just surrounded and covered in rubble and debris.  I felt no pain. Is that good or bad? I asked myself.  What happened to me?  I was out of it and it took me about 5 minutes to remember what had happened. I was afraid to move, hoping I did not find any major injuries or broken bones.  I didn't want to move, but I had to.  I tried to pick myself up and during that effort the pain I felt was REAL. It hurt all over, but despite all of it I was still able to move and crawled out of all the rubbish and litter that surrounded me.  I did not see major signs of blood or areas of unbearable pain, so I figured I dodged a bullet.  Except for my pinkie finger, it was dislocated.  I figured that one was a quick fix. And some rags would do for the cut on my right thigh.  The limping while walking will take a couple days. 

It was at this point I realized I had no idea what happened to the group I was following.  Did they come over and check the noise of the collapsed balcony? Did they ignore and kept on their way? Are they close or far away? I had so many questions and many decisions to make, but was too tired to think clearly.  I found myself the safest place to spend the night, considering the circumstances, and forced myself to sleep with my axe in hand.

I was up bright and early the next morning, with the first orange-pink lights from the sun. These days you really don't know what color the sky will be.  The pain was considerably higher now, but I had to keep on going.  I figured I would follow whatever seemed like a logical path for the small group ahead of me to follow.  If they also slept at some point in the night they might just be a couple hours ahead of me. That is, if they didn't find me in the rubble, waited and are now following me.  Or maybe they saw me and left me for dead? Although still possessing my tools was a quick assurance I could dispatch that last idea.  They either saw me and left me to see what happens or didn't see me at all.  I am counting on the second choice.

After a couple hours I found what could have possibly been their rest spot.  Some empty cans, a place where a fire was burning, and some clean spots on the ground where people could have laid to rest.  The fire coals were not close to warm, it had been a while since they were last there. I also found a piece of crumbled up paper under a rock.. it had some notes and scribbles.  At the bottom it had a drawing and two words: "The Ship"

This was too obvious, why would they leave so many clues. Something is not right.  Unless they want people to know this, to search, to follow... but why?  Are they unto me? Is this a trap?  I swiftly looked over my shoulder and all around a 360 degree angle, up and down, to see if I spotted anything, anyone watching. 


I guess if I want to know the answer to my questions, there is only one way to find out.


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This will be a series of composites that will span over several weeks.
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+Yvette van Teeffelen 2 more installments .... :)
I am not sure yet +Sharon Stone ... it depends on where I want to take the story.... so it could be a while but hopefully not too long :)
I am glad you are enjoying it +Carla McMahon 
+Jim Migliore .... next week should be epic.... it should answer at least a couple questions!! Stay tuned!
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Ricardo Williams

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End of Times - Got my eye on you

I have been running rampant for weeks now.... I am guessing weeks, it feels like weeks. Heck, I haven't even been following time, it could be months.  My focus is there but my goal is gone.  My mission is now to survive, by all means necessary.  Although I constantly, every day, struggle with the question: Survive for what? Why? What is the purpose..... if only to live alone or learn to live again?  My mood changes, my character flakes, my determination dwindles. I go along my day, each day a single instance; there is no continuity, no desire, nothing but a constant fight. 

Provisions are scarce and far in between.  What is not rotten is expired; what is not putrid is unsafe. Animals are slowly growing in numbers... birds, wild life, etc.  Maybe I should find myself a dog. Been alone is so hard, especially when it is your only option. Loneliness has become like a disease, that eats at you faster than you can imagine.  You end up talking to yourself, just to have company... without realizing that the company is yourself.  Am I going crazy? Is not like there is nobody else out there.  I have heard, I have seen others....but I don't know them. I can't trust them... Groups of 2 or up to 5. I spy on them and follow them just in case they have her. So far, all of it has been unfruitful. It is just me... and myself.  Two people, yet the same person. 

I started following this group of people four days ago... They seemed different, resourceful, experienced, seasoned. Three men and one woman...  for all I can see from afar, she is the leader and damn good one she is. I am very careful and keep my distance, I don't want to be seen.  They seem to have a plan, a route .... a purpose!  They seem to be in search of something.  A thing I can't see or understand, is it a thing or a place ....... or both?  This monocular I found a couple months back has proven to be so helpful. I found it in a dead man's bag, his lost was my gain.

