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The Windy City
Name that Building ..... 
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Ricardo Williams

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The Fighter

Here we are, is the break in round 968, one minute before we go again. We sit, we rest, we breathe.... deep breaths. We are tired, down, drained.... we think we can't go anymore.  When we are in that corner we feel overwhelmed, week, tired.... sometimes disgusted, sometimes hateful, sometimes miserable or annoyed. Sometimes we feel hopeful, forgiven, believers, dreamers or mere mortals.  We can also feel alone, or usually, if we are lucky, feel the support and encouragement of all the trainers (your parents, your family) and the hydrating support of your water guy/gal (your spouse).

We listen to the instructions, we plan our moves, we try to stick to the plan... everybody speaking at once, everybody with an idea or/and advice.  Then they are the sports commentators which feel they know exactly what you need to do to win (the therapists/the counselors); they will keep repeating it, like a broken letter. They are also the fans, those who are watching from around the ring. They have their own ideas about what is wrong.  Some think you are done, that you should have never even tried, that you are a joke or a failure (the haters). Others root for you, have hope or even faith. They know  you can regroup and recover and shout/show their support (your colleagues, your friends).

And those watching on pay per view,  they have their own agendas or ideas. Some don't even care and are only there for the entertainment, others really want to know the outcome even though they are not affected by it, and others do want the outcome to go one way or the other. They are still all one, all the same... disconnected, unrelated but still there; watching, paying attention, criticizing, judging; ready to pounce at whatever outcome (society). 

This is the battle we face as humans, this is the the struggle we fight every single day, week, month and year. This is who we are, this is what we do, and this is what we face. 

And after that minute (sleep) we get up and are ready for the other round! 

Ding Ding Ding - Round 969

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Thank you so much +Nynke B :) Glad you like the post :)
+Louis Zinser Thank you very much... I like the way it turned out!
+Rachael Switalski Thanks for your comment.... it is hard to always keep those things (and others) in perspective.  If this post can help someone reflect, remember, realize... they that is great, it has served a purpose. We often forget that everyone is fighting a different battle, but a battle anyway! ...... It is good to remember that despite all the haters and everybody else... we are not alone in our corner!! Thank you Rachael.
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Ricardo Williams

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Thank you +STARK-Magazine 
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Hahahaha Thanks for the compliments +Natosha Davis 
Thank you very much +Elizabeth Lund 
+Eric Stoliker thank you and thank you!
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Ricardo Williams

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The Windy City

I am reworking all my photos of Chicago - Nothing else to see here.  Will make a collection also.....

Ok... you can carry on now!
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Awwwwww thank you so much +Elizabeth Hahn :)
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Ricardo Williams

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Nynke B
+Ricardo Williams ...I think so too! ;))
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Ricardo Williams

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There is more to come of the Windy City.... 
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The most beautiful city my home
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Ricardo Williams

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Thank you guys so much for all the love...... you guys make me want to keep creating... thanks. +Yvette van Teeffelen +Creative Expressions Photography +John Getchel +Samantha OBrien +Joanna Koziara +Christina Lihani +Mari Luukkonen +Jacqueline Hodsdon +Mark Rodriguez +Ron Grooms +Eve Aebi +Brian Avis +Nynke B +Gary Munroe +Elizabeth Lund 
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Ricardo Williams

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+Lauri Novak's know where this is at.... :)
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Ricardo Williams

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Thank you +STARK-Magazine

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Thank you +Rachael Switalski 
Thank you much +Ms. K. Bohème 
+Louis Zinser Thank you very much.
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Ricardo Williams

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I try to keep it busy.... that is, my brain +Nynke B .... thank you my friend.
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Ricardo Williams

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Imagine you are sleeping... comfortably and effortlessly. Lights are out, room is cold... you are under the covers.  It is cozy in there. Then imagine you hear a noise.  You open your eyes and wake up, but you can't move one inch of your body!  That is called Sleep Paralysis!  The only way to make it out of the state is to wait. 

