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To infinity and beyond!
San Francisco, CA. 2012.

If Vesuvio was not already legenday, it will be from now on. Its the birth of the San Francisco #drinkandclicksf . While the throngs of photographers squeezed into a cubicle sized area upstairs, the more relaxed +Luc Asbury decided to hangout at the bar downstairs.

#hdr #hdrphotography #vesuvio #bar #sanfrancisco #northbeach
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+Brad Sloan if you dont mind.. can i steal that as a title .. (i dont think pixar will find out)
wooo - a little gritty HDR action! :) heheh fun fun :)
I love this picture from this angle, it came out so well!. :)
...just realized Ricardo mentioned it in the post description. I am so lazy.
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