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G+ Hoaxes #5 | Heart River

The image is not a real aerial photo. It was created for Energie AG by Andreas Fitzner and Sabine Wehinger from the Vienna Paint digital studio.

See the HD (see: 3D > Photo 14)

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#4 is missing - got the hashtag wrong or left it out?
Thanks, +Lucas Appelmann, I already noticed that the 4th hoax ▶ is not showing up on G+ tag search... 
I re-edited the tag in the post but it still does not show up :(
It seems another G+ tag search bug :(
Well, +Lucas Appelmann, I've been noticing that some fake images keep showing up in the G+ "What's Hot" list or are widely shared in G+.
What troubles me is that some editors of highly known G+ pages rarely update their posts to acknowledge for hoaxes/fakes even after many debunking comments... I find it disappointing.
It is disappointing indeed. It doesn't really sursprise me, though.
+Lucas Appelmann, same here. Probably because ...
- many editors just want +1's/shares, even if fooling people
- many editors just don't read comments on their posts
- most readers don't read previous comments*
- many readers just believe what they read whichever the source
- many readers prefer to ask than to research

* The G+ interface doesn't really encourage that: only the last couple comments are shown by default, and scrolling is awful in the mobile/tablet app
Which makes you wonder just how much the What's Hot stream really is "curated" - I have never seen any criteria that really make a post "hot". That's why I turned the volume down on that thing.
+Ricardo Nuno Silva do u have a g+ page I can follow as the fake posting r very annoying. And worse troubling when u see some if the gullible posts. Would go to know where to go to. Actually what would be better is the option to report posts that aren't real. 
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