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Ricardo Nuno Silva

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G+ My Views | #9 Amsterdam at Dusk (Netherlands) • June 2015

Photographer: +Ricardo Nuno Silva

#GPlusMyViews #Amsterdam #dusk #canals                
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Ricardo Nuno Silva

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Wow!Postcards | #35 Dalton (New Hampshire, USA)


Photographer: Yegor Malinovskii


"This year is the snowiest winter of my life.
In Portland Maine, we received almost 90 inches of snow in the last four weeks, while the entire seasonal average is just above 60. 
As New England continues to get hammered by yet another storm , wind and cold temperatures, my passion for cold seems to be tested each day.
Yet light like this and incredible ice/snow formations, sea smoke, super crisp and clear air remind me every time that winter is my absolute favorite time to photograph. 
So here is to all of you who's in love with the snow as much as I am! 
Again, big thanks to Alex Noriega ( for his technique guidance and incredible post-processing teachings."

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#WowPostcards #YegorMalinovskii #Dalton #NewHampshire
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Ricardo Nuno Silva

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Wow!Postcards | #33 Rice Fields (Thailand)

The HD

Photographer: juon majeno


Thanks to +Jacques J.J. Soudan for sharing at

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#WowPostcards #juonmajeno #rice #ricefields #Thailand
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Lindo lugar
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Ricardo Nuno Silva

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Updates for 2015.02.16 (by CuriCal)

Mars One: Astronaut Selection
Presents the "Mars 100", the Round Three Astronaut Candidates


The List



Press release

Roadmap for 2015: Selected candidates enter full-time training 

"Groups selected from the first batch of applicants begin training.
This training will continue until the launch in 2024.
The group's ability to deal with prolonged periods of time in a remote location is the most important part of their training.
They learn to repair components of the habitat and rover, train in medical procedures and learn to grow their own food in the habitat.
Every group spends several months of each training year in the analogue outpost to prepare for their mission to Mars.
The first outpost simulation, a Mars-like terrain that is relatively easy to reach will be chosen. 
A second training outpost will be located at a more remote environment like the Arctic desert." -- Mars One

Permalink: (check back for updates)

#CuriCal #MarsOne #Mars100 #BasLansdorp #RoundThree #martianauts
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Ricardo Nuno Silva

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Updates for 2015.02.14 (by CuriCal)

Last ATV undocks from the ISS at 8:42am ET | 13:43 UTC/GMT
Reentry Sunday, Feb. 15:
• first deorbit burn at 15:29 CET | 14:29 UTC/GMT
• second deorbit burn at 18:26CET | 17:26 UTC/GMT 
• impact expected at 19:12 CET | 18:12 UTC/GMT

Webcast | 
Undocking Replay 
Undocking Timelapse
Reentry Preview 
Press Release

• • • 

ESA: Rosetta at Comet 67P
Closest flyby (6Km) over the Imhotep region at 13:41 CET | 12:41 GMT/UTC

Photos from flyby

Status Report about Philae

Permalink: (check back for updates)

#CuriCal #updates #ISS #NASA #ESA #ATV5 #GeorgesLemaitre #BigDive #Rosetta #67P #Philae #LivingWithAComet
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UPDATE 6: Added the Status Report [Jan. 30] about the Philae lander:

"Although Rosetta is flying to within 6 km of the comet’s surface on 14 February, the planned trajectory foresees the closest approach on the lower part of the larger comet lobe (although the trajectory also takes Rosetta over the first touchdown point).

This trajectory is planned such that the Sun will be directly behind the spacecraft, allowing the acquisition of shadow-free images.
The close flyby will also allow the suite of science instruments on the orbiter to take spectra of the surface with unprecedented resolution and to directly sample the very innermost regions of the cometary coma in order to learn more about how the comet’s characteristic coma and tail develop.

“Rosetta’s busy science schedule is planned several months in advance, so a dedicated Philae search campaign was not built into the plan for the close flyby,” says ESA’s Rosetta project scientist Matt Taylor.
“We’ll be focusing on “co-riding” observations from now on, that is, we won’t be changing the trajectory of Rosetta to specifically fly over the predicted landing zone in a dedicated search, but we can modify the spacecraft pointing and/or command images to be taken of the region if we’re flying close to the region and the science operations timeline allows.”

