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Yea.... it was more like a mini rogue one.... cause a real rogue would have wiped us all out LOL
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Ricardo Williams

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You know what is cool? 

Well +Michael Bonocore is cool... but what is cool about that is that he used his coolness to create more coolness!  Congratulations on being the Editor in Chief at Resource Travel Magazine. 

Please take some time to follow them on FB ( and read the article Michael wrote 

Enjoy the post and his photography. You wont regret it!

"Life is too short…and the world is too big" - Michael Bonocore
As a kid, I would comb through National Geographic, daydreaming about seeing, in person, the wildlife, sweeping landscapes, and interesting people that graced the pages. Somewhere in my teen angst, I stopped reading Nat Geo. I wouldn’t open the cover again until the ink of that first stamp dried...
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Ricardo Williams

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Thank you very much y'all +John Dusseault +Shelly Gunderson +Angela Migliore +Lauri Novak +Lon W. 
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Ricardo Williams

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End of Times - The Quest

A couple of weeks ago my leg stopped aching and I have been able to cover a lot more distance than before. It's being 69 days since the day I found that clue; since the moment I found purpose again and a burning desire to do whatever it takes to find my girl. My woman! My love! I found a renewed sense of energy and hope when I found that note. I knew what to do and I knew where to go... but there was still something bugging me, something I quite didn't understand!  

"First up then Down"

What does that mean? I still haven't been able to figure that out.  It is also interesting to me that she wrote "you know where I went" and not "you know where I am".  Does that mean she would be constantly on the move? Probably! Does that mean she won't be waiting for me at any specific place? I surely hope so, that would be smart. But then, what if I get there and she is not... anywhere around? Then what.............

Sometimes I get caught up in thoughts.  I guess it won't matter if I don't get there, I guess I shouldn't worry until I get there. But we humans, we worry and wonder, part of the reason we are alive.

I am close now, maybe a 2 day walk away. Just a couple miles to 1828. That is the number of the house we lived in, our house; and that's where I am heading.  I have been able to scavenge along the way, and this is my favorite, some cans of tuna in water! I also still have my can opener!  If I could only find a wine bottle we could celebrate with tuna and wine when we meet again. Ha, I would have never imagined that was a great combination, but in these times anything you can eat (and drink) is great! But first I need to get there, then she needs to be there! 

I suddenly stopped on my tracks. Life is life, and sometimes it seems like you never get a break.. and again this time it proves to be right. The bridge is down, all the bridges are down. I need to cross this river. I can swim I said!!.... I ran close to the river and then suddenly stopped. Because of debris and other stuff, but also because of common sense. I am really too weak to swim, plus the current can take me down for miles (to who knows where) before I even get across. 

I stop and look up to the skies, weak and battered. A two day trip has now turned into at least a 5 - 6 day voyage. So close yet so far! 

But I still have hope and purpose.

Hold on babe, I will be there soon!


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Thank you so much +Rose Badlani 
+Sonja Miller Williams I must find a way to get over that river....
Thank you very much +Darla Hueske 
+Lon W. I hope that day comes soon.....
+Carla McMahon Thank you very much.
I am glad you like it +Lerato Majikfaerie 
Thank you much +Kathleen Milks 
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Ricardo Williams

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End of Times - You So Crazy

I ran as fast as I could, despite the leg and other ailments.  I couldn't feel the pain, the adrenaline rush was too high. A couple seconds later I was there... I could read clearly the message on the wall, right at the entrance of a subway stairway. It is a message that only I would understand, only I would be able to interpret the meaning. She was smart, she has always being.  In this day and era you can't leave a clear message that would indicate your whereabouts or plans, because people would use that to hunt you down, find you and hurt you.  You have to be stealth, cryptic, subtle.... and this message was exactly that.

I read it, over and over again, as to remember each and every time we said it to each other, in that funny, jovial joking tone.  When we were together on the couch cuddling watching a movie, or cooking in the kitchen, or eating at the table. It was as funny as it is silly:

"You so Crazy!"

I suddenly broke out of my almost hypnotic state and tried to enter the subway station, but the entrance was blocked by debris and concrete. It was impossible to get through that.  But I had to get in, nothing could stop me.

I searched and searched, every angle, every possibility.... and after about an hour I found a way.  There was a hole on the north side of what was a building, completely on the opposite side of the subway entrance.  The hole lead right into the station. Without thinking about it I jumped in. I was there, where I wanted to be.  I started searching, I am not completely sure for what. For anything, any clue, any sign. The smell was putrid, the place was humid, I knew for sure it was very unlikely that there was a living person there.... I searched for hours and couldn't find anything. Whatever was there I couldn't "see" it. Exhaustion got the best of me and I dropped to the ground....  I passed out.