Anyway... I  have made this my new priority: to follow them until I can get my head straight again or until I find another clue; which seems next to impossible in this land of complete nothingness, desolation and catastrophe.  Their is a scary green fog today that is surrounding everything at dusk... sometimes it is green, sometimes red, sometimes orange .... it always seem to change.  It makes it hard to watch, hard to see ... but I have my eye on them... they are on the move again.  But something is different... they splitted up, I can only pick up on 3 ... I can't find the fourth one.....  

That's when I heard this noise behind me.... 


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This will be a series of composites that will span over several weeks.
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LOL +Lon W. ... Hopefully it's not anything too dangerous!
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Ricardo Williams

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End of Times - Despair

I raced to the top of the stairs, to the wall behind the statue, and read the writing on the wall.  It was less cryptic, it was direct, but it would only work if it was for the right person. 

- Your Birthday North, My Birthday East, for you a stride for some a leap.

That is 16 strides North and then 11 strides East. For a regular person, one of my strides might be a short leap. Being 6'8" would do that to you!  But when I got there there was nothing.  I mean I could not even get there because there was a wall before I could even get my 9th step in. I searched all around but found nothing, no other clue. Something was off!  What?  What if it is not only the days but also the months?  So I tried again.... adding months to my simple math equation. I arrived, of course, to a different destination.  There were no walls impeding my progress, but there was nothing around or above.....maybe below?

I dropped to my knees and checked the ground. Nothing obvious.  I started scrubbing with my hands and using a stick to dig around the dirt and broken wooden floors and quickly was able to find a weak spot. After more digging I removed the dirt and debry, and there in a rotten dirty box it was.  The clue I was looking for.  I read, and immediately felt despair.

- "Provisions are low, medications are gone. I need to get my meds. Find the closest hospital. I am using a map from the gas station! Guess google maps doesn't work anymore uh?! I cant wait to see you! Hurry!"

She was hopeful that we would reunite, and so was I.  But it know seems like time is running out. She is running out of food and possibly water, she is tired and weak... and she needs her medicines. What if she doesn't get them! "Don't panic!" - I said to myself. "Move!"

I  headed quickly to the gas station and picked up a map.  The closest hospital was less than 2 miles away.  I got there in no time. Once there I searched and searched. Top to bottom.  It took me 2 whole days to search everything.  I didn't find her.... I couldn't find her... I didn't even find a clue! Is it possible I am at the wrong place? I double checked the map, this is indeed, the closest hospital.  Why is there nothing for me here, no clue, no Debbie! 

I suddenly felt a sense of rage and anger I never experienced before. A delinquent and destructive mood.... Have I lost her forever? - I asked myself. What if she is no more?  These and other questions invaded my mind, which made me lose control of it all.  At that point, completely out of myself, I used all my energy to break and destroy everything around me.  I didn't care anymore, the option of living life alone ... well, was not one I could cope with! 

When there was no more damage to do there, I fearlessly moved on.. and started my reckless journey to .... wherever anger took me!


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This will be a series of composites that will span over several weeks.
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+Kathleen Milks :) Thank you!
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Ricardo Williams

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Thank you very much +Lauri Novak +Patt Dickson and +Isabelle Cardinal .... there is some kind of a Matrix feel to this :)
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Ricardo Williams

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Ok my peeps.... I need directions. 

I am trying to finally use this google photos thing to update my albums since apparently google+ photos is going away...... so I tried to upload a photo to my #wordlessonwednesday album....

After realizing I cant upload a photo from my computer to an album using google photos (unless I am missing something)... I then realized when I figured out how to find the photo (you can sort by date modified) that when I added it to the album.... I couldn't create a google post like I normally do..... Am I missing something??

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I know +Alex Lapidus , I have copied tips onto a page, so I have a little manual...
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Ricardo Williams

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Nynke B
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Ricardo Williams

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Against All Odds

Sometimes it feels it's just you against the Universe.  Even when nobody is watching, Even when people may judge you, Even when no one can help you up to your feet again, Even against all odds........ Don't let the universe beat  you! 
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Thank you very much +Nynke B 
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Ricardo Williams

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Thank you so much +Nynke B glad you like it :) ... I do like this image a lot too.
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Ricardo Williams

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#TBT Studio 54

Leather and Disco... yay! Boogie Night!
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Thank you so much +Elizabeth Lund ... you keep saying that, I may believe it!
Hahaha +Nynke B .. you and #DatSmile  
Hello +Andi Drew ... nice to see you.
Hello +Darla Hueske ... thank you very much my friend.
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