“After the flyby we’ll be much further away from the comet again, so are unlikely to have the opportunity for another dedicated lander search until later in the mission, maybe even next year,” adds ESA’s Rosetta mission manager Fred Jansen.
“But the location of Philae is not required to be able to operate it, and neither does it need to be awake for us to find it.”
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Ricardo Nuno Silva

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I just did a quick search and I want to... thank you!


Yes, the latest CuriCal report at is now one of the top results when you search SpaceX updates in Google+ :)

So I'd like to really thank you for your interest and engagement with the new #CuriCal  G+ series focused on upcoming events.
I'd also like to tell you first hand a little more about this new project on G+

• • • ABOUT • • • 

These occasional daily reports launched in 2015.
They highlight major interesting events in a wide range of interesting topics like space exploration, science, engineering, transportation, sports, media and, occasionally, entertainment. 

Every report is posted the day before the events. 

To easily follow each event, a list of essential online resources is provided in each "CuriCal" report, along with a short permalink for easy sharing.

All reports are carefully edited and curated, and are mainly based on official/trusted sources.
They are also often updated/improved as needed, sometimes across the following days with relevant post-event contents.

• • • WHY? • • • 

I did this after years of missing live events online. So I decided to build my own calendar about upcoming events that I'm curious about. 
The "CuriCal" project was born, and is now available exclusively on G+ :) 

After two years of wide ranging research, I'm now tracking a few hundreds of projects, products, events and people and then regularly cherry pick just the most outstanding for publication.

This is my main publishing project on G+ planned for 2015, and it's also a test to measure your interest in this kind of reporting and resource "listings".

So you're welcome to leave your comments about this project and the previous CuriCal reports. Thanks!

• • • CuriCal reports • • • SpaceX's DSCOVR Mission ESA's IXV Mission NASA's SMAP Mission Google Lunar XPrize plus a book and an asteroid

Initial "test" reports: Beagle 2 Announcement Airbus Annual Press Conference SpaceX's CRS-5 Launch NASA's Orion Launch ESA's Philae Landing

#CuriCal #SpaceX #NASA #ESA #disclosure #curiosity #calendar #events  
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This is awesome!
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Ricardo Nuno Silva

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Wow!Postcards | #36 Seiganto-ji Temple and Nachi Falls (Nachikatsuura, Wakayama Prefecture, Japan)


Photographer: Jkboy Jatenipat


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#WowPostcards #JkboyJatenipat #shrine #waterfall #Seigantoji #Nachi #Japan  
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Ricardo Nuno Silva

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Wow!Postcards | #36 Morning Glory Pool (Yellowstone National Park, USA)

The HD

Photographer: David Henderson


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#WowPostcards #DavidHenderson #MorningGlory #Pool #Yellowstone #USA
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Ricardo Nuno Silva

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Wow!Postcards | #34 Viewpoint of Boca do Inferno (São Miguel, Azores, Portugal) 

The HD

Photographer: Fernando Resendes

Video: (at 1:53)


This viewpoint ("miradouro") is also known as "Miradouro da Grota do Inferno", "Miradouro do Canário" or "Miradouro da Lagoa do Canário". You can reach it using the "Mata do Canário - Sete Cidades" (PR4 SMI) hiking trail in São Miguel.

Sources: (most in Portuguese)

Previous Wow!

#WowPostcards #FernandoResendes #viewpoint #miradouro #BocaDoInferno #GrotadoInferno #Canario #LagoaDoCanario #SaoMiguel #Azores #Portugal
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I'd like to thank all readers for the outstanding wide support to this post :)
I'm sincerely glad that you are enjoying this magnificent view of São Miguel and know that you are most welcome to visit the Azores :)
You can discover more great spots at the official site: 

(And if you're wondering, no, I'm not affiliated with the Tourism Board. Luckily, I've been in São Miguel 3 times now and fell in love with the island and the people :) A while ago I posted two photos in/near São Miguel (in the G+ My Views series) that you may like: and 

Ricardo Nuno Silva

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Wow!Postcards | #32 Waterfalls at Erawan National Park (Thailand)

The HD

Photographer: Greg Goodman


Previous Wow!

