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Sunrise - That's what you look like!

I had seen many sunrises in my life... but I had never photographed one. Sometimes watching them behind buildings, trees and houses. So sunrises were always a memory in my head..... Well not anymore. I can now put together all the memories and experience of the sun creeping up above the horizon... with a photograph to go with it.  And this photograph will always take me back to that warm moment in the Valley of Fire with all the crew that was along for the event... 

Yea... be gentle as this is the first time I post-process a sunrise.... but this is as close as it gets to what I really saw with my own very eyes... enjoy my peeps!! 

#TGSMU15   #TGSMU   #TGSMU2015  
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Thank you so much +Anna Ryndak ... glad you like it!!
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Thank you very much +Elizabeth Lund +Paul Howard +Angela Migliore 
This is a capture from my phone..... The ones I took on my camera.... I still dont know how to process them right... LOL  Will get to that.
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Mark in the Middle

I tried to follow the trend of including people in your landscapes to add some perspective...... But I think I am doing it wrong!  Do you see Mark... he is there.... zoom in!  He is there for sure, for real, fo-shizzle! 

Another photo from Red Rock Canyon..... it was such an amazing time with an incredible group of friends that are like family!! 

#TGSMU   #TGSMU2015  
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It was incredible +Nynke B .... breathtaking .... marvelous place!  Thanks for  your comment!
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Ricardo Williams

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Ghost Rider

On Friday ... this nice gentleman walked up to me and introduced himself.  As soon as I shook his hand .... I felt that he was something special.  And I was right!!

+Brian Lihani, the husband of the awesome +Christina Lihani, is nothing short of a personable, interesting, educated, well mannered gentleman with a burning desire to have fun and just enjoy life!  At least that's what I got from it all. 

It was nice interacting with you, taking photos with you, laughing with you and being around you....You and your wife make an amazing combo and I can not wait to hangout with you guys again!! 

In the mean time I wonder if you rode this bike straight out of Ghost Town.... Sons of Anarchy style!! :)

I have another photo similar to this one processed differently. Will upload at a later time
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Thank you very much +Nynke B :)
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Ricardo Williams

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Ever taken a photo in the Shower?

The adventure of creating this image got me to be selected as one of the Finalists for the "Showing Creative Flash Photo Contest" on +ViewBug - Photo Contests 

Make sure you see the rest of the finalists here:
Photo by ricardowilliams
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Thanks a lot +Nynke B ... glad you like it.
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Ricardo Williams

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Have a Drink
If you happen to be on +Flickr ...... I am there too..... Cheers!
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It's the anticipation of having a drink +Nynke B ;)  .... Thank you so much for the comments!
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Thank you very much +Dreamstime 
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Ricardo Williams

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If you want to have some wonderful and unique art.... make sure you check the post of my friend +Rachel Tine out.  You will be getting some great photographs while also doing a Great Solid

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Rose -
Very Important – Please Read

For those of you who don’t know, I was married once, and I have a beautiful and awesome 5 year old son from that ill-fated union. Due to abusive behavior, I won my divorce in 2012, and have been raising my son on my own ever since. In that time, I have earned my Bachelor’s degree in psychology and have started to get my freelance photography business off the ground. However, my ex-husband stopped paying his court-ordered child support 3 months ago, and in that time I have spent much of my savings while trying to expedite the process of building a financially viable photography business and providing for my son. In an attempt to stay afloat while I put the pedal to the metal with photography, I have decided to offer my first limited edition print sale. For this sale, I will be offering only 10 copies each (after which I will never print the image again) of any of the abandonment prints on my website (, any of the images from my first published magazine editorial (, and the image featured in this post, which was just published on Vogue Italia’s website. All photographs will be printed on Kodak Endura Luster paper; the prices for this limited edition print sale are as follows:

8x12 - $50
10x15 - $75
12x18 - $100
16x24 - $120

Payments can be made through PayPal to; please be sure to indicate the name and size of the print that you are purchasing, as well as your mailing address. Non-limited edition prints of other images are available at lower price points; shoot me an email at for more info. Thank you in advance for your support. <3 <3 <3

Now, on to your regularly scheduled programming:

For #halfnekkidthursday#tbt , and for #lyricallyinspired  from +Jason Jakober+Tara Romasanta+Amanda Recker and me, here’s a song to accompany a shot from my first time shooting a model (Lauren Arsenault) in an abandoned building:


“Today you were far away
and I didn't ask you why
What could I say
I was far away
You just walked away
and I just watched you
What could I say

How close am I to losing you

Tonight you just close your eyes
and I just watch you
slip away

How close am I to losing you

Hey, are you awake
Yeah I'm right here
Well can I ask you about today

How close am I to losing you
How close am I to losing.”

Thank you for your constant encouragement and support; I’ve grown so much since joining this community, and I look forward to what the future has in store! :)
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The Jarvie

It's not often you get to see in real life a person whose work you admire...same way his passion, his dedication. A person whose talent is overall pretty amazing.  And then you get to talk to him, joke with him, hug him and share all the silly-ness.... Even take a selfy!!

+Scott Jarvie Thank you for hanging out with us and sharing your passion for photography and all your stories..... you and what you do is pretty amazing..... Scott ... thanks for the photo....Sorry if I left some Chocolate all over your shoulders!! :) 

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hello #bhai  
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Red Rock Panorama

I dont know how to start, where to start, how to explain.  So much fun, so many new friends, so many amazing people.  I wish I could have sat and talked to ALL ... I wish I could have spent time with ALL .....

Time flew by but fun was always present... from the very first minute... from the moment I hit Vegas.  I can't thank everybody enough for all the amazing times... the awesomeness ... the friendship... the photos! 

I want to write and write forever... but I  understand I can't ... so I will be writing many little posts... all with a little snippet.  This is the first one and although I have written something, I feel like I have written nothing. It can not be put into words!!

I am not even into 5% of my photos.... But here is a Panorama of Red Rock.... to start it off.... If you zoom in and you are the guy walking in the middle of the valley down there.... tag yourself please... I have no idea who that is!! :)

I do want to mention a couple names here that made this trip super special... (although everybody did, yes you all REALLY did) and I will elaborate on this later (on different posts):

+Chrysta Rae +Nancy Levan +Elizabeth Hahn +Yvette van Teeffelen +Robyn Peters +Robin Griggs Wood +Mark Rodriguez +Christopher Germano +Sivani Boxall +Paul Howard +Melissa Beagle +Sam Breach +Erika Thornes +Ron Clifford              

I also failed to take photos of people with my camera... failed miserably... but I did try to take photos with everyone in the group... failed at that too... but I am sure I got a lot of photos with you guys!! That is awesome.... if you could all send me those photos so I can collect them and have them for memories (and later write little posts snippets about it all) that would be great, I would really appreciate it. Do you think you awesome guys could do that?

All you need to do is upload the photos using the link below: 

You dont have to sign up to the site if you dont want to, you just need to click the upload button at the bottom left.  I am not sure how many photos the album will hold but if you have any problems uploading please let me know! I will be moving them as fast as I can! I will really appreciate this.

Thank you guys, and until my next post!
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Thank you so much +Elizabeth Lund  .... I like this pano.... for no specific reason, but I like it!
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Ricardo Williams

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Want a Sip? 

If you ever want to try Jamaican Rum, this is the way to go!  Finalist on +ViewBug - Photo Contests in the Commercial Style Photo Contest..... I hope you enjoy! 

You can view the rest of the finalist by following this link:
Join the World's Best Photo Contests
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Very tasty and warming Appleton is +Nynke B ... Thank you!
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