Now imagine you close your eyes again, trying to stay calm ... and when you open them again........ you see this! 

Did that terrify you?
You are Welcome!
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Thank you +Nynke B ... glad you like it!  
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Ricardo Williams

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End of Times - The Last City - (Season 1 Finale) 

It's been almost two months now; two months of heading West.  I am not sure how much longer I am supposed to go or how much longer I will be able to go. Heading in only one direction, without a spot-on destination is tough. Sometimes you wonder if you passed it, if you missed it, or if you will ever get to it.  But in this age and time what else do I have to lose? Nothing!  I shall continue going. What I can gain is much more important than dying without trying. 

I have noticed, though, that during the last couple of days, there is more of a presence of people in the area.  There are more foot tracks on the ground, more areas used as gathering places, more put out fire pits.  It is like they are more people all around.  Now don't be confused; when I mean more is not like I find these every couple of hundred yards.  I mean I find these every couple of miles, whereas before I could go days without noticing anything.  This discovery has to mean something.  I must be close, but close to what? What will I encounter. 

One night, after a couple more days of travelling, just before I set camp to sleep, I noticed this faint glare at a distance... this faint orange kinda hovering light at afar.  Like one you would see at night from the lights of a baseball stadium from miles away.  Similar to that but different.  I could notice it only because it was a dark night, one without moon. One with no haze or smog or fog... a clear dark night.  I checked my compass and the glimmer was effectively West!  I had found my destination. I was eager and anxious.  I wanted to run toward it just then and there, but I had to get my rest.  I needed to conserve my energy and plan my approach. I can't get so close to my goal and just let it all go to hell because of lack of planning, triggered by pure desperation and excitement. I went to sleep!

The next morning I started my journey bright and early. It would take me at least a whole new day to get to my destination if I travel at a fast pace. So I packed up and started fast. Still careful of my surroundings and attentive to every noise.  After about 16 hours I was close enough to asses the area, but far enough, at least in my mind, to not be detected if they had any kind of patrol.  I was at the top of a hill, still miles away. I checked my surroundings, searched for a good spot, much like a sniper would do, and waited there to observe.  I took my monocular out of my bag and began observing...... Impressive!

This looks like the last civilization standing.  They are running on some sort of energy, that either emanates from the ground or from the sky. It is like a huge bolt. It is surrounded by these huge birds, or at least some kind of animal that flies. I had never seen those before, but hell, I have never being in this situation before either. The city is in a valley, surrounded by hills, with what seems as only one main entrance road.  For now that is all I can see, still I continue watching.

After a couple hours of surveillance, and after being up for almost 24 hours, which is not uncommon in these end of times circumstances, I noticed movement.  The road is patrolled.  Very diligently and very stealthy.  As one would say: "You can't just walk into Mordor".  From this distance I can't quite see, but I am sure there has to be some kind of huge gate security and more before you get into this remnant of civilization. Also as noticed earlier, you seem to not be able to just walk in, you need to be taken in. I guess I need to start working on finding other ways to get into the city. But now is time to rest. I went to sleep!

The following couple of days I moved closer... slowly and vigilantly. I wanted to be able to monitor the area better without being detected and at the same time, try to pick up any pattern that I could use to my advantage. How do they move, how do they operate. It is clear by now: people that are not careful are captured and taken into the city.  They are stripped of their belongings and just taken in by armed guards. Guards.......... Guards! That is my in, I need to be a Guard! By hook or by crook!

I started monitoring dutifully the movement of the guards. Everything, every step, every hour, every minute. Tracked downtime, alone time, changing of shifts and even bathroom time. How they operate and how they communicate. This took me a couple more days. I wanted to make no mistakes. I think I figured it out.

I made my way down to the road...... I am determined, I am prepared, and I am ready.

It is time to enter the gates of hell...... into the Last City!


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Thank you very much +Anna Ryndak :)
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