#WowPostcards #GregGoodman #Erawan #Thailand #waterfalls  
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Q linda paisagem
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Ricardo Nuno Silva

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Wow!Postcards | #31 AstroSelfie (Low Earth Orbit)

The HD

"5 Sept. 2012: Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency astronaut Aki Hoshide, Expedition 32 flight engineer, uses a digital still camera to expose a photo of his helmet visor during the mission's third session of extravehicular activity (EVA). 
During the six-hour, 28-minute spacewalk, Hoshide and NASA astronaut Sunita Williams (visible in the reflections of Hoshide's helmet visor), flight engineer, completed the installation of a Main Bus Switching Unit (MBSU) that was hampered last week by a possible misalignment and damaged threads where a bolt must be placed.
They also installed a camera on the International Space Station's robotic arm, Canadarm2.
The bright sun is visible at left." -- NASA

Photographer: Aki Hoshide

Previous Wow!


#WowPostcards #NASA #JAXA #ISS #Expedition32 #AkiHoshide #SunitaWilliams #EVA #selfie #AstroSelfie  
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First stop: Veneza!

O primeiro volume da coleção Rotas e Percursos (Asa e Público) saiu dia 13 de Julho, e só hoje faço um post sobre esse acontecimento (sim, a


Desta vez não é banda desenhada, mas a nova colecção Público/Asa, a ser lançada na próxima quarta-feira, dia 13, de sete guias para apresent

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Histórias Inesquecíveis: Aberrações no Coração da América

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Petiscos gregos na Costa da Caparica

Mal ouvi falar sobre o fiquei com curiosidade e mal tive oportunidade fui lá experimentá-lo. Como eu e o meu mais que tudo gostamos

Fool Me Once on Social Media… | Cryptic Philosopher

If you don't know by now that you should always Google the subject matter of a meme before re-posting it, then you are either (a) too young - O site Brasileiro de Telefonia

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Caçando Mitos: Texto sobre homens não é de Fernanda Montenegro

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Rita Carmo: 23 anos a fazer imagens com música | GoFord Magazine

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Old Wheeler Hotel, Ghost Caught on Video?

When I first saw this ghost video, I was blown away. It just blinks when you see it at normal speed, but in the slowed down version (second

Instalações adequadas, sala de espera espaçosa, atendimento rápido, cuidadoso e amável. Dicas para quem vai *levantar* o cartão do cidadão *após* as 17h: - em vez de entrar pela porta à esquerda (nº 7), a entrada é pela direita (nº 11) - ao entrar no edifício, seguir pela esquerda, contornando o balcão das informações/segurança - retire a senha de atendimento na máquina do lado esquerdo - a sala de atendimento fica no piso -1 - desça as escadas e vire logo à *esquerda* - siga pelo corredor até à sala de atendimento e aguarde a sua vez (tolerância de 3 números) - atenção: há duas salas de atendimento (a outra é, ao descer as escadas, à direita) - quando chegar a sua vez, verifique se o seu balcão de atendimento é nessa sala; se não, dirija-se à outra sala (informação atual e válida na data do comentário: 2016.03.09) (atualizado em 2016.03.30)
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Excelente! Ambiente muito acolhedor/familiar. Pequeno-almoço fabuloso, repleto de produtos caseiros deliciosos. Atendimento muito simpático. Quarto acolhedor (nr. 301). Ótima localização. Excelente restaurante barato próximo: "Churrasqueira Vitória". Altamente recomendado!
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A little gem hidden in the middle of the Gerês, and affordable too :) Friendly staff, pool in the middle of the forest (!), and a simple but tasty breakfast. The bungalows need some refurbishments, but are still quite comfortable. Regular guests give it a charming and family environment. And don't forget the 10pm tea & cookies :)))
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