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"Space Age Railroad" is a behind-the-scenes 1969 US Air Force mini-documentary that tells the story of the High Speed Test Track, a research and development facility at Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico.


▪ highlights advancements since first track run in 1950
▪ illustrates monorail runs and explains principal braking systems
▪ introduces unique track features and explains scope and versatility
▪ shows mass of electronic equipment used to provide data
▪ depicts instrumentation setup involving use of optical systems
▪ explains physical layout of area

Holloman Air Force Base

The base was named after Col. George V. Holloman, a pioneer in guided missile research.
The 846th Test Squadron (Rocket Sled Tests) operates the Test Track.
It's DoD's "Center of Expertise" for all ejection seat testing and the lead facility for all supersonic tracks.


This is the world's longest and fastest high speed test track with 15,40 km and provides accelerations up to 400 G's!
The 846th Test Squadron set the world land speed record for a railed vehicle with a run of 10.430 km/h or Mach 8.5 on 30 April 2003.


View: NASA Rocket sleds and the Holloman high speed test track circa 1969 - "Space Age Railroad"
Download: http://archive.org/details/gov.dod.dimoc.26555


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