A stream of light woke me up, I am not sure how long I was out. Defeated and battered, it was time to figure out a way out of this hole. That is when I saw it... there was this locker closet behind a red door... all the lockers were open and sacked except one.  One locker was untouched, it had a lock.  I made my way to it and started trying to open it.  There was no proper angle or tool to force it open, maybe one of the reasons it was still there. I needed to come up with the combination, what could it be?

One try, nope. Second try, nope. Tried and tried again, what combination would she had used for me to figure out.  Tried again, and again and again.......finally it hit me: 1 - 8 - 2 - 8

It opened.

Inside was a note: "If you opened this locker, you know where I went. First up then down. You so crazy! I love you!

I turned around, put the shirt on, walked out of the locker room and gathered myself.

I know where to go now!


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Thank you very much +Abbe Mikel 
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Ricardo Williams

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Thank you +Jason Mayers +Michelle Smith and +Lauri Novak 
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Ricardo Williams

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Take me Away

There are times when the pain is too much and the path to the light is non existent.  And even if you can barely see that light, you are too weak to walk the road, full of bumps and walls.  You wish there was just something bigger that took you away.... away from the pain, away from the boredom, away from the unhappiness ........ Away!

But that is not where the story ends, because you are a warrior and a survivor and nobody can keep you down.... you struggle, but you fight back, you get up,  you push through.... because life does not come easy to all of us .... but we persevere! 

#NeverGiveUp #AintNobodyGotTimeForThat 

**This image is for those going through tough times... use it as motivation... know that you are not the only one feeling this way.... seek for help if you need, support... but never give up.  

***This does not have anything to do with how I am feeling right now.... just want to encourage my fellow life-livers when the going gets tough, the tough gets going!!  
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Thank you very much +Jim Migliore :)
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Ricardo Williams

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Disintegrate in Style

Ashes to Ashes ... and style to style! Sometimes you wonder What else can you do? What more can you do? What can you do different? Can you bring something new to the table?  Your imagination is your only limit!! 

If you feel like you are  burned, take a pause, take time, refuel and re-energize.  Visit your old photos, look at them different, and create something new.....  Even if that means disintegrating and then later integrating again.

It is all in the substance, the essence!! Be Brabe. Be Bold!!
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Thank you so much +Nynke B 
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End of Times - The next stop

Six days it took me to get to the house.  Walking through mud pits, devastation, overgrown bushes and a bridge... a bridge some 15 miles away upstream that was not completely destroyed.  I wish I had gone upstream before trying to find a way in the other direction.  It would have saved me 2, maybe 3 days.  But what is done is done and I am finally at our home.  Or what used to be our home....... if this can still be called a home.

I quickly searched the house.... and there was nothing. I then searched intently for any sign of recent activity, but again nothing! I waited at our home for two days, giving her a chance to show up in case she was out looking for food or water, or just making her way back! But nothing.....One day more just in case. Nothing!

I sat at the front door entrance, pondering what to do? Thinking about all the possibilities. But mainly I just sat there!  Just sat. Tired, hungry, weak and with yet the defeat of not being able to find the only thing I went looking for.  

Suddenly I realized there is this one spot I did not check. So I went to the TV and the DVR and turned them around, upside down and inside out. We used to spend a good amount of time watching DVR Series and shows.  Sitting on the couch or she just laying on me! "Of course she would leave a clue there, she said she was coming home... 1828" - I said to myself!  But again it was devastating when I found nothing.  Nothing!

I stood in the middle of the living room and tears started rolling from my eyes... under my gas mask. "I am not sure I can handle this any more!"- I thought! I felt a sudden weakness in my knees and not wanting to fall on the nastiness on the floor I let myself plummet to the nastiness on the couch! At least that was a little more comfortable. And as soon as I did that I heard a noise. I juggled and shake my body again, and there was the noise again. I quickly opened the middle compartment of the couch and there was the remote... and in the battery compartment..... a note! 

"Couldn't wait any longer PYT! On the move! Follow the Tracks! To the end of Life!"

I wanted to wipe my tears, but I just let them dry instead! I was now smiling. This just keeps me going and I will do whatever it takes. 

I rested for one night and then made my way to the station.  When I got there I looked left and right and then wondered: What direction should I go? It was then when it hit me. "First Up, Then Down"..... I hope this is what she meant! 

I am singing Pretty Young Thing and I am heading North! 


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Love the images dude. Nice keep the story coming 🙌👯
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Ricardo Williams

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Sometimes you feel you are creating, but maybe, instead, you are losing yourself... Into particles the dust will take away!!
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Thank you +Sherrie von Sternberg 
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Ricardo Williams

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U are welcome 
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Ricardo Williams

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Life - Part of it is like a Crushing Fist

We have all being there .... and if we are still here... is because we pushed through it! 

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Thank you very much +Mari Luukkonen :)
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