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Hey, G+ just censored Carl Sagan's Pioneer image!!!

This is not happening...
My most plussed and shared post of all time and it's "blacked" now.
I should have used this version instead... :(

Final update on the controversy:

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WTF? What is this, some neocon-offensive? +Elaine White posted a non-nude image - even that one got censored! You can actually object: go to the image/post and there should be an option to ask for review - G+ just blocks (automatically) based on number of 'complaints' - if you ask for review, a staff member will check and re-instate it (which is what happened with one of my images).
So we sent it for extraterrestrials to check out, but we can't see it ourselves? Classy.
I'm sure they will try to have that plaque return to earth then as well...
+Max Rubenacker Extraterrestrials likely never ate from the forbidden fruit and therefore shouldn't have any problems with sinful nudity. So, yeah.
(interestingly, not in the notifications-bar - seems that always remains there - similar as wit that other post, that I mentioned - so I know what pic you're talking about)
Challenge for artists with humor:
Let's fight censorship in G+ with a meme!
Maybe using the hideous black rectangle?
Are there any activist artists in da house?
I'll share it, it's a promise! :)
All social sites are operated by anal retentives. It's the law.
It is unfortunate that this particular image got caught in the cross-fire of the rules, but if this is allowed then where do you draw the line?

It's not considered "censorship" if you agree to follow the rules and then attempt to break them. It's a "Terms of Service" violation. The rules you agreed to when you opened your G+ account state that images containing frontal nudity (photos or artwork) are not allowed. If you don't like the rules, don't use G+.

I, for one, welcome this rule and it's so-called resulting "censorship". I do not ever want to find myself in a situation where I am embarrassed by, looked at funny, punished, or the victim of other repercussions for viewing my G+ stream. I want to be able to view it in a public library without being thrown out for "viewing porn". I want to be able to view it at work without getting fired. I want to be able to view it at home without having to worry about my husband or daughter looking at me funny and having to explain why there are topless girls on my screen. I already had that happen to me tonight when a bunch of suggestive photos of scantily clad women came floating down my stream, just as my husband walked past (they weren't topless, but they might as well have been).

Yes, I will be uncircling people that share this kind of stuff and continue reporting the blatant violations of the rules when I see them. You want to share that kind of stuff, go find a social network where that kind of content is allowed, someplace I won't be.
I'm afraid, playing Devil's advocate, that +April Russo has a point. The content policy states:

10. Sexually Explicit Material

Do not distribute content that contains nudity, graphic sex acts, or sexually explicit material.

So, give me the possibility to define my content as Mature already and be done with this bullshit. And while you're at it, apply the moderation with some consistency too if it's not too much to ask.
Guess Google's content policies extend to the rest of the Universe.
Ironically I had just blocked a person who showed a male [himself?]- fiddling in the front of his underwear, but not showing any flesh, in an obviously sexual manner. It was OKed by G+ but wouldn't be attractive to most people here. Then I see Sagan's "universal" cartoon censored. It was a case of Sexually Explicit material being allowed and sexually neutral material stopped. Big slip-up.
You've got to be kidding me... if this is considered nude or sexually explicit then I'm about to jump out of my tree and head for the nearest cave to hibernate. These images are about as provocative as a sock-puppet. I see more provocative things on the sides of buses and when I walk down the supermarket isles. Time to grow some resilience people... it's a drawing. Not a particularly good one, but a drawing nonetheless.

Also, as I see it... this has nothing to do with censorship by Google+ per se , but rather a lack of conscious censorship. If we apply a rule of remove anything that upsets anyone (or enough people), then before long we'll be back in the Dark Ages. After all, it was once impossible to find any of the great science and philosophical works in "libraries" as it was thought to be too provocative... too dangerous.
+April Russo ?? "Yes, I will be uncircling people that share this kind of stuff and continue reporting the blatant violations of the rules when I see them. You want to share that kind of stuff, go find a social network where that kind of content is allowed, someplace I won't be." Why do you circle people that post stuff you don't want? Sounds like you have fun being righteous. If you don't like the posts, don't circle. Live and let live.
+Rainer Alföldi Sometimes a person posts really good stuff with no signs of smut and you circle them because they are posting stuff that interests you. Sometimes they don't start posting the explicit smut till a few months after you circle them. It's not like I go seeking out smut just to circle and uncircle. What would be the point in that? The guy I uncircled last night had no smut in his stream when I circled him 4 months ago...none till last night, then flooded my stream with about 10-15 boob photos in rapid succession.
I've had the same experience with about 5 young male photographers who were recommended by heaps of others. If they produced artistically subtle photos with sexual themes, I wouldn't mind, but pictures of guys fondling their own genitals leave me cold- so would pix of females. I don't worry about haranguing them, I just block them from my Circles- other people might really enjoy their type of photos.
+April Russo +Kay Walker But isn't that life? You get to know somebody, take interest in them and then some of them turn out to creeps. In real life you just ignore these people, i.e. uncircle them. Now consider what your approach to Google+ would mean: a Disney Land, sanitized, clean, spotless. Disney Land has it's justification, but nobody wants the whole world to be Disney Land, our do you?

But maybe thats just old, perverted, carefree Europe with topless beaches and very suggestive ads talking. I still remember Americans getting all worked up about the 0.5 inch penis (mine) of a 4 year old boy (me) exposed for 3 seconds at a public pool. Shorts down, shorts up => uupppsss... :-)

Just take it easy, calm down, uncircle.

Greetings from Switzerland, the country where naked hiking (, Nacktwandern in der Schweiz both SFW) is an option.

(Update: I just saw +Ben Adelaide comment below. I'm not for porn on Google+. I'm just for a much more relaxed approach. Some adds displayed in Paris would be considered pornographic in the USA. Who decides? What counts?)
I think the issue here is not whether pornographic images should be blocked/removed from public streams, but rather whether this image falls into that category that a G+ wide ban should be put in place. Does this picture really fall into the same category?

I understand (being a parent) just how frustrating it can be for sudden inappropriate material to be posted... but that's not what this OP is about.
So Google execs speaks against censorship on the Internet, meanwhile they run aggressive censorship on Google+. WTF Google?! Pissing G+ users off is probably not right approach to grow this social network. If you don't like boobs on G+, then flag it or something and let people decide if they want to see flagged content or not.
Why? What kind of psychotic behavior is Google attempting? I leave FB because they black ban the pot leaf, now this? Are you "really" going to censor science google? But you don't block all the porn on G+ now do you? This is scientific history! This is the furthest thing from "porn" anyone could ever think of. So how about you keep your unscientific nose out of the users business & you can push your censorship jobs back over to FB users "only"!
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