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Ricardo Penders
I like to help you with your computer problems, how you can work more eficiently and how you can save massive amounts of cash
I like to help you with your computer problems, how you can work more eficiently and how you can save massive amounts of cash


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Ben jij tegen de #sleepwet dat het grootschalig verzamelen van je gegevens

Als je #privacy belangrijk is voor je en je niet wil dat als er bij jou in de buurt
een crimineel woont die al geschaduwd word, dat jij dan ook deel gaat uitmaken
van de gegevens die ze van die crimineel verzamelen dan kun je er wat aan doen
door te tekenen voor dit #referendum

Het is echt belangrijk dat je je stem laat horen nu het nog kan.

Het argument dat je toch niks hebt te verbergen is dus niet afdoende als je
uitgaat van het voorbeeld dat ik geef hierboven.

Teken vandaag nog!

Vergeet niet om dit bericht te delen met je vrienden en help mij meer mensen
te bereiken met je "Like", bedankt.

+Ricardo Penders​ CEO
+Home Business Central
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Here's a cool and simple circuit using only 3 potentiometers to make yourself a simple precision potentiometer.

With this you're able to operate in between the high and lower level voltages that you can set with the first and second potentiometer, then with potentiometer 3 you can set your voltage anywhere within the range you set with pot.1 and pot.2

For the full details you can read exactly how this works on this great website that I just found today.

They also have complete courses and other educational videos you can access for free... I highly recommend you to check this out if you want to learn more about electronics, ow and they don't have any ads or other distracting stuff on their website.
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Het zijn ook altijd weer die #Limburgers
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nifty hot #gadgets & #gizmos you need to see
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Hi there,

Did you know that you can install an official #Google #Chrome #App to give you easy access to my #Blog and if you have an #Android device linked to the Google account you used to install you'll see that it will automatically add an icon with a #DirectLink to my #Website on your #Mobile device.

Below is the link to the Google Chrome Store and on my blog you can read exactly how I made the app... I've made it as easy as possible for you to follow the steps by step plan so you can do the same thing in less than an hour.

I would love to get your feedback so if you have a minute please write me a short review, it really helps me a lot if I can show others your social proof.

Thanks in advance,
+Ricardo Penders CEO
+Home Business Central

+Shop n Save +JAJ Digital Marketing +John Wayne Robert Jansen +Ifo Smith +Don Robinson +Penny Kelley
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Here's a free tool you can use to improve your #YouTube #Videos and #Channel #SEO and you can instantly see your #competitors #rankings, #keywords and a whole lot more.

This Google Chrome Extension will save you a ton of time on #KeywordResearch whenever you upload your next video on YouTube

I'm using this for a couple weeks now and already improved my YouTube Channel and Videos significantly!
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The following company name is malicious and is sending out emails telling you that they received trademark infringement complaints and they will have an attachment file included (*.docx) and they give you the password in the email to open the document.


I was very lucky that my security software instantly detected the infection and took action to keep my computer safe.

Here's the exact email they sent me:

Auctor LLC has received Trademark infringement complaints regarding your domain

See attached the compliant details, and take all required measures to avoid this situation in the next time.

Doc Pass-code: POJqcFqnaM

Kind regards
Auctor LLC

This is the email address they used to contact me:


Here are all the details that I found via Google Search:
Firm Title:

Auctor LLC

Registered office:

27. marta No 32, Podgorica

License No and date of issuing:

03-677/2-11 of 28 June 2011

FIN and unique company registration number:


CRPS registration number:


Name and registered office of the holder of interest and percentage of such interest in capital

Stanko Čukić, Podgorica - 50%, Miljan Lazović, Podgorica - 50%

Executive Director

Jelena Varagić

Members of the Board of Directors:


Firm Title and Registered Office of the Auditor, if the company is subject to audit of financial reports in accordance with law:

Not subject to provisions of the Low on Accounting and Auditing

Balance Sheet and Income Statement:

No and date of the decision on revoking license to the company:

Telephone number:


Website: There's no official website


If you know something that I didn't share in this post please share your info with us in the comments below, thanks.
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I’m using to #Grow my #Referral #Business

Will you take a minute to do an easy #Survey about me?

Thanks in advance.

+Ricardo Penders CEO
+Home Business Central
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I'm sending this message to all my contacts in the #internet #marketing #niche and to friends of friends because you might want to get access to my community too...

That's if you like to get some extra #advertising space, support from my personal contacts via my #community, #LaserTargetedTraffic and the best part of it is that it's absolutely F*R*E*E

So, are you a member of my community on Google+?

SoHarD_dB_w@®Ez on Google+
This is a #Mastermind community for generating an #IncomeFromHome, #Windows #OS, #Coding Projects, #Business #Security, #Recruiting and more.

The community is part of the membership that you can get on my website

Yours in success,
+Ricardo Penders CEO
+Home Business